Ford Motor Company’s International Fellowship of 92nd Street Y for Community Leaders from the NGO Sector

The Ford Motor Company is accepting applications from community leaders in select countries for the 2013 International Fellowship of 92nd Street Y. The program aims to enhance the efforts of emerging leaders in communities throughout the world.

The fellowship is an opportunity for community leaders from the NGO sector to learn, build skills and develop networking. The program provides classes and participatory workshops in nonprofit management, leadership and strategic thinking in partnerships with the Picker Center for Executive Education at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.

Participating countries change each year. So far, 233 individuals from 58 countries have participated. The 2013 fellowship program is accepting applications from community leaders who are citizens and residents of China, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Honduras, India, Israel, Lesotho, Nepal, Nicaragua, South Africa and Swaziland.

A successful applicant must demonstrate that he or she:

  • is a community leader engaged in the nonprofit sector, either professionally or as a volunteer;
  • is successfully addressing issues that affect the community’s well-being; and
  • would benefit from an intensive three-week nonprofit management training course in New York.

Applicants must be 21 years of age or older, though younger applicants should note that we are looking for candidates with several years of leadership experience.  We seek candidates from a variety of backgrounds with the aim of creating a group of Fellows who will work well together and offer a diversity of views and experiences.  Candidates should be emerging leaders addressing issues whose resolution can have a significant positive impact on their communities, on their countries, and—collectively—on the world.

Airfare, accommodation, food, transportation, instruction, and other program-related expenses are included in the fellowship.  Each participant receives a stipend upon arrival.

The deadline to submit applications is 30 June 2012. For more information, visit this link.


  1. It seems to me that the program is great in providing community leader from NGOs sector to have a chance to study and learn new skills and knowledge. Your program for 2013 is targeting on 11 countries and why not others? Cambodia is eager to have an opportunity for this unique program.

    With all the best regards,


    Dear Sir or Madam
    Community on Social and Economic Development is non profit organization.
    CSED currently operates in Mwanza region with projects in Ilemela and Nyamagana districts but with a vision of covering the whole of Tanzania main land.
    Our activities are
    To work with most vulnerable children, youth and street childre
    To conduct research on critical issues facing women, youth and children in the community
    To advocate for human rights
    To involve various sectors and stakeholders to support poor women, youth and children
    To fight against illiteracy through training and education
    To fight against cancer, HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other pandemic diseases

    However, we are embarking on a project called CSED orphans and most vulnerable children, youth and disabled
    We are looking for partnership and collaboration with other organization in term of donation in oder to fullfully our vision to help the most Vunerablegroups in our communities especially, women, youth, children, disabled finding meaningless in their lives.
    As a leader we are interested in attending the training.
    We will be happy to receive positive answer from you.
    Your’s sincerely
    CSED General Secretary

  3. Rev. Alfonso S. Soqueña Sr. says:

    Dear Funder,

    The TULONG MO, KINABUKASAN KO FOUNDATION, INC. located at Barangay Bani, MAsinloc, Zambales 2211 Philippines a non- profit organization, the aim is to help the needy families especially the children. As of now we are looking for an organization to be a valued partner in terms of helping the indigent people in terms of charitable services so we are looking for the donors for organization. Thank you and we hope to receive a positive response from you at the soonest possible time.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Ma. Marcela H. Soqueña

  4. Andrew Oshogwe says:

    Our organisation, RURAL BUILDERS ORGANISATION, is a Non Governmental Organisation in Nigeria with Headquarters in Benin City, Southern Nigeria.While approaching National poverty crises from community-based value addition to agricultural production, we are engaging stakeholders in finding wholistic solution to the poverty ignited crises in communities in Nigeria Niger Delta region. This conference could have been of good benefit to us.

    Andrew Oshogwe

  5. Robert Mukwiza Sakutaha says:

    I wonder why Zambia is not included on the list of benefiting countries? Its community members would greatly benefit from this program. Kindly advise.

  6. J Mahil Kamalam says:

    I am doing research in human rights-consumerism in the service sector of kanyakumari district. Do you provide grants for the research ?
    Yours Truly,
    J Mahil Kamalam,
    14 Russel Street,
    Nagrcoil-629 001.2003),

  7. Why not Pakistani avail this opportunity of community leaders fellowship?

  8. Rev.N.M.Lall says:

    I am very much gld to see this maessage. Many organisations need funds like us.It must be a great helpful to many organisations. We are a Christian organisation but completely engaged in Social work and Community Development. Waiting for a long time to get little fund from any organisation. Our main projects are Child and women development, Poor slum studentseducation and helps to destitutes especially widows.

    Chairman and Manaaging trustee of
    Eternity Charaitable Trust.