Foundation Ensemble’s Small Grants Fund

The Small Grants Fund of Foundation Ensemble represents 15% of the total annual endowment and it is intended to support actions implemented and led by small organizations.

Unlike the Foundation’s Programme Fund, the Small Grants are available for organizations from any part of the world.

The maximum amount of money that will be allocated per project by the Foundation is 30,000 €. The Foundation can provide up to 50% of the total budget.

Proposals must meet the prequalification criteria:

  • The project holder is a small organization.
  • The project must be concrete and improve the livelihood of the target populations and take into account the environmental dimension.
  • The project responds to the needs expressed by the population and/or partners on the field.
  • The budget is clear and the role of each partner is identified.

The Small Grants Fund has two categories of funding:

  • Small Grants Animal Biodiversity
  • Other Small Grants for Water and Sanitation and Sustainable Development

Each of these grants has different application forms and has to be submitted separately.

The deadline to submit applications for Small Grants Fund is 11 March 2012. For more information, visit this link.

To know more about Foundation Ensemble’s Programme Fund (for select countries only), click here.


  1. Luiz Alberto Pinheiro do Nascimento says:

    Somos uma ong, de pequeno porte aqui no Brasil, como poderemos enviar um projeto para as suas analises

  2. Kindly email us your details for funding for us to apply from África.


    We are a private non-profit Health Unit administered by Tapac Catholic Parish, Moroto Diocese, Uganda. We are located in Karamoja region. This is a remote and and hard to reach area with the highest infant mortality rate in the country. In our small village health unit, we are not able to diagnose common diseases. Even for malaria we can’t.
    We are in need of a small Laboratory and it’s equipments. That will improve our services and reduce the distance (50km) one’s must walk to get properly treated.
    We Hope Foundation Ensemble through the small grants fund will help!

  4. Keti Gagnidze says:

    We are non-government organization “Mountain Region development centre”.(MRDC) Our address is: Georgia, Dusheti, N. Shamanauri str. 51. Since foundation,in 2001 year the organization MRDC undertook some Projects about children health in high-mountain region of Georgia.

    We have carried out these projects: “Children-Our Future” and “Let’s stretch each other hands” with the help of Austrian Development Agency and Canadian fund for local initiatives.

    We do not begin with zero. Within ten years our works we go in the high-mountainous villages of Georgia and we are engaged in research and treatment of children from socially unprotected families.

    In 2005-2006 Austrian organization Med Tech Plus and Austrian Development Agency were established medicine infrastructure in the region for recognition of diseases at socially disabled people for free and several therapy measures)

    Our activities is very important for the population our high mountain region.

    The aim of the projects: to improve the medical and social care of families with many children, elder and disabled people, single parents in the region of Mtsxeta-Mtianeti.

    We have a medical center. We also have mobile medical service.
    But on this a stage, some medical equipment has failed. The car on which we carry out target medical rounds in high-mountainous villages, needs serious repair.

    Our work is very important for the children from high-mountain region of Georgia.

    But our experience has shown, that not all, that we can make for them.

    We for the help have again addressed to the ADA , but they have informed us, that we can ask financing together with the Austrian organization.

    Therefore we address to you.

    With hope of your help

    Sincerely yours,

    Keti Gagnidze

    President NGO MRDC

  5. Sayed Mahmud Ali says:

    I Sayed Mahmud Ali, Secretary of Rising Motion Development Society (RIMODS), at Bhubaneswar, Dist-Khurda, Orissa, India. Biodiversity conservation is badly necessary in the Global phenomena as because some of the plants as well as animals are going to extinct day by day. Some of them are endangered. If the food chain will be disturbed due to decline of any plant or animal in the world, the entire biodiversity world will be disturbed and the most sufferers are the human being for their survival. Last but least the future citizen will only see the picture of the species, since the species are in declining condition now-a-days. Some of the endangered species are seen in the zoo. The dinosaur and the dodo are the example for us.
    So, may kindly be support us and develop our financial strength.

  6. Thanks for this support. Please continue to share with us more small grant opportunities to boost our community development projects.

    African Youth Peace Initiatives – Uganda

  7. RANGE PETER says:

    I m Range Peter the chairman of Taragwiti Community Forest Association from Kenya, Migori couty of Kuria District.I find it useful using the information from fundsforgos i wish to submit our proposal to your foundation-which is the address to use?

  8. Dr.A.Praveen Prakash says:

    I have been looking for guidance to get support for the NGO Village Development I have been leading.We are working for the cause of two categories of people living under difficult circumstances viz,1)Socially secluded Dalit community
    and 2) Rural Persons with Disability
    Hope I will prepare a project that will be supported with the help of which I help these vuld=nerable secion of society
    Praveen Prakash



    Am glad to have got this information which coincidentally matches our NGO’s objectives.
    Insight Farm is a potential applicant and will submit the proposal soon to enable us serve the community.
    Thank you.
    Yours sincerely;

  10. Alex Mutale says:

    I m Alex Mutale, Director of Planning camp; Implementation for ALEJO Community Support Project who has been using information from fundsforngos for sometime now.

    Fundsforngos has proved to be very helpful to my organization because of its timely posting of call for proposals from funders.It will greatly help NGOs from developing countries access the much needed resources.

    Keep it up.