International Climate Initiative 2016 Grant Call

Deadline: 1 June 2015

The International Climate Initiative 2016 Grant Call is open for project outline submission. The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) in Germany within the context of the International Climate Initiative (IKI) invites project outline from a broad range of participants from Germany and abroad for 2016 grant opportunity. Funding will be granted to activities in the fields of policy advice, capacity building, technology cooperation and investment, and the concrete implementation of policies, strategies and approaches.

The primary level of intervention is the national level. Subnational and multi-country schemes will also be funded if they are embedded consistently in national strategies and policies and verifiably serve to implement those.

The grant request should not exceed the average annual turnover of the grant recipient’s last three financial years.

Support Areas

  1. Mitigation
  2. Adaptation to climate change
  3. Conservation and sustainable use of natural carbon sinks/REDD+
  4. Biodiversity

Cross-cutting Themes

  1. Financing instruments for climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation
  2. Sustainable urban development

Key countries and regions

  1. Area I (mitigation) countries with high potential for greenhouse gas reduction, especially newly industrializing countries, middle-income countries and transition countries; policy advice projects are preferred in the particularly advanced newly industrializing countries.
  2. Area II (adaptation) vulnerable countries and regions.
  3. Area III (carbon sinks/REDD+) countries and regions that are particularly relevant with a view to carbon storage and biodiversity.
  4. Area IV (biodiversity) countries and regions with a particularly high/rich biodiversity and/or visible commitment to the CBD objectives.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The call supports projects carried out in partner countries by German federal implementing agencies, NGOs, business enterprises, universities and research institutes based in Germany and abroad, and by international and multinational organizations and institutions, e.g. development banks and United Nations bodies and programs.
  • Projects can be conducted by organizations/institutions based in Germany and abroad .
  • Projects can also be implemented jointly by more than one organization/institution. In the case of joint projects, cooperation must be regulated in a cooperation agreement with all implementing actors, and a project leader should be appointed.
  • Applicants must have project-related expertise and experience of the target region.
  • Applicants must demonstrate relevant expertise and, as a rule, prove that for at least three years they have continuously implemented international cooperation projects jointly with partners in the region, or that they have been successfully involved in project-related activities for at least three years. Implementing actors must be able to undertake qualified planning and cost-effective implementation of projects, and to monitor projects and render account for them, if necessary in collaboration with the partners or subcontractors directly involved in the implementation.
  • Applicants must demonstrate capability of providing suitable human resources for the technical and administrative implementation of the project.
  • Projects applying for support must be based on the strategies and policies of the respective partner countries and take account of existing programs and structures. Project proposals should be oriented to the needs of target countries, based upon a gap analysis, in order to advance the countries’ specific climate protection efforts in the best possible way.
  • The governments of the partner countries must express an explicit interest in the project. Projects must be implemented in cooperation with national, local or regional partners in order that the project is anchored in the target region.
  • The projects must not have been already started and the duration should not be more than six years.

Application Procedure

  • Project Outlines must be sent via email by 1 June 2015. They must be made in prescribed format – Excel file using IKI project outline template version 7.0 (XLS, 386 KB)) – this can be opened from ‘Current Selection Process’ in IKI call page. Only submissions received before deadline are evaluated if they comply with the format requirements, and are complete.
  • Project outlines can be submitted in German or English.
  • Applicants whose projects were selected will be requested in writing to submit a formal funding application and will receive the necessary templates and instructions.

For more information, please visit IKI Selection Procedure 2016.


  1. Dear adviser

    We worked aging specifically for helpless poor elders .We need funding support information .How do you help us.

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    • Hello,

      We are not a funding organization and do not provide grants. We are a social enterprise that provides fundraising guides, resources, and the latest funding opportunities to help you fundraise better and secure grant funding.

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  2. Gakumba John Bosco says:

    Dear Bela, I am Gakumba John Bosco. We have an umbrella NGO is Rwanda that has been working with Local NGOs and Communities on Community Based Initiative to Adaptation. We wish to apply for your funds, how is the process? Do we also fit as an umbrella Organization or we need to partner with Government Institutions? Thanks

    • Rashmi Kanti says:

      Hello Gakumba,
      These funds are not organised by us. We are not a funding organization, we just provide you fundraising guides and inform you on the latest funding opportunities to help your organization apply for the relevant opportunity and secure grants. Please read the complete article and forward your queries to the IKI organizers.
      Complete details about the organisers and this opportunity can be found on the link given at the bottom of the article.
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