The International Hrant Dink Award 2011

The Hrant Dink Foundation is accepting nominations for the the International Hrant Dink Award 2011.

The Award will be presented to people who work for a world free of discrimination, racism and violence, take personal risks for their ideals, use the language of peace and by doing so, inspire and encourage others.

The award also helps in giving recognition to such people by making their work visible and making them realize that they are not along in their struggle. It also encourages others to fight for their ideals.

The Award will be presented to the winners on 15 September, which is the birthday of Hrant Dink after whom the award has been named.

Nominations can be submitted online or by mail. The last date for submission is 15 April 2011. For more information, visit this link.


  1. Avatar Founder:T.Theboral. Pastor:V.Jeabaraj says

    praise the Lord Pastor/Brother,
    Very glad to meet you through your e.mail. We thanks to our god for its. Our ministries are independent. We do the church ministry, gospel for the town and village people, children’s gospel and some social services providing food and cloth(Medical Expenses are given to some one person) to poor and needy people,widows and note books, bags and uniforms to poor student’s do through children’s gospel. Providing shelter to aged people and young orphen’s-by constructing homes. My humble request to consider our mail and to support our ministry we do this ministry cheerfully and devotional here. But for the finncial scarcity we can serve better for this ministries. We need financial aid from the philanthropists like you to continue our service for the ministries in a better manner. Hopping to review a helping hand. Waiting for your reply.
    God Bless You

    Our support details
    1. Your’s pray for our ministry.
    2. Welcome to service in our ministry any time
    3. Support your money and other tnings

    N.B. choose any one help for our ministry
    God Bless You.

    1. Church developing.
    2.Help for childrens’ gospel any gift things
    3.Help for village gospel.
    4.Help for socoial service.
    5.Help for Gap Gat prayer fellow-ship including pastors and beleivers.
    6.For want help for church building construction God Bless


    Apostles To the Gentiles
    For the Gospel of Christ
    2 Timothy 4:17-18

    This serves to present to you A2G PRODUCTION, a music group and daughter project of A2G Ministries, which is a Christian and church founded organization seeking to reach all God’s people that have been forgotten and secluded (cut off) from the favors of joy and happiness in this life due to their suffering situations in refugee camps, prisons, hospitals etc…, thus neglected by their fellow human beings and almost un-attended to for being considered in another strata below the normal one where all are considered equal thus left un-attended to in suffering reaching to an extent of even lacking the basic needs of life.
    A2G Production seeks your financial support in order to offer basic needs of life to these disadvantaged people in Uganda.

    A2G Ministries through A2G Production seeks to reach and help all the victimized people in all kinds of desperate situations by granting them physical and monetary help to access the basic needs for their lives which many of them are lacking as well as with guidance and counseling. This is intended to help them cope up with such situations, with a ray of hope and struggle to get rid of such situations.

    The Lord, our God, created all people in His image and is impartial. He has great love, care and concern for His people, and all people wherever they are in all circumstances.

    Apparently, some people are seemingly cut off and forgotten by fellow humans. This is due to disadvantaged life situations in which they live, which some and yet most never chose.
    The world hates sinners, poor people, orphans, widows, the senile, prostitutes, bar -goers, people in refugee camps, prisoners, handicapped people, hospitalized sick people and others. These victims are quite often forgotten and alienated from the other classes of people that are doing well and these people usually lack the basic needs of life like food, clothing, shelter, water and medication. A2G Ministries through A2G Production tends to reach all such kinds of people with God’s message of hope, help, and redemption.
    Many people in Ugandan refugee camps for instance those in the northern war torn area of Uganda live in refugee camps where both children and adults are almost living naked with no dressings, no food and medication, water is scarce, no pit latrines, and no education for them. The prisoners in Uganda prisons are all lacking blankets and mattresses,yet have little and poor meals which are eaten once a day. The sick people in hospitals sleep on verandahs outside even in the national hospital, Mulago Hospital. There are many AIDS patients who can’t afford buying ARVs to improve their lives.Due to such life situations of the disadvantaged people,A2G Production, which is a Music, Dance, and Drama group of youth decided to stage charity concerts to offer basic needs to each of the different categories of disadvantaged people identified at a time by offering what is raised from the shows to cater for their basic needs. In these shows also, A2G Production will be addressing the concert audiences to team up together and collect support for each of the identified groups.
    Currently, A2G Production has been doing this but on a minimal mode of operation using local music instruments yet borrowing them and yet on a limited scope of operation due to lack of transport means. Only a few songs have been recorded to call upon people to stand up together to support the disadvantaged and to stop acts like discriminating he AIDS patients.
    The group therefore greatly needs financial support to carry out these noble acts for the disadvantaged people in our society.
    A2G Ministries is a young organization which has been in existence for just nineteen (19) months, just since June 2009. It comprises a group of twenty (30) young musicians ( all Christians by faith) from Kampala university, Africa Institute of Music (AIM)Makerere University, and Kyambogo university under the leadership of Mugagga Julius Caesar, formerly a lecturer at Kampala university and Latin University of Theology. However, A2G ministries, being a young organization is seeking partnership with another company / organization or donor agency which is successfully in comforting and consoling the bereaved, desperate, sorrowful, and victimized people.
    A2G ministries, due to lack of funds to start this noble cause, seeks donor support for producing the first audio CD which has been recorded into several copies, as well as to shoot videos for the truck – title song “Geyeena Y’okunsi” and later others in order to market out these videos and audio cd music such that the money collected will be used to cater for a selected group of disadvantaged people at a time. It also has a purpose of presenting consoling and comforting music to the bereaved people, as well as carry out counseling and guidance sessions to such people through music and drama.

    All this can only be acquired and achieved from support of a donation from your organization to acquire music machines and establish a permanent head quotas as well as to cater for the daily running of the activities like transportation and recordings as well as staging shows.
    3.0 SCOPE
    3.1 Material Scope
    A2G production under A2G ministries delights and concentrates at staging music concerts as well as dance and drama with a purpose of soliciting funds from the concerts for the most victimized group of people at a time in Uganda. The group also intends to influence the well-to- do persons who attend these concerts to team up together and help the suffering people who are forgotten. The group also intends and is convinced to team up with successful groups under the same calling like your donor agency to spice up the group’s songs to the bereaved members of the families and groups/categories of people that have lost hope. The group also intends to offer guidance and counseling services to people in such situations. Relevant physical tokens of help and support are to be offered.
    3.2 Temporal / Time scope
    The group has targeted to start with its activites as soon as it gets donor support to buy the music machines and after acquiring funds to organize the shows with mass adverts to call on the people to attend these concerts and team up to help the disadvantaged people.Later on ,the group hopes to be self-sustaining since it will be selling out the recorded music and videos.
    Time / period / season Activity
    January-March 2011 Negotiating with donors
    April-May 2011 Purchase of machines, setting up headquarters
    June 2011 Producing 20,000 copies of audio CDs & tap
    July-August 2011 Shooting video of track – title songs
    September 2011 TV/ radio adverts and posters
    October-December 2011 Staging of prime concerts

    3.3 Geographical scope
    The group is currently operating within Kampala setting meetings in Ggaba mission zone, Makindye division with no structured offices as yet. This group is ready and determined to reach all areas in Uganda as it teams up with the donors in helping and offering remedy to all kinds of disadvantaged people as selected at a time.

    4.1 General objective
    The main objective of this venture is to reach all God’s people who are suffering and disadvantaged with various pessimistic life situations with practical , physical and monetary tokens of help, with a compassionate and loving heart in a fraternal spirit by offering them with all the basic needs of life they need.

    4.2 Other objectives
    Comforting and preaching a gospel message of hope to the disadvantaged people and bereaved families
    Reaching refugee camps, prisons, hospitals, senile homes, etc… with Christ’s message of hope, freedom and redemption
    Soliciting support for the needy hospitals, prisons, refugee camps, orphanages, senile. homes, etc…through gospel music crusades as well as comforting and consoling music
    Offering guidance and counseling services to the worried and disadvantaged people through music, dance, and drama
    Staging music concerts in all such places of victimized people with gospel rhythms of consoling and comforting music
    Creating a bridge between the well to do people and the disadvantaged people in which the well to do people can solicit support for them, and initiate visitations to them in spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood
    Preaching the gospel of hope especially to those who have never heard it, then also to the church congregations to call upon them to act out practically with good offertory acts to the needy
    Moving with secular musicians inside them and with them to seek platform for preaching to their audiences in teaming up with them to influence them to stand up together for the cause of the disadvantaged
    Preaching to the prisoners a message of redemption and hope
    Preaching the gospel of salvation and change of heart in bars, brothels, etc…
    Preaching to and finding foster parents for the street children
    Offering guidance and counseling services to the bereaved people

    5.1 Estimations

    Amount in Uganda shillings

    Producing 20,000 copies of audio CDs and tapes
    Acquisition and possession of copyright by sponsor /promoter 5,000,000 2500
    Shooting video of track – title songs 5,000,000 2500
    Tv/radio adverts and posters 4,000,000 2000
    Land acquisition and construction of head quarters 50,000,000 25,000
    Arranging and staging the prime concerts 2,000,000 1000
    Purchasing a set of music instruments and PA system 80,000,000 40,000
    Transport / Vehicle 20,000, 000 10,000
    TOTAL 171,000,000 85,500

    5.2 Local contribution
    A2G production under A2G ministries being substantially composed of high school students has managed to record two (2) audio tracks, one from Kasiwukira studio and another from Tri-melodies studio at a cost of 6,000,000 Ug shs with all costs inclusive. The group is also to cater for all practices’ expenditures as well as meals and transport allowances for the members, all of which have not been presented in the budget to the promoters/sponsors/donors.

    5.3 Donors’ / promoters’ / sponsors’ contribution
    The donors’ / promoters’ / sponsors’ contribution as requested in this project proposal is of 171,000,000 Ug shs which is equivalent to 85,500 dollars. However, the donors / promoters / sponsors could as well select some other activities as well as modes of operation and suggestions of other areas/countries to which A2G Production/Ministries can give a hand by staging concerts as well as mobilizing people of that area to team for any given need and cause of rescuing people who are suffering from one or the other problem or calamity.The budget is flexible to any changes as guided by your wise counsel which is very much welcome.

    6.1 Music production
    The audio and video production is in relation and follows the charges / fares at Kasiwukira studio Kampala as in accordance to the total amounts required. The producer at the studio in charge of A2G productions music is Mr. Kayizzi Innocent, Tel + 256-772-521548, email: jkayizzi
    6.2 Reports and verifications on proceedings
    A monthly report will be presented to the donors on all project proceedings with photos and receipts attached for all the monthly activities done. A member or more from the donor agency will always be welcome to take a pilot survey and get involved in these activites
    6.3 Bank account
    Account name: Mugagga Buyondo Julius Caesar, Account number 0210111448 in Global Trust Bank (Owino branch), Kampala-Uganda.
    7.0 BENEFITS
    Definitely, A2G ministries has high hopes of getting fully and strongly established through the services of A2G Production while this production has high expectations of realizing its establishments in this year 2011, through the promotions and sponsorships from your donor agency.A2G Production will benefit greatly in working and serving alongside your services to gain knowledge, wisdom, and experience in serving disgraced and discomforted people in a consoling spirit and manner.
    For any organization to get established, it requires a strong capital base, especially an initial capital to help the organization get started. After getting started, then the organization can support and sustain itself through its profits from the music, dance and drama presentations part of which will be used to donate and improve lives of the victimized people. The starting capital to help the organization and project of A2G Production to grow and get established to a modern and advanced level is sought from your donor agency and we are optimistically trusting in this sponsorship of this music production and promoting our services of A2G Production, and later, A2G Ministries to take off to a more advanced level of operation on which we have been of borrowing machines and stage equipment as long as using local music instruments which have been un reliable.
    8.0 REQUEST
    This project proposal seeks sponsorship for the modern and advanced establishment of A2G Production /Ministries inorder to perform in a better and more influential manner in changing lives of disadvantaged people and for reaching a wider range of operation and for greater effectiveness as well as building among the Ugandan people a loving and caring spirit for the disadvantaged people. The management of A2G Ministries seeks this support for promoting the project into modern establishment and more capacity of operation. Our intention is to establish strongly A2G Production as the best music group with all kind of music, dance and drama in the area of gospel music which yet will be used as a practical tool and medium of giving relief and support to the disadvantaged people and for acting as a medium to reach these people, thus preaching the gospel of help and salvation practically. This project essentially aims at benefitting all disadvantaged people in all spheres of life as we reach these people with physical and monetary tokens as well as God’s message of love and redemption .
    A2G Production / Ministries has great and high expectations for a joint – venture with your donor agency in accomplishing this noble cause and we greatly trust and believe that with your support and donation, a lot of remedy will be achieved for the many suffering and disadvantaged people with the activities of A2G Production/Ministries.The needy people in Uganda will atleast get the basic needs for their lives.
    We earnestly look forward to your co-operation and support in realizing this noble cause of offering basic needs life equipments to the needy people.





  3. Avatar AMABO Divine N. says

    Good day Team,
    I am AMABO Divine, General Coordinator of Organization for Fostering Education, Development and Awareness against Violence [ORFEDAV Cameroon]. We are a Network of Selfless young persons in Cameroon with a common focus on effecting positive change in the lives of brethren and non-brethren in an attempt to enhance a better future for Cameroon in particular and the world at large.

    It comprises young, talented, hard working, devoted and patriotic boys and girls from diverse backgrounds, religions, educational setup, and economic and moral orientation. The crew is concerned with efforts tailored towards implementing and accomplishing goals laid down for sustaining better livelihoods.

    Our involvement with this grant support would enable us push on with our fight against violence and the improvement of humanity. Cases of violence in our area of activity includes:
    – Abuse of human rights
    – Battering of women and gender discrimination
    – Injustice in the application of the law due to corruption

    We would be greatly gratified should we be included in the beneficiaries of this grant as would help us meet our target of suppressing the silent violence going on in our society.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

    The General Coordinator,
    ORFEDAV Cameroon.

  4. Avatar R.Vasanthan says

    Director( Conflict Resolution )
    Alliance for the Conflict Resolution & Transformation

    Respected Sir/ Madam,
    This is an Information of our organization whish to bring to your kind notice that My name is K.R.Vasanthan, Director of the Organization In charge of Conflict resolution. The Organization is a non-Governmental, Non Political, and Non profit Voluntary Organization which is working for non violent and peaceful life holding community. Sri Lanka was a war country and north eastern proving people effected by war for some decades which was completely demolished the country. And also the community had been converted as a most marginalized and vulnerable poor income. Most of the stated two province are based on the coastal belt. people are highly suffered due to the hit of the Tsunami Tidal Waves. To protect all of them that the professionally qualified energetic youngsters had started this organization.

    The organization registered under Social Service Act: 1958 The Organization has been working, since its inception, on different sectors of conflict resolution and reconciliation.
    Establishing Social economic empowerment of the rural peoples through advocating , and providing training and awareness and development for sustainable peace in the country.
    Given training and awareness, in women leadership and entrepreneurship and to motivate the women group, for the proposes of uplift their individual and family for a sustainable income.

    Director ( Conflict Resolution )

  5. Avatar mwanje yusuf says

    i am Mwanje Yusuf the chairman of sports eye foundation Uganda

    Sports Eye Foundation Uganda is a Sports oriented Organization formed on the basis of Sports to propagate and involve the general public in addressing issues of great concern in all walks of life using Sports as a tool to bring about this Community transformation. sports eye foundation Uganda further corporates with the existing Nationals Sports governing bodies in identifying and solving some of the Sports challenges in the Sports fraternity.

    i am inquiring if i can be eligible to apply for the award.
    we have been engaging citizens into football competitions and dialogues addressing issues of no election violence as we head for the 2011 presidential elections in February.
    thank you very much.
    i will be much grateful upon receiving your reply.
    thank you
    Mwanje Yusuf
    sports eye foundation Uganda.

  6. Avatar Rebecca Nakanwagi says

    Dear Sir,/Madam

    This is to introduce to you our Organization Rubaga Division Disabled Association, a disabled peoples organization registered with Kampala City Council as a disabled women’s organization. It was founded by disabled women themselves in 2006 to address tree major challenges affecting women with disabilities in Rubaga Division. The challenges are:
    – violation of human rights
    – communicable diseases
    – and unemployment among women with disabilities.

    This organization has a membership of three types of disabilities i.e. deaf, blind and people with physical disability.

    We are seeking partnership with you to help us address those challenges in our community so as to enjoy our full rights and dignities in our society.

    we will be very grateful if our request is honoured.

    My kind regards

    Rebecca Nakanwagi