Mama Cash’s Red Umbrella Fund: First Call for Proposals

Mama Cash has announced the Red Umbrella Fund – a global grantmaking collaborative launched this year to support movements and organisations fighting for sex workers’ health, human and labour rights and self-determination.

The Fund will provide opportunities and grants for sex worker-led organisations to strengthen their capacities, such as organisational development and management, programme development and implementation, resource mobilisation, advocacy and communication skills, and monitoring and evaluation.

The Red Umbrella Fund will provide grants to support four types of activities to sex worker-led organizations and initiatives (including to organizations that are registered or not registered in their country:

  1. Start up funds for informal groups to become legal entities;
  2. Multi-year, core funding ;
  3. Funds to support peer-led capacity building and exchanges;
  4. Emergency grants with capacity for immediate response.

It  will also provide opportunities and grants for sex worker-led organizations to strengthen the capacity of grantee organizations stressing peer-to-peer mentoring in such areas as (but not limited to):

  • Organizational development and management;
  • Program development and implementation;
  • Resource mobilization;
  • Registration assistance;
  • Advocacy and communications skills;
  • Information dissemination;
  • Monitoring and evaluation skills.

The Red Umbrella Fund has the specific mission to catalyse and raise new funding for sex-worker-led organisations and networks. The first-year grantmaking budget of the RUF is $700,000. The Red Umbrella Fund will provide start-up funding, multi-year and core funding, support for peer-led capacity-building and exchanges, and emergency grants to sex worker led organisations.  Grant amounts will be between $5,000 and $50,000.

The deadline to submit proposals is 15 September 2012. For more information, visit this link.


25 Responses to Mama Cash’s Red Umbrella Fund: First Call for Proposals

  1. I am Calixta Aquereburu HIV/Aids conselor from TOGO I woked with girls professinal sex wokers on a Project “Soeur à Soeurs” Sisters for Sisters. Our goal is to provid them with information for preventing STI and HIV transmission. More over we are trying to make them ovoid this practice by giving our Sisters job and income generating activities. This grant wil therfore enlarge our scope of work

  2. In2006 up to2008,i initiated the formation of an informal group for CSW’s in petauke Zambia whose main purpose was to reduce CSW vulnerabilty in drinking places.This was done at a time when the level of HIV infection was too high and there was need to safe guard humanity thruogh prevention and mitigation. I mobilised 61potential CSWs out of which 30 lived strictly on sex trade and these became project members.I assisted them elect leaders among themselves and i coordinated the programs.A 5 day training was done in HIV/STIprevention,sexual reproductive health,and counselling and testing;we opened acondom distribution centre;did outreach along the high ways for truck drivers and other CSWs so that they practised safer sex and went for HIV testing.The project saw the transformation of the members who most of them opted to quit the trade and start other businesses,others got married whilst yet others went back to there original homes.However, the leaders of CSWs feel the girls on the road need assistancein terms of preventive measures.There is currently no initiative for CSWs in the town and are not protected in any way.Isold the idea of Mama Cash to them and they want to start the initiative with a bang so that they support themselves.
    Now, inoder to avoid troubling myself, i seek to be guided whether such a group can be accepted?

  3. Alhajj.Mohammad Fazlul Haque,Chairman & CEO of Jatiya Tarun Sangha(JTS) the national youth & social welfare council of Bangladesh says:

    Pl send me more infiormation .I like to work with you

  4. As the world continue to evolve into an equal playing field for all. I applaud your efforts in preserving human dignity and capacity of everyone to achieve their dreams in the global marketplace.

    Al Mina
    Washington DC
    Former US Peace Corps Volunteer

  5. Hello

    I work for The Aids Information & Support Centre (TASC) in Swaziland. we have previously conducted a study on Commercial Sex Workers in 2010. from the findings a lot needs to be done as CSWs continue to be a major culprit in HIV AIDS spread in the country. we saw a need to form support groups for the CSWs wher they will be strenghtened in HIV AIDS education, life skills in general, other income generation initiatives, human trafficking and many other issues. we are not a CSWs led organization as CSWs are not legal in SWAZILAND but they are out target population as they are the mõst at risk.

    we therefore request your support in this project

    Thank you

  6. I am the Program Officer of Koboko Civil Society Network based in Koboko District in Northern Uganda. Our region borders South Sudan to the South and Democratic Republic of Congo in the East.

    This area has hosted refugees from DRC and South Sudan for the last 20 years and till todate, there exists refugee communities in Koboko town in Uganda.

    Most of the young ladies and women indulge in dangerous sex work to make ends meet. It is the only source of meeting basic needs of food, clothing, shelter (rent) and medical care.

    Through Mama Cash Umbrella Fund which we are interested in, lives of this sex workers can be changed.

    Looking forward from hearing from you on how we can apply for the funding.

    Thank you,

    Taban Rashid

  7. This is an opportunity for sex workers to rediscover their plight. Mama Cash Umbrella Fund program is going to rescue lives of millions in the world.

    May this candle glow for more years.

    Koboko Civil Society Network
    Program Officer.

  8. Sexual Gender based violence is still a big issue in our society today,especially to women with disabilites who are victims of all forms of violence in our community because of their vulnerability.I hope mama Cashs fund will going far in partnersip with organisations dealing with such issues.Im writing from Kenya,Tunaweza Women with disabilities C.B.O.

  9. Dear partner,

    DEAF EMPOWERMENT KENYA is a non profit making organization working with the large community in main streaming education ,vital voices and health issues on biomedical and behavioral components.therefore DEK comes forward ask for fund to implement MARPs program particularly sex workers program in main streaming peer to peer health issues and their right in the DEK request for the mail address to send their proposal .kind contact DEK using the mail received .great support you are doing is acknowledged.

    kind regards

    hesboners luke

  10. Fighting for Women’s rights and that of the girl child is still a huge challenge, especially in Africa due to cultural beliefs and practices. Hoping to see Mama Cash’s vision going far in partnership with different non-profit-making bodies that share in your vision and goal(s).
    GLOW Network Uganda

  11. Fighting for Women’s rights and that of the girl child is still a huge challenge, especially in Africa due to cultural beliefs and practices. Hoping to see Mama Cash’s vision going far in partnership with different non-profit-making bodies that share in your vision and goal(s).

  12. Dear,
    On behalf of Paidha Orphans and Vulnerable Children Organization (POVCO) I’m writing from Zombo District in N W Uganda a District where there is increasing number of HIV/AIDS orphans and HIV widows.Our Organization is a Charitable non-NGO that has supported 6 community groups of vulnerable people along side supporting the school orphans drop outs with Vocational Trainings.We also provide capacity building to the local members of communities in various areas with best managerial trainings.

    We shall be very grateful when we get support donations to help these increasing needy.

    Zombo borders The Democratic Republic of Congo on the West and the Sudan in the North East.
    Zombo has a population of 214,200 and land area of 928.5 square Kilometers (
    In addition to HIV/AIDS, the region suffered greatly during the last 20 years due to LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army of the rebel; Joseph Kony): Accessibility to Zombo from Kampala was made difficult. The LRA attacked travellers, kidnapped and / or killed them. The District Zombo, as result was mainly neglected: Commercial routes did not operate, medical support did not function, access to education was made difficult. The people of Zombo District are very poor. This poverty has contributed to the fact that a higher than average part of the population are HIV/AIDS positive. Un countable AIDS orphans live in abject poverty, without schooling or medical services.

    By receiving a go ahead from you will be our joy, of course you too will receive from us what we have done so far.

    Your sincerely

    Patrick Ongom Komakech
    POVCO Executive Director

  13. In response to the comment above and another option:

    I think the call for proposal is OK in that the sex worker run organizations should be the target. My question is that how many of the sex workers have access to announcements like this one? The most victimized sex workers like those in Sub-Saharan Africa are not empowered neither individually nor as associations or groups. Thus, it will be perfect in my opinion, if the target remains the same but if CBOs facilitate the process as well.

  14. Dear officers
    Somali Agriculture Relief & Development Organization seeks mastership or network activity & fund with Mama Cash’s Red Umbrella Fund: to support 23 sexual victims living in Hiran region/ Beletweyn district

    Thanks a lot
    yours best consideration

  15. I’m writing from South Sudan a country where there is huge number of business people coming into on daily. I work for an organization that supports nearly 100 community based organizations and we have some CBOs working along side in supporting the sex worker whom we call them hospitality worker in South Suda, we capacity build the local organizations in various areas of best managerial practices and strong leadership as well HIV prevention skills and provide seed grants for condom programming. Now, what if these potential already working in supporting the commercial sex worker are not led by sex worker because here is a bit difficult to tell among the most learned persons of who is indeed a real sex worker! We would be in position to recommend for you some strong CBOs who are strong partners of the sex workers to apply for this funding.

  16. Hi, may i join you in your effort to empower this vulnerable group especially in creating income generating activities to support their livelihood as they become aged. Their business is only luxuriant at their younger and middle age, they to prepare their live at aged error. The sustainable and development projects are crucial to sustain their lives.

    Lets communicate and wishing you all the best and success in executing your dreams.

    J. Mchome.
    Bible believer, From Tanzania East Africa. ye

  17. Our organisation is COMMUNITY CENTRE FOR JUSTICE AND HEALTH INITIATIVE,(CC4JHI) an NGO registered in Nigeria (2008), based in the South Eastern city of Enugu.
    We work on women and girls rights including other persons that are marginalised, discriminated, socially excluded, deprived etc in the community
    In the health area, we work with emphasis on maternal and child health plus addressin the issues of the high Infant and Maternalrate in our country.
    As I write you now, the Nigerian law criminalising sex work is still in force as well as other various laws putting men ahead of women in the society.WE SINCERELY WISH THAT THERE EXISTS A WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY TO WORK WITH YOU.Thanks. Barr. chinweuba Onah, (Executive Director)

  18. I am the Executive Director of COMMUNITY CENTRE FOR JUSTICE AND HEALTH INITIATIVE (cc4jhi)a Nigeria based Non Governmental Organisation based in the South Eastern part pricisely Enugu.We work with Lawyers, Nurses & othersand we commenced operation since 2008
    Our focus is in the area of Rights of Women,Girls plus other deprived, maginalised, discriminated or excluded members of the community.
    In the area of Health, our main focus is in Maternal and Child care including addressing the issues of Maternal and Infant mortality.
    As I write you now, the Nigeria Law criminalising SEX WORK is still in force as well as other laws limiting the rights of women.

  19. we, as organisation working in social reforms since 1990 in right based approch, right to health,livelihood,education,Dignity.taking sides of poor is our prime object. we are working with sex worker in 8 patches. Health care and education for their child and employment is our prime objective,

  20. Am Narame Ascia Scovia coordinator Mission of Hope Rwanda central Africa, We are registered organization working with people infected and affected with HIV/AIDS, former prostitutes and working with all Universities in the country in fighting against gender based violence.
    We would like to partner with your NGO.
    Best regards

  21. We are requesting you to assist us with the fund to run our Association of widows ,people living with HIV/AIDS and orphans in Uganda.

  22. Our organisation Movement for Patriotic Awareness and Development is registered organisation in sierra leone and would be willing to partner with Mama Cash’s Red Umbrella Fund.

  23. i am sex work, we work to ensure sex work right, our organization development by sex worker, manage by sex worker, it is sex worker self-help organization, how i received you fund, please inform us



  25. We would like to know more about your organization We are registered Organization working with people living with HIV particular sex workwers
    Looking forward to hear from you.