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SIDA International Training Programmes

Upcoming international training programmes sponsored by the SIDA in Stockholm and other countries on ‘Climate Change and Mitigation,’ ‘Integrated Sustainable Coastal Development’ and ‘Human Rights towards Gender Equality…’ NGOs and others can apply to participate in these programmes…[more]

Climate Change and Mitigation: Norrkoping, Sweden and at another location (to be decided) from 28 February to 25 March 2011 and in October/November 2011. Click here to read more.

Integrated Sustainable Coastal Development: at Gothenburg/Stockholm, Sweden and in Tanzania from 6-24 June 2011 and 3-14 October 2011. Click here to read more.

Human Rights towards Gender Equality: at Stockholm/Uppsala, Sweden and at another location (to be decided) from 7 March to 1 April 2011 and in October 2011. Click here to read more.

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  1. Wilfred Icidri says:

    We serve to introduce to you Child Hope Initiative Project ( CHIP ) , this is a registered nonprofit and a community based organization (CBO) established December 2009 in Kole district – northern Uganda , to help children/youth and women from marginalized communities especially the victims of a prolonged wars in northern Uganda engineered by a notorious rebel Joseph Kony and his bandits – lord resistant army rebels (LRA) . Education and other social services in these war ravaged areas and certainly whole of northern region have been delayed due to insurgency meaning that people are in constraint economically resulting to humiliating poverty , Child hope initiative project still deliver its services to a small number of children/youth and women due to lack of limited resources however our service will not be limited we wish to extend our project delivery programs in its pilot districts of Lira , Alebtong , Oyam , Otuke and others which has been severely affected by wars conflict , cattle natural disasters and other catastrophes .

    Child Hope Initiative Project has a rehabilitation center which is governed by board members and volunteers corps all affiliated to the project , the project programs has a cross -cutting theme which runs education- technical or vocational and computer trainings , counseling and guidance , HIV/AIDS awareness , adult literacy , counseling and guidance , sex- education both at primary schools and post secondary schools among others) we have a growing numerous of beneficiaries of which 30% are female children are war victims who were abducted by the rebels of lord resistant army of Joseph kony (LRA) and returned home after suffering a tremendous inhuman treatments that need an intensive rehabilitation care education center like what child hope initiative thrive to achieves , however we serve people of all age and background .

    Since the lord resistant army rebels under the leadership of Joseph Kony civil war broke in 1986 infrastructures were destroyed throughout the regional side this led to an intensive and severe and constraint limited access to basic and social services such as education and child vaccination programs etc , children do not graduate from primary school or repeat many classes , schools in this region were destroyed and teachers went untrained for many years , leaving numbers of children out of school and illiterate . Child Hope Initiative Project reach marginalized children-girls , ethnic minorities and children affected by HIV/AIDS , fishing families , pastrolist communities , war affected and other catrosphies , from early childhood throughout adulthood , these children need support both economically and psychically .

    HIV is rapidly spreading within the population of Kole district and northern Uganda at large. The people suffering from this disease need care and treatment. But to change this district or regional’s fate, Kole district needs so much more than care, alone.

    Our HIV and AIDS programs provide three levels of support: care and encouraging patients to attend regular treatment, psychosocial support and prevention education. Our volunteers go into homes in 40 communities throughout the pilot sub- counties to care for bedridden patients. To date, we have provided basic care services to 21 patients. Our services also enable young patients living with HIV to remain in school throughout the year.

    Education is the key in reducing poverty in the society. Literacy levels in Rift Valley are still very low, despite the introduction of free primary and secondary education. Access to quality and relevant education, retention and transition remain a big challenge owing to poverty, nomadic lifestyles, insecurity owing to conflicts and poor infrastructure. Poor access to learning materials and limited number of teachers also contributes to another challenge in providing good quality education

    HIV/AIDS is not the only disease affecting the people of Kole district . Malaria is also a major concern according the ministry of health , Kole has the highest malaria cases in Uganda and is the cause of primary school absentism . Our malaria prevention program teaches children how to prevent and control the disease, including providing treated bed nets to families. The children who have participated in this program say they can now pass on the information they have acquired to their families.

    Using our community-based structures, we help the Ministry of Health encourage families to immunize their children. In addition, we conduct water and sanitation campaigns to promote better sanitation in Kole district as well as the use of safe, clean water. We sensitize and demonstrate them easy way to provide pit latrines to families. In communities such as Bala , Alito, Akalo and Aboke sub counties respectively , the percentage of families with pit latrines has increased from 13 to 40 percent we feel this is not enough considering the breakdown of cholera and related water or air-born diseases. And in select communities, new water systems have been implemented with community health workers and staff monitoring these systems.

    Fulfilling more than basic needs

    Our Early Childhood Care Development programs teach parents that children need more than shelter, food and clothing. We help parents learn how to stimulate their children’s development. While our only rehabilitation center (childcare center) here in Kole district has begun to provide children with nutritious meals and monitor their growth, they also encourage parents to volunteer in the centers to reinforce healthy child care practices at home. Child care workers regularly check in with parents and children to ensure that children are receiving the best care and families living in urban areas are taught about the nutritional value of specific foods, including how to grow home gardens to feed their children.

    To support sustainable livelihood development in this country, vocational apprenticeships are available to school dropouts, youth affected by HIV and AIDS, youth-headed families and disabled youth in the fields of carpentry, masonry, metal crafts and mechanics. Other courses include record and book keeping, business planning, budgeting, money management and marketing – all skills that will help youth support their families.

    Your support will help us render the people of Kole district , northern Uganda – especially the children – escape the deadly clutches of HIV/AIDS and live healthy, happy lives.


    Development processes across Kole district is characterized by gender bias and especially inequalities in both participation and enjoyment of benefits occurring from development initiatives. (CHIP) has developed strategies along objectives that ensure all development projects it undertakes incorporate gender interests and needs that suit the current trade of professions, aimed at building the capacity and empowering women and girls to take more control of their live-hood. Socio-cultural considerations have had the tendency to relegate women in marginalized communities and disadvantaged position in bargaining for more socio-economic independence, owing to their position and background in a strict cultural setting despite their important roles and valid contributions to development, compared to men. That’s why CHIP have Women in key board positions and in volunteers corps and 30 percent more compare to men and youth led organization.

    1. To promote women’s and men’s involvement in development in a mutually beneficial manner;
    2. To promote women’s abilities to influence decisions on development initiatives,
    3. To advocate for increased gender equity in resource allocation and utilization;
    4. To contribute to advocate for higher and equal participation in development processes by both gender;
    5. To promote a sense of self-reliance among different genders, especially women


    The activities undertaken are as shown below:

    - Community Development.

    Child hope initiative project (CHIP) target the grass root marginalize population . The community was mobilized in various parishes and villages to identify the vulnerable children who need help through the local leaders and elders. The excise was successfully done and 120 children were identified including orphans, former abductees, school dropouts and those living with HIV/AIDS as their parents have also passed away.

    -Training on Persons with Disability (PWD)

    The Program officer attended two (2) trainings on disability inclusion and system strengthening organized by World Vision (Aboke Area Development Program). The community was again called by the project to pass on the knowledge of the training to them and all the facilitators and mobilizers participated actively and it ended well.


    - Community Mobilization and Sensitization.

    Using local resource persons like opinion leaders, church leaders, elders and clan leaders, the community around Kole District were informed about the new project, its activities, mission and objectives

    - PLANNED ACTIVITIES 2011/2012

    Purchase of learning materials i.e. blackboards, chalks, desks, computers , tables among others.

    Mobilization and sensitization of the communities on HIV/AIDS, prevention and positive living.

    Monitoring, supervision and evaluation of programs and project activities to ascertain if it’s achieving its goals and objectives.

    Increase number of beneficiaries in the project, starting with Orphans and Vulnerable children (OVC), Persons with Disability (PWD).

    Training more persons among the community to act as counselors on HIV/AIDS who will move door to door to sensitize the community and offer voluntary counseling and testing and free distribution of condoms .

    Form youth clubs which will sensitize the community through Music Dance and Drama (MDD), this will be another approach to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS among the community. The activity will be at the end of every month in gazetted public places, radios and television stations.

    Focus on girl child education

    Introduction of sex education program to shall enhance this children to counter the challeges during adolecent stage

    Using our radio/television program of “Dwog Paco” meaning come back home to inform children/ youth who are still in the hands of their captors (lord resistant army rebels LRA) to find out their ways home and immediately begin to utilize this project activities .

    We wish to work with SIDA and collaborate with you in our district of Kole .Our organization is the only Community Base Organization (CBO) working with the marginalize community members i.e children , youth , people living with HIV/AIDS and women are highly involved in our core activities , Child hope initiative project is labed as the best and the only CBO in the whole district with its relentless efforts considering its pro-active and active approaches when comes to handling critical issues affecting the community within its project activities . As we earlier on stated we engaged children/youth and women in our various project activities i.e they take training vocational skills in different trade thus:- capentry and joinery , block laying and concrete practice , welding and metal fabrication , painting and decoration , tailoring and garment cutting , information computing and technology , auto mechanical skills among others to enable the explore their brain powers but this depends on the talent each youth exhibited during our pre-test examinations .

    We have youth clubs which addresses various complains such as children in conflicts with the laws , awareness complain front desk that deals directly with child’s rights of all forms as constituted in our 1995 child Act , and women empowerment . Child hope initiative survey indicates that the community members we serve are either deprive of service delivery by the government or the donor communities , and if any does not reach at the time they needed it or perhaps hijacked by corrupt rudmen in government or in civil society organization in their various capacity , we therefore request your honor to actively involve us with SIDA to work with Child Hope Initiative Project – Kole district , This involvement with child hope initiative project will make a quick through in accomplishing the whole project activities within its time frame and cultivating the positive outcome that directly benefit the community members , we know the rural areas in the target area , child hope initiative project will continue to work within its integrity and transparency , accountable to the people and our donors and its effective and prompt calls for emergencies .


    – To enrich students with vocational and computer knowledge that they will transform skill they have acquired into commercially viable , economical viable and values , which will expedite the implementation of this project .

    – To strengthen child capacity building conducting research and institutes the civil society where children/adults can engage themselves national activities that benefit their community.

    – Explore an innovative knowledge in collaboration with community participation in producing self sustaining income activities for him/herself and the community they live .

    – To increase the coverage of Internet system / technological access services throughout the community the tremendous introduction and improvement , technology will translate into persistently good results as our students walkout with vital skills in computer or technological related skills this will address critical growth constrain in children /youth ( war victims) and their community .

    – Promoting a fundamental principle that all children deserve an equal start in life in marginalize community.

    – To take an active role in ensuring equal opportunity for children who are still living in internally displaced persons camps (IDPs) by championing computer programs , alternative education and counseling and guidance .

    - Build relationship between children and youth, their family and the community they live , we advocate for children/youth through our education program and contribute to the community knowledge about the issues that impact on the society as whole .

    - We work and continue to work to develop expertise . drawing on our own and others expertise . Child Hope Initiative project has extensive specialist knowledge in children and adolescent welfare , and we are committed to reach and evaluation of what we do and how we do it .


    – Children will be equipped with measurable and attainable vocational and computer knowledge that will help them focus and utilize their energy and brain powers in inspiring their ambition .

    – This accomplishment through generosity of our contribution by providing children with program benefit and service that meet their basic needs , enhance their human dignity and raise their physical and educational levels in a meaningful , lasting way . our vision is that each child grow into a healthy , educated and self-reliant adult who benefits the community .

    Child hope initiative project will continuously foster child rights through our education programs and other socio-economic transformations , we shall tackle core issues affecting children’s life in our day today’s societies such as child trafficking , child labor , child sacrifices , child soldiers , denouncing some uncultured praticises that appears to injure or causes permanent disfigurement such as female mutilations which is still in practice in some part of the region , we intend to build hope through imparting innovative knowledge and skill in this children/youth of whom we considered as burden in the community to intensively server their own communities .

    At your disposal we request for you to make a site visit for child hope initiative project -Kole and or send us your volunteers to work with us as our technical advisors in the success of this project hence to review and evaluate our performances this shall gives you the right pictures of and strength of the project (CHIP) and the community we serve in regard to our current project activities and the emerging ones , we shall tune for any further information that you may need to know about our project and ready to submit a formal proposal at your request for your perusal and actions , CHIP had the willingness to send our project officers to attend the SIDA International Training programes and further information of SIDA future grants , we however once again thanks you for support unto various organizations across the globe with aims of meeting the millennium development goals and in a bid of making this world a better place to live .


    Yours Sincerely


    ( Project Coordinator – Child Hope Initiative Project Kole District )

  2. Stephen McGILL says:

    Want to participate

  3. Stephen McGILL says:

    Dear Sir/Madame:

    I am very much interested in participating in this program. I am from Liberia and see the need to learn more about climate change and advocate the such good edeavour. Sine the war in Liberia we have seen phyiscal aspect of the impact of climate change in our country.

  4. Champa Navaratne says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am Champa Navaratne from Sri Lanka, working in a Organization called 'Network of Women Water Professionals, (NetWwater)'. We conduct awareness programs for the community on Gender and Water, Efficient water Management, Impact of River sand mining and Mitigation and Adaptation of climate change and so on.

    To improve the quality of our awareness programs, I would like to participate Climate change and mitigation training course. I strongly believe that the knowledge I gain by the course will empower me more to conduct such programs.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    With my best wishes,

    Champa Navaratne

  5. Machilika Matemba says:

    Dear Collegue,

    I am much interested to be invited and attend one of the trainings especially on climate change and gender issues.

    Mwanza AIDS Support organization is a humanitarian non-profit making organization formed by people living with HIV and AIDS in Mwanza to the southern region of Malawi the area that is most hit by various issues of climate change, violence against women due to ignorance in gender issues and HIV/AIDS.


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