Tiet Foundation Grants for Innovative Human Rights Activities/Projects

Deadline: 31 March 2015

Tiet Foundation aims to support organizations that maximize impact and create change. Its grant programs seek to support high-impact, low-cost solutions to the world’s toughest problems—in particular, social injustices.

Its latest grant cycle is now open and organizations can request funding of up to US $5000. It mostly supports projects in the areas of:

  • Social/economic inequalities
  • Marginalized populations (women, older adults, people with disabilities, LGBTQI, indigenous/native people, refugees/internally displaced persons, etc.)

Funding is given to organizations that are either direct service providers or work in the field of advocacy.

Funds may be used for general organization support or for a project.

For more information, visit this link.


  1. Avatar http://Francisco%20Filipe says

    PNDH- president of board of direction-Mozambique
    Nation Pressure of Human Right our organization deals with marginalized populations (women, older adults, people with disabilities and children who are our target and our goals is to build their potential. The organization is base in many district of Sofala province so we are seeking funding opportunities to implements such activity. Our organization work in the field of advocacy.

  2. Avatar http://Butholezwe%20Nyathi says

    Good day…I have been running a registered NGO in South Africa that focuses on migrant workers rights. Recently South Africa changed its immigration laws and there is need to educate people on their rights and give information on the changes. We are trying to build capacity of the organization and to get funds for projects. Kindly assist. We have our profile ready as well as the projects we want to run in 2015.

  3. Avatar http://sarfraz%20andrew says

    I hope you see our request about Reliance Welfare Foundation. I hope you will help us about water and Sanitation and Effects of Industrial Effluent and Contamination of Ground Water in Sheikuhura Pakistan.

    • Avatar http://Gamala%20Luitel says

      Hi Sarfaraz,
      Please elaborate your comment. If you have applied for grant to relevant donor, you should contact them for any further inquiry. fundsforNGOs is not a donor agency and we do not provide funds to any individual/organization. We support NGOs in fundraising activities with resources.
      Thank you!

    • Avatar http://M.S.Khed.President%20of%20B.D.P.H.W.AssociationBijapur says

      Bijapur District Physically Handicapped Welfare Association is Regd in 1980-81 & FCRA Regd in 1986.The association is already running a 15ten Schoolsls & Colleges ie two Degree Colleges and two Primary schools and one High School and one I.T.I Colleges and one Pre-Unversty College, and One Vocational Training Centre. Many more. Now we started a new CBSE Residential School for Building grant or Donation. Please help us to improve the quality of life of handicapped & backwards classes in to the Main Stream. As much as possible. With Regards by M. S. KHED President OF B.D.P.H.W. Association Bijapur.

  4. Avatar http://sarfraz%20andrew says

    I am Sarfraz AndrewpPresident Reliance Welffare Foundation we working on Water and Sanitation and Effects of Industrial Effluent and Contamination of Ground Water in District Sheikhupura (Punjab Province Pakistan) its very very humble request Please need funds for projects development for district Sheikhupura is an industrial city of Punjab, located at 35 km northwest of Lahore with total present population of 33,91,575 persons (27% urban and 7% rural).It is with known for its historical places, and is commonly known locally as Qila Sheikhupura, because of the fort in the City , constructed by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir.The name Sheikhupura is derived from a nickname of Jahangir, who was known as Sheikhu by his father Akbar the Great. Due to heavy industry in the area, drinking water is contaminating severely and people are suffering in water born diseases.It is very difficult to focus and provide clean drinking water everywhere due to limited resource of the government. I hope you think about our organization in Sheikhupura Pakistan with best many many regards Sarfraz Andrew

    • Hello Sarfraz,
      We are not a funding organization, we provide you fundraising guides and inform you on the latest funding opportunities to help your organization apply for the relevant opportunity and secure grants. So, we can’t provide the funding support. Please make use of our vast resources and make your project sustainable.
      Good luck!

  5. Avatar http://Rameshwar%20Dass says

    Our ngo is recognised government of India tax commission under section 12A’ 80G and FCRA registration under foreign contribution (regulation) Act 2012, not for profit community development organization focused on the empowerment of the poor and the vulnerable people and Aids, TV, and woman and child development and human rights in local areas.
    Thank you
    Rameshwar Dass

  6. Avatar http://maryan%20ntausian says

    this is community center for peace development org. based in baringo county Kenya .we are the grassroots organization dealing with child care and orphan rights.we need to do more capacity building relating to child abuse,domestic violence and right of education to both boys and girls among the pastorals community.please give us assistance to prosper our goal.

  7. Avatar http://Nalubega%20Fatuma says


    The other project is related to Women property Rights especially those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. Its majorly an advocacy project.

  8. Avatar http://Nalubega%20Fatuma says

    Hello, Action For sustainable Development (CBO) is a community based organisation in Eastern Uganda based in Soroti. It is an organisation which is just starting, no major grants yet, but we have a noble cause of helping children in the area of Child protection. we realized that children in conflict with the law or even those in contact with the law have no clear help and support after going though the formal Justice system, and even those going through the informal Justice systems , there is no clear follow up on them. Government has neglected this area and i think its due to majorly resource constraints. I intend to implement a project of tracing and resettlement of these children, how do i submit a proposal? Further i intend to implement a protect ” Anti Cross generation campaign” . Its going to be an Advocacy project targeting secondary schools and the general public of youths not inn school. HIV /AIDS is very common among the youth, and research has placed some of these infections on cross generation relationships. Please advise on what Grants i can apply for.

  9. Avatar http://MUHAMMAD%20Zubair says

    My name is Muhammad Zubair from KPK Peshawar Pakistan.

    my dears you know that my my country specially my city Peshawar is seriously under threat. even school going children r not save. I have no words to explain the conditions of my country and my city. most of schools not yet open due to lake of security measures because of funding. dears I have no proposal and application and other formalities if you can help without the formalities please do some funding to help those schools management to fulfil security issues and reopen school with pride a very humble and sympathetic request that please do funding to my NGO name parmakhtag.

    Waiting for your positive reply.

    • Avatar http://Bela says

      Hi Zubair,
      We are not a funding organization, we provide you fundraising guides and inform you on the latest funding opportunities to help your organization apply for the relevant opportunity and secure grants. So, we can’t provide the funding support. Please make use of our vast resources and make your project sustainable.
      Thank you.

  10. Avatar http://Ocittiugi%20Godfrey says

    Passion4community Development Organization is child and youth focus organization that deals with young people and children who are prone to social problems and also aims to build their potential to be self reliance. The organization is base in Northern Uganda is seeking funding opportunities to implements child protection activity in the district of Agago, livelihood empowerment to Child headed children, child mothers, and occupation therapy for vulnerable youth through skills development(vocational trainings), talents development through sports by constructing football grounds, volleyball grounds, basket ball and Athletic ground.

  11. Avatar http://Namayanja%20Jackie says

    Community Initiative care for the Orphans in Central Uganda aims at helping helping Orphans and Vulnerable Children, People living with HIV/AIDS, Most at risk populations, Vulnerable People. We want to provide sustainable education, health care and social welfare facilities. We are looking for funds in order to improve on their standards of living. We are looking forward to hear from you.

  12. Avatar http://Andrew%20Mayor%20Akuot,%20CDA%20Executive%20Director. says

    Hi, very good news to get calls for proposal from website. It will make the world as favorable environment to be lived by mankind. Your efforts will make the marginalized, orphans, women, disable persons, refugees/IDPs and many others free from any form of vulnerability.

    • Avatar http://Ntagungira says

      The implementation need more capacity that’s why we looking financial assistance for the implementation. We believe we can do the best through your partnership.
      Thanks your kind attention and your contribution.

  13. Avatar http://Ntagungira says

    I need to join your institution but am lacking information about your work and your guideline. I am from East Africa.
    Your response is needed.

    • Avatar http://Gamala%20Luitel says

      Hello Ntagungira,
      Please visit the link on the line ‘For more information…’ and proceed. You will find the information you need.
      Good Luck!