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United Nations Trust Fund Call for Proposals to end Violence against Women

The 15th grant cycle of the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women is now open to accepting applications from NGOs, government authorities and UN agencies.

Established by the UN General Assembly resolution 50/166 in 1996, the UN Trust Fund in Support of Actions to Eliminate Violence against Women (UN Trust Fund) is managed by the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) on behalf of the UN system. The UN Trust Fund is the only multilateral grant-making mechanism exclusively devoted to supporting local and national efforts to end violence against women and girls.

In order to address the serious gaps in the realization of national and international commitments and recommendations to end violence against women and girls, UN Trust Fund grant-making focuses on supporting the implementation of national and local laws, policies and action plans.

The UN Trust Fund promotes initiatives based on the following approaches:

  • Human rights-based and gender-responsive approaches that place paramount priority on promoting, protecting and fulfilling the human rights of women and girls, as well as strengthening institutional capacities at local and national levels to eliminate all forms of violence against women. This includes addressing inequitable gender norms and power disparities as the root cause of violence against women and girls, and as a violation of human rights and an impediment to development.
  • Holistic and multi-sectoral responses that address women’s inter-related rights and needs in terms of prevention and response to violence against women and girls, including safety and protection, access to health, legal, property and inheritance rights, and economic security and rights.
  • Focus on priority groups living in poverty and otherwise especially excluded or disadvantaged, ensuring responsiveness to diversity by tailoring interventions to particular population groups.
  • Coordination and partnership-building, including among government entities, civil society organizations, especially women’s groups, and networks.
  • Commitment to sharing knowledge, by documenting, evaluating and disseminating results.
  • Evidence-based programming, building on lessons learned and recommended practices, to ensure optimal results and use of resources.

Applicants are expected to submit proposals online in the form of a brief Concept Note. The deadline for submission of the Concept Note is 20 January 2011, 11:59pm New York Time.

Concept Notes can be submitted in the following languages only: English, French and Spanish.

All applications must be submitted online. The UN Trust Fund will not accept applications submitted via e-mail, regular post and/or facsimile.

The online application will be available from 3 January 2011 until 20 January 2011 at this link.

For Project Ideas to address Violence against Women in Developing Countries, CLICK HERE.


  1. Abdimajid noor musa says:


    national vision for peace and pastrolist aid’is an organisation located in kenya, which mainly targets the inferior groups in our society,which includes;women,disabled,youth e.t.c so it will be a pleasure to see that this minority groups in our society are put into consideration and we will be honoured if we get a chance of playing a role in this project.

  2. Michael Mmoloki Tebogo says:


    Greetings from Moremogolo Extension Theatre Trust in Jwaneng, Republic of Botswana. This is a welcome move. Here language barrier hinders women’s development. We are trying hard to use theater and traditional arts forms to pass on empowerment messages to the grassroots people who speak other languages other than the official languages in the country.

  3. Alfrida Yousaf says:

    The idea came from Mrs. Alfrida Yousaf Who is working as a project In charge in Dar-ul-Mussarat since last 25 year, Dar-ul-Mussarat is a school for special children which is working for the mentally disable children in Baldia Town. She has started this hostel in her own house, only for mentally disabled girls who are really very much less privileged and no one at their home to take care of them especially the mother is passed away.
    This Idea of hostel is appreciated by the community people and also international friends. Now the number of these special girls is increasing day by day and required funding to fulfill their need as well as for the building its capacity.
    Alfrida Yousaf
    Founder & Chairperson AGHOSH Hostel for special girls

  4. Hussein Fasasi says:

    Dear Sir,
    We are privileged to participate in the United Nations Trust Fund’s program. Ending violence against women involves a holistic approach and everyone must be involved in eliminating this malaise.We at the AFRICAN FOUNDATION FOR HUMAN ADVANCEMENT are committed to eliminating violence against women in all its ramifications.

    Hussein Fasasi Esq.
    Executive Director.

  5. Neeraj patel says:

    I am glad to come across this organisation which I am interested to be a partner to The United Nation Trust Funds.

  6. Japheth Maijo Ryoba says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Greeting from Hope in Action Foundation in Tanzania . Thank very much for the information on funding for protection of women against domestic violence and we would like to take part in this partnership.

    Please let us know how we can submit the concept paper since it is a pre-condition for submitting the application form.

    We do appreciate this support to the community and timely response to this inquiry

  7. Lwereere Emmanuel Adonia says:

    Greeting from action for global village initiative. Thank very much for the information on funding for protection of women against domestic violence and we would like to take part in this partnership.

    Please let us know how we can submit the concept paper since it is a pre-condition for submitting the application form.

    We do appreciate this support to the community and timely response to this inquiry

  8. Rahim Bux Kalhoro says:


  9. jitendra sharma says:

    Respected sirs I wish to state that the hooch tragedy which has killed more than 150 people in Gujarat recently, I want to draw your attention about the another aspect of that accident, I want to remind you that as we all know very well that our state Gujarat is already on the hit list of terrorists and because of the liquor prohibition policy of our state govt. daily thousands of bottles in trucks of English liquor illegally made in our neighboring states and are supplied to our state. and whole of this network is operated by liquor bootleggers and mafias who can fall in to the hands of terrorists at any time and terrorists can supply a lot of poisonous liquor and can kill a largest number of innocent people any time and this will be comparatively easy and effective way for them. So I want to request you to establish the responsibility that who will be sole responsible for the accident if it takes place. Because directly govt is only responsible to first implement the liquor prohi. policy then to allow mafias to smuggle liquor in to the state, the smuggling of liquor is not possible without the cooperation of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats therefore I request you to accept my this request as a PRL and give the right directives to govt. so any major accident can be avoided. Respected sirs I am giving you some more aspects of this policy so please consider my that letter also a request to you which is as follows:-
    Respected sirs ,please consider the following points in the aspect of relevancy of liquor prohibition policy of Gujarat and direct the govt. to rethink over it.. [1] Though the liquor prohibition policy is there in force in Gujarat but three times more liquor is being sold here compare to any other state of India .[2]Local gujarat govt. justifies this policy by saying that because this is the Gandhi’s Gujarat therefore we implemented this policy here, on moral grounds. But today we have to think that who they are to say that Gujarat’s Gandhi or Gandhi’s Gujarat. Gandhi is the father of nation and whole nation is Gandhi’s. Gandhi struggled for whole India and he never said that he is for Gujarat or Gujarat is for him so today we have to think that Don’t we put question mark on his thinking by saying Gandhi’s Gujarat.? And after all finally we have to think that Gandhi never taught us the lesson to move on morality by crushing humanity .[3] Still there are so many people here in society who don’t drink so they like and support this policy. So the time has come to explain them that due to this policy the crime and corruption and diseases our society gets, they also can be victim of these things because this policy does not give any thing except crime and corruption to the general public of the society. [4] The transaction of millions of rupees has been criminalized which money moves within the liquor mafia and corrupted officers and politicians only. If this policy is demolished the same money will come in the market to the businessmen and even youths will get a new field to earn and get employment .[5] on the name of country liquor which liquor is being made and being sold here, millions of people are drinking that is made by car battary’s acid, detergent soaps water, saltpeter(anum) or ( FITKARI),and Gud(brown sugar).Now it can be understood that drinking such liquor can be how much harmful. This liquor causes the liver diseases, tuberculosis, and other so many skin diseases also.[6] This is the totally failed and unsuccessful policy which violates our religious and human rights because we hindus think we have the right to worship our god Kal bhairav but we cant do so because liquor is required to worship the same god .but we cant get liquor because of this Islamic policy is implemented on our heads.
    Respected sirs I wish to state that there are 5 crore people living in Gujarat state of India in which about thirty percent people consume liquor. Still the liquor prohibition policy is in force there. Due to this policy now you can imagine how a big number of people is consuming the poisonous liquor regularly and how big damage the society is bearing due to this policy, we tell the people that this is the policy which does not give anything to society but only crime corruption and diseases. We request all the electronic and print media to understand the seriousness of this matter and give the coverage to us and our voice. But we are neglected everywhere. only because we have no big funds to advertise ourself . but hereby I would like to request you to remind you that the time when they neglect us really they don’t neglect us but they neglect a large number of innocent people of Gujarat who are bearing the torture of this policy and are drinking poison with keeping mum because they don’t know where to go and whom to ask for their help, at last finally we look at you with the hope of some help from you. But your ignorance to us and such policy of killing the innocents with slow poison will make us more nervous. Therefore once again we request you to reconsider our request and to do needful. Respected sirs, I want to say one thing about the liquor prohibition policy of Gujarat, that due to this policy the general public of Gujarat does not get any benefit but if this policy is demolished, and due to that the government gets the revenue from liquor business, by that money government can give at least one kg sugar every month to every poor or middle class family in the state, so I wish to state that please ask the govt. on the liquor pro. Policy, assessing the relevancy and profit and losses to the society . Because today the time has come to tell the people that this policy does not give any thing except the crime, corruption and diseases, deaths of innocents to the society. And only corrupted bureaucrats, politicians, and liquor mafias are enjoying this policy, Therefore we want your help in this regard. Respected sirs once again I request you in public interest please accept my this letter as a PRL and do the needful but I request you to keep my name and my address secret to you only. because either party A sitting in power or party B sitting in opposition, no one want to demolish this policy because this policy is like a cow giving milk to them, no matter who is having turn today either A or B, tomorrow will be the turn of both of them will not like that my voice should be heard by you and they may try to crush my approach to you, so please I request you again to keep secret my identity to you only. I will reach to you whenever you order me, thanking you yours faithfully: jitendra sharma 130/1559 karnavati apptts paras nagar sola road naranpura ahmedabad 63 (letter to c.j.,guj high court,copy to you)

  10. Joseph Mizimbe says:

    Centre for Youth Empowerment and Training (CYET) based in Chiradzulu district-Malawi focuses on human rights, governance, gender, HV/AIDS, environment, food security and skills development.

    Chiradzulu district is one of the districts in Malawi which has alot of human rights abuses. It has problems of human mutilation;where incidence of cutting body parts, especially breasts of women, have been high for the past ten years.

    With high illiteracy rate; most of women are subject to domestic violence. The fact is that they may have no skills to seek formal employment as such they are quite submissive to the husband. Records at Chiradzulu Magistrate Court equally indicate most divorces were due to domestic violence.

    Childern especially girls are further subjected to abuse like rape. The girl child does participate in a lot of house chores and have no time to participate in school. They end up marrying early due to cultural pressure where initiation ceremony emphasises that women's place is rather the home. In 2008, 7,000 girls dropped out of school due to early marriages and pregnancies, some opted for prostitution for failing to cope up with marriage roles.

    THE GOAL OF THE PROJECT is to discover root causes of and reduce child abuse, gender based violence and empower women and girls with human rights information.


    1. To conduct research which shall draw information from 500 people within a period of 4 months, after which come up with the actual root causes of gender based violence and the best way to address them

    2. to expose gender based violence through civic education such that out of five abused women/girls atleast four should be able to report their abuses to the authority

    3. 50 community members will be offered with paralegal training and will be able to train people in their villages who in turn will be able to counsel, identify and defend gender based violence cases

  11. Adam Hassan says:

    I am glad to come across this organisation which I am interested to be a partner to The United Nation Trust Funds.

    The name of our Local Non Governemetal Oragnisation is CHILD PROMOTION AND CENTER FOR DEVELOPMENT (CPCD) which was found and registered with Social Walfare Gender and women development Children’s Affairs in Somalia.

  12. Sartah Dempster says:

    thank you, hope to meet the deadline, and forward my (MUDEP) concept note on the elimination of violence against women in Liberia.

    regards, Sartah

  13. Pastor(Brig) Sunday Joshua Eminue says:

    Dear Unifem,
    Calvary greeting in jesus name. God blesses you for this great vision.
    Ending Violence against Women is achieveable through meaningful involve of the state ministry of women affairs, cross River state Agency for the control of AIDS and active involvement of all the support Group of PLWHIV.

  14. Adefemi Sharaf says:

    Eminent Charitable & Humanitarian Foundation is a non profit, non partisan oriented organization,we work potentially to make life better for the less privilege people in our midst,
    our target group are
    * women
    * Children
    * People with disabilities
    * victims of disasters

    We would like to have the form of the available grant, so we can apply

  15. Dr. Usman Ahmed Khan says:

    It will be our pleasure to participate in this program and to work for the women refinment.

  16. Agwang Esther says:

    We are a community based youth lead group of girls and we are working with entire youth to be peace mediators i.e peace between with man and God, Peace between man to man peace between man and environment (Hoslitic peace).
    This will be an opportunity to expand by reaching to many
    Agwang Esther
    P.o Box 63 Soroti

  17. Lutaaya Dan says:

    Dear friends, thank you for being among the organizations that work in the interests of the disadvantaged and marginalized communities of the world.
    Am glad to introduce to you Voluntary Action for Development (VAD) a local NGO operating both in Mpigi and Wakiso districts in Uganda. The organization is legally registered under the National NGO board in Uganda with certificate number (S 5914/1709)
    VAD works with rural communities in the two districts with particular focus on marginalized women through economic empowerment to reduce especially domestic violence against women inflicted to them by their spouses due to their economic inferiority.
    In this program, VAD works with women organized in small groups involved in gainful economic activities and within their groups, they receive capacity building trainings related to especially entrepreneur skills development and human rights awareness.
    For the past 10 years of VAD’s existence, it has been networking with local authorities at the district, Sub County level and village level, development partners operating, Community based organizations and indigenous poeple in the implementation of all activities. This has made transparency and accountability pretty smooth in our operations.
    VAD would like to implement a one year project that will further focus on economic empowerment of rural women in Kituntu Sub County Mpigi district as a route to reduce marginalization and violence against them.
    The project will train beneficiaries in entrepreneur skills and income generation and increase knowledge about their fundamental human rights through training and capacity building.
    The project will also involve men as indirect beneficiaries who will also be trained about observing rights of their spouses and this will ensure a significant multiplier effect of the project.
    The purpose of this communication is to humbly request for your partnership and possible funding opportunity to successfully implement the project.
    We shall look forward to your positive response and also to submit a full project proposal. We shall also be pleased to deliver to you any additional information at your request.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Thank you once again for your kind comprehension

    Lutaaya Dan

    Programs Coordinator
    VAD Mpigi branch

  18. Vimpal Singha says:

    I am hopeful by visiting this site. We are working in Greater Sylhet division under Greater Sylhet Indigenous Peoples Forum. Which is the umbrella organization of all the indigenous organizations. Women working in tea garden are neglecting part of the indigenous society. Monipuri women are related with weaving, Khashi women are producing battle leaf. Women empowerment on economic sector could save them from the harassment against them. We can present this problem and development alternative if we are invited in any meeting of decision making level. Raja Devashish Roy, Chakma circle chief is well informed about our organization. He has been elected as a specialist of Asia in UNPFII.

  19. My name is Charles Sinetre and I am the current Executive Director for NKHADZE ALIVE YOUTH ORGANIZATION.I am writing to register my interest in applying for the funding which will assist this non profit Youth NGO to realise its goals as per our programs. We exist to empower young people with knowlege and skills. We engage young people in socio economic activities in the areas of self employable skills, in the area of education we engage young people in edutainment activities that will assist street children to like school and possibly bring them back to school. we do this by training them in music, dances and teach them the art of listening through choreographic movements. Music games that will attract young children to go to school and reduce levels of school dropouts that bring levels of street children high. We also empower youth living with HIV/AIDS with livelihood skills that will help them to be socio economically empowered and bring down poverty levels. Thanks so much for the call for proposal. We are IN.

  20. Pungai Mtumani says:

    The Youth Action Programme Against HIV/AIDS was born out of Bindura University HIV/AIDS Awareness campaign Group (BUHAAG) in liaison with the Bindura University Student Heath Department which was formed in 2007 at

    Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE). BUHAAG together with the Student health department carried out a snapshot survey in Mashonaland Central which revealed the soaring impact of Child headed families as a result of HIV/AIDS.

    Therefore YAPAH came into existence to create a habitable environment for

    youth affected and infected by HIV/AIDS through a number of activities like

    counseling, formation of support groups, awareness campaigns and increasing the

    access of people to basic needs like home based care kits, food, and Antiretroviral drugs.

    Summary of Project.

    The goal of the project is to contribute to the decline of HIV /AIDS prevalence in Zimbabwe with the objectives being to disseminate information on HIV/AIDS and to capacitate Youths with entrepreneurial skills as an alternative means of earning a living. The project will target 5000 youths, parents and adults in Mashonaland central, Zimbabwe and it will take 1 year. The activities of the project will be the dissemination of IEC materials, holding of workshops on HIV/AIDS, road shows, quiz shows and sporting clubs. Above all, 4 HIV/AIDS support groups shall be formed in Mashonaland Central and the at least 150 beneficiaries per ward shall be helped to access ARVs, food and home-based care kits

    Could you send us more information on how you can help us in this project.



    k) To print and publish the Proceedings of the Institution in form of books, pamphlets, journals, papers, and generally to promote literature connected with Agricultural Engineering, natural remedies related to health-diet and treatment.

    l) To conduct consultancy on widows and children rights provided it is within the objectives of the company.

    m) To gather store and disseminate information relating to widows and children Right in Tanzania, and make them accessible to the general Public.

    n) To promote and strengthen, cooperation and consultation between the local and international communities on matters affecting widows and children night.

    o) To establish and maintain an emergency response organ to respond quickly to serious violation of widows and children rights.

    p) To conduct research, workshop seminars camp and conference on children and widows’ rights

    q) To identify and monitor malpractices and abuse of powers by any organ or individual conferred with and provide education to actors as perpetrators of effective way of using legal norms or laws to enable urban poor women and youth to have the confidence to conceive plan and implement income-generating activities.

    r) To develop a legal network to widows and children being victims of gender based violence and discrimination throughout the country.

    s) To guide, educate, train and against urban poor women and youth either individually or through groups in all business matters ethics, statutory unless and requirements in establishing activities with the aim of gaining profit.

    t) To promote, promote, support and encourage initiatives undertaken by women and youth to establish and manage income generating economic activities.

    u) To create employment opportunities to the youth and to assist the generation in employment and assist the generation in employment appointments opportunities by improving their technical skills and capabilities in appropriate new technologies.

    v) To assist street children and orphans whose parents died of the HIV/AIDS pandemic otherwise by paying school fees and applying some of their needs.

    w) To deal with environmental issues kind groups with such objectives.

    x) To give scientific consultation in poverty alleviation and development initiative to poor women and youth.

    y) To establish health care centers where counseling input for controlling HIV/AIDS pandemic will be offered as well as malaria problems epidemic diseases family planning, maternal child health care services and family planning logistics.

    z) To establish counseling centers which shall provide psychological and rehabilitation services to street children sexually abused children resulting from HIV/AIDS and other related diseases.

    To make full use of mass media for the cause of peace, especially in the proper communication if controversial views and issues, local and global, so as to maximize cooperation and conciliation.


  22. edith ayapo says:

    our organisation deals with peace within the various religions in the world. are we legible for the grant if so what are the procedures to follow. we are based in uganda but covering the great lakes region.

  23. shepngo pakistan says:

    Society For Human Rights & Environment Protection.(SHEP NGO)-Regd.

    Dear Sir/Madam

    SHEP NGO is Registered Non-Governmental-Organization
    having its legal status with the SOCIAL WELFARE
    (Reg.# DSW 2062-k ).

    Our main Focus are :

    • Environment,
    • Health,
    • Education,
    • Human Rights,
    • Legal Aid & Child Labour.
    Our NGO work for a real Democratic & Civilized Pakistan and working hard on health and pollution issues.We are working since “2002″ In our country about 60% population are living in villages, these peoples are facing many problems regarding health and other facilities. We are working on safe drinking water to those area where peoples drink polluted water, for this we are planning for safe water plant in those area. There fore we are requesting you to kindly help us and give suggestions for implantation of water plant in rural areas.

    With Best Regards.

    Society For Human Rights & Environment Protection.
    Suite: 636, 6th Floor Regal Trade Square, Sadder Karachi(Pakistan)

  24. Village Development and save the Environment Forum(VDSEF) Kalikot is a reputed and established local NGO in kalikot which is registered in District Administration Office, kalikot and Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu, NGO federation nepal. we are working in the Mid western parts of Nepal called karnali region which is very remote area of Nepal. We (VDSEF), Especially in the sectors of Poverty alleviation,Social Mobilization,Micro Saving credit women, Dalit and alta poor families and their groups, development Cooperative and small rural infra Structure Projects.We are working with Conflict affected women and their families.We also focused in reducing gender difference,caste system, and change in conservatives thoughts as well as in the field of Education,health,hygiene and sanitation, environment preservation and conservation.

    Thus.with the great hopes of development of community and society of kalikot, karnali Zone of Nepal since 2050.

  25. JOHN MATOME says:

    hi we are organisation of thusang setshaba drop in centre in limpopo province our target we support the orphans and vulnerable children in the community of greater tzaneen municipality in ward 04 rikhotso village,and we have 131 children in our drop in centre so we need support and the breadline africa in 2010 they try to support us with food for the children so now we are looking 2011 funding to other donor which can help us to support the children the person who will be responsibility for us as donor is bev gillispie of breadline

    thank you for supporting our community in roll to develop the ovc.

  26. Soraj Shahi says:

    Rural Community Development Service(RCDS) jumla is a reputed and established local NGO in jumla which is registered in District Administration Office ,Jumla and Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu. we are working in the Mid western parts of Nepal called karnali region which is very remote area of Nepal.We (RCDS),Especially in the sectors of Poverty allevation,Disability,Micro Saving credit women groups, development and planning of tourism and focused in reducing gender difference,caste system, and change in conservatives thoughts as well as in the field of Education,health,hygiene and sanation,enviroment preservation and conservation.

    Thus.with the great hopes of development of community and society of jumla since 2054.

    We RCDS will be pleased to work as a part of tis organisation.


  27. FABIAN BASSEY says:

    Our organisation is called Citizens Right development Initiative. its an NGO that is based in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. we look forward to working with you as we are duely registered with the state and also with the Corporate Affairs Commission. we have executed several projects even with the World Bank.

    Citizens right development Initiative will be glad to work with this organization.

    We will be greatly honoured to be part of this project.

    For CRDI

    Fabian Bassey

    Project officer 1

  28. Tabu Elias says:

    We would request you to provide technical assistance support Ushs. 25,000,000/= worth 100 members each special interest group village savings & loan association project in Kamuli Deaf Cooperative Savings & Credit Society Ltd.

    Our objectives is to mobilize, organize and empower the socially & economically active deaf people in remote rural & urban areas develop their full potential through Ushs. 5,000,000/= worth 15 members each group village savings & loan association in income generating activities, savings mobilization, credit extension and provision of wealth business and experience.

    We have planned many needful deaf development programmes for the poor rural, we are unable to implement, monitor, evaluate and strengthen its activities due to lack of funds, poverty, other SACCO high interest rates & savings by all deaf people fear.

    Budget Plan for 2 years

    I therefore request you to support our projects in better service delivery and job creation the needy of deaf people in the rural areas. Matthew 5:42 says " If a person asks you for something, then give it to him. Do not refuse to give to a person that wants to borrow from you. "

    Kindly send us your application form, agreement to support letter and other information about your agency.

    Anticipating you early reply.

    Yours Faith Fully,

    Tabu Elias
    Project Manager,
    Kamuli Deaf Cooperative Savings & Credit Society

  29. manoj parajuli says:

    I am working as a superintendent in North Eastern Regional Multipurpose School and Handicapped Training Centre (Estd.1993). It is the only institution of its kind in North-East India, working for education, training and rehabilitation to the differently Abled children of this region. It is registered under Section 52 of Persons With Disability Act, 1995 and Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. I, on behalf of this organization i need your help to upgrade its position and to do some project. Please inform me the criteria that I must cover.

    Manoj Parajuli,Superintendent.
    North Eastern Regional Multipurpose School and Handicapped Training Centre.
    Sonitpur District.
    Assam (India).

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