The Unusual Builder Foundation Fund for Project in Environment, Health and Economic Development

Deadline: Open

The Unusual Builder (Insolites Batisseurs) Foundation accepts applications from organizations with projects that contribute to sustainable development in the select developing countries. The projects must be focused in one of the five areas of intervention.

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Areas of Intervention

  1. Support and Assistance with access to health care and education: support children with disabilities, victims of neglect or abuse; reintegration of street children; to schooling and access to healthcare for all poorest Children
  2. Environmental preservation of natural and cultural sites: training to organic farming and sustainable management of resources, the development of local crafts or develop art workshops based on the complementarity of cultures.
  3. Training and vocational rehabilitation
  4. Preservation of lifestyles, traditions and cultures
  5. Economic Development: vocational training, upgrading of skills, the creation of jobs, the creation of fair trade for the sustainable development in poor countries.

The foundation also provides humanitarian aid in emergency conditions anywhere in the world.

Eligibility Criteria

For more information, please visit Submit a Project.

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  1. Avatar Erika Zabos says

    Dear colleagues at Insolites Batisseurs,

    This is really a great opportunity! Is it possible to fill in the application form in English? Can we still submit applications? Is there indication for budget? (I have searched for the grant size – as per your suggestion in a previous comment -, but haven’t found it).

    Thanks a lot!
    Best regards,
    Erika Zabos

  2. Hi

    Are you accepting new projects, therefore there will be no last activity report to attach

    Warm Regards

  3. Wadi is a diaspora NGO based in The Netherlands. Focussing on Water and sanitation, issues of environment livelihood, and women empwerment. working in Africa namely in Ethiopia and Sudan. I wonder if this opportunity is open for organizations based on the developed countries. Or if it is open to work with our partners in Ethiopia and Sudan.

    thank you

  4. Hi,
    I tried to submit our proposal on the website for several times but I failed. The blanks of phone numbers and mail address became red when I hit “send”, and it was said that “all fields are mandatory”. I don’t know how to solve this problem. Can you tell me why?

    • Avatar Sonia Pun says

      Hi Brenda,

      All fields in the form are mandatory means you must fill all fields correctly provide your proper phone no. and mailing address on the website proposals and proceed.


      • I understand. But I don’t know what’s wrong with our phone number and mailing address since it seems that these two parts have some problems so that I cannot submit our proposal.

        • Avatar Gamala Luitel says

          Please check if you have written the phone digits as they should be and the address as per the format required by the organizers. If the problem exists, please contact the organizers by visiting ‘Contact Us’ in their website.
          Thank you!

  5. Avatar Kalpana Gyawali says

    I hope we can apply for the promotion of Organic Farming (whole chain- farm to fork) in Mid hill region of Nepal.

  6. Avatar Syed Ali says

    OCTA is a newly established NGO in Pakistan working on the issues of environment livelihood and gender. I wonder if this opportunity is open for new established organizations

    • Avatar Gamala Luitel says

      Hello Syed,
      There is no harm on giving a try when you don’t find any information regarding these issues. Go ahead! Good Luck!

  7. Avatar Sam Freuan says

    I am just wondering if we are eligible to apply for this funding. Our NGO deals with sheltering children of sexual crimes, abuse, poverty and abandon, and we operate in Samoa (in the South Pacific).

    • Avatar Sonia Pun says

      Hi Sam,

      Please read full article carefully and follow the links provided at the bottom of this article.

      Good Luck!!

  8. Avatar Bernard B.S. Atakro says

    Nature Restoration Ghana is an environmental NGO registered in Ghana in 2011 but has since not started its program of activities due to lack of a start-up fund. Please, come to our aid. We have a project proposal ready for submission and we shall be able to send it on request. We shall be glad you contact us through the contact above.

  9. Avatar Bernard B.S. Atakro says

    We are an environmental NGO that is seeking for financial support. Please, how can you be of help to us. We need your help urgently. Thanks a lot.

  10. Avatar Ojok Simon says

    I worked with rural blind people in Uganda through vocational training in beekeeping. But i do not see Uganda being mentioned as one of the country. Can I apply?

    • Avatar Gamala Luitel says

      Please check the eligibility criteria and proceed by visiting the link in the line ‘For more information…’. You can contact the organization in case of confusions or any clarifications needed.
      Good Luck!

  11. Avatar Abhijit Ghosh says

    Dear Sir,
    I have visited the site but I am not getting anywhere that they are funding in India and also I am looking about the advertisement for request of proposal.

    Abhijit Ghosh

  12. Avatar World Healing Inititiative Uganda says

    World Healing Initiative Uganda organization is moving towards spear heading and acting as an example of a sanitation and environmental conservation for a better livelihood in Kampala District majorly in Makindye Division. With the help of your organization we are seeking to start up a sanitation program in Kosovo zone in Makindye Division Kampala District.
    A lack of proper sanitation is one of the leading causes of death within the mentioned area above this is because of the poor environmental practices, poor waste and garbage disposal management in turn this leads to severe cases of diarrhea and diseases (Ebola, cholera etc) which can prove fatal for those without adequate medical care. With your support World Healing Initiative Uganda wishes to establish a waste disposal and recycling center which will help the community members dump their wastes and intern recycle biomass clean fuel briquettes that are used as cooking fuel an alternative to charcoal and wood.
    Can we apply for funding?

    • Avatar Gamala Luitel says

      Sure, you can!
      Please visit the link in the line ‘For more information…’ and proceed.
      We wish you good luck!

  13. Avatar paul mwaura says

    our NGO fit in this category but i don’t whether Kenyan can apply

    • Avatar Sonia Pun says

      Hi Paul,

      This opportunity is open for Kenya. Please go through it!!

      Good Luck!!

  14. Hello,
    Can you please provide an indication about the possible grant size or average which will eventually reflect on the proposed project size?
    Thanks, Ari

    • Avatar Gamala Luitel says

      Please visit the link in the line ‘For more information…’, click right and translate the language (if you need to) and get the details.
      Good Luck!

      • Avatar Abhijit Ghosh says

        You say that “Please visit the link in the line ‘For more information…’, click right and translate the language (if you need to) and get the details.”
        Translate the language option is not coming.

        • Avatar Gamala Luitel says

          You need to use the google translator if it does not show the option.
          Good Luck!

      • Am I missing something here? The grant size is not provided in the link (“For more information, please visit Submit a Project”), nor is any additional information, it’s simply a link a direct project submission, no?

  15. I clicked on submit a project but the site is not in English , please help.

    • Avatar Gamala Luitel says

      You can translate the language by clicking right on your mouse.
      Good Luck!

      • but you need to know what language is that first so that you can translate. what is it?

        • Avatar Sonia Pun says

          Hi Tarirai,

          The first language is automatically detected in translator but for your convenience the first language is french.

          Good Luck!!

  16. Avatar Margaret Ayebazibwe says

    I am Margaret Ayebazibwe, Director at Child Initiative Agency Uganda, a Community Based Non Governmental Organization operating in Western Uganda, Kamwenge District.

    I appreciate the work you are doing and look forward to working with you.

    I hope for your positive response.


    Child Initiative Agency.


    We do the metioned activities, in the Rural District Kibaale, Uganda, East Africa. Our organization is doing all. Can we applay for all the three projects Grants or we can applay for only one for one project.

    Education, we have the Vocational Trainning Center for the school drop outs and Aprimary school for Orphans and the Marginizad children.

    Health, Environment, Agriculture, Water and Sanitation,Rural infrastructure,Micro/ Finance and Eco Tourism

    We see we are in line with your objectives.
    Best Regards
    Januarious Rubaire Akiiki
    Director KIRUEDF.

    • Avatar Gamala Luitel says

      Hello Akiiki,
      Set priority of your project and secure grants for one project first. You can run various projects simultaneously only when you have enough fund to support the projects.
      We wish you good luck!

  18. Avatar Philomina Thomas says

    WWC is a Non-profit registered organisation working with women and children from the slums and vulnerable sections of the society, in Pune, India. We are working with HIV infected and affected families. We have identified many children who are affected by the loss of one parent or both with AIDS. They are on the verge of dropping from schools to earn a living to support the family. We would like to request you to support our project to sustain these children’s education so that they will be able to secure a better future for themselves and their families. Thank you.

    Philomina Thomas
    Director, WWC

    • Avatar Gamala Luitel says

      Good Job Philomina! Keep it up!
      When you spot a relevant funding opportunity, please visit the link we provide at the bottom of that particular article (find line with ‘For more information…’) and apply.
      Good Luck!