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USAID Development Grants: Opportunity for Local NGOs

Date: 15 August 2013

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has announced a new grant opportunity called the Development Grants Program which offers funding to local NGOs (as well as US-based organizations) to implement projects that foster sustainable grassroots development through the support of local development initiatives and capacity strengthening of these organizations.


This program recognizes the fact that “a vibrant and active NGO sector is fundamental to promoting a healthy civil society that is accountable and responsive to citizens’ needs.

USAID established this program to increase the number and quality of local NGOs (and US organizations) who can meet the needs of the communities they serve and contribute to the objectives of the Agency. The program is closely aligned with Agency initiatives to strengthen and sustain civil society by improving capacities of the organizations to address today’s development challenges and priorities.

USAID has earmarked a budget of up to $45 million in funding. A substantial portion of it will support activities that strengthen the organizational and technical capacity of the organizations.

To apply for this opportunity, applicants have to follow a two step process. In the Step 1, only a concept note has to be submitted. Selected applicants will be requested for the full application after review of concept notes.

Below is the list of countries and sectors for which proposals can be submitted:

USAID Development Grants Program

USAID Development Grants Program

The deadline for the submission concept notes is 15 August 2013. For more information, visit this link or search by Funding Opportunity Number for ‘RFA-OAA-13-000020′ at

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  1. Been trying to forward concept in vain, is it deadline already?

  2. Philomena Mwirigi says:

    To whom it may concern,
    We are information technology empowerment centre (ICTEC)
    I am very sorry, but we could not find an email address to which we could direct the concept note.
    we would be very grateful, if you could help with the contact.

  3. Giulio Marino says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    We at umbeleko.npc would like to email our comcept note, However, we cannot find the link to send it to!?
    Could you please kindly assist us?

    Many thanks

    Giulio Marino: Director at Umbeleko.npc

  4. Joyce William Wani says:

    Ligi girls Development Organization is a newly formed organization based in Juba, the capital city of South Sudan. One of its objectives is to sensitize the communities in South Sudan to know the importance of girls’ education and the effects of early marriages. Since South Sudan is a nealy born country, most of the girls are just forced to marriage. We kindly request your directives for writing the concept note and how to submit..
    We look forward to hearing from you.
    Joyce Willam

    Ligi girsl Development Organization.


  5. Cornel Onyango says:

    Our organization Care for AIDS exist transform and empower people living with HIV and AIDS, we are seeking to expand to other regions and other countries. Kindly advice us on how we can access your funding. Visit our website

  6. Marianna says:

    Hello Sir / Madam,

    I am very sorry, but I could not find an email address to which I should direct the concept note.
    I would be very greatful, if you help me.

    Kind regards,

  7. Odongkara Billy Brian says:

    Hello Sir / Madam,

    I have failed to identify an email address and person to which we should direct our concept notes.

    Kind regards,


    • Marianna Karapetyan says:

      I am very sorry, but I also did not find the contact to whom I should refer the concept note. Can you help me?

  8. Wesley Opoka says:

    Walokokwo Suport Organisation (WASO) is a community based organisation operating in Gulu and Amuru Districts in Acholi Sub region in Northern Uganda.WASO works with the communities to contribute to the reduction of HIV and AIDS through awareness creation,advocacy, and integrating Eradication of mother to child transmission through its gender based violence programmes which is a cross cutting issue.WASO also supports vulnerable children,youth,adult and the young positives club to continue living positively and pass on the key messages.We are interested in applying for the grant and looking forward to receiving more key information about the grant.

  9. Lucy Baraza says:

    Writing from Kenya, kindly provide us with the contacts to submit the concept note.

  10. Solomon Adiyo says:

    Hi everybody,
    Thank you for being in the struggle for humanity. Children of Hope Uganda strives to bring hope to victims of Joseph Kony”s LRA by paying School Fees to twelve formerly abducted Aboke Girls, awareness creation on HIV/AIDS, operate Barlonyo Technical and Vocational Institute-built to cater for survivors of Barlonyo massacre where over 300 human beings were slaughtered in cold blood by LRA, provides income generating activities to communities of Northern Uganda, provides micro finanace to rural poor at lowest rate possible etc.
    I have just got the information and wants to apply for these cause.
    Thank you for your concern.
    Solomon Adiyo..

  11. Hope am not late to applied for my organisation Women Advancement and Child Care WACC a CBO in the Gambia

  12. malabe james says:

    our organization that takes care of women, children, youths. we are really doing our best but no funding. how can we get the application form

  13. Deborah GirlsTraining Center says:

    We have an NGO/CBO in Gulu, northerrn Uganda which basically carters for young child mothers and disadvantaged young women who have no source of incomeand often prostitue themselves to earn a living from the truck drivers enroute to Sothern Sudan (Juba).
    Where do we submit our concept paper as we urgently need finacial support to enbale us equip the Center with training skills in various skills such as brick laying, motor vehcile mehanics, catering, metal frabication, etc.
    We look forward to hearing from you.
    Charles Okumu
    Chair, BOARD OF trustee

  14. Flourian protase says:

    is ango serving disabled people in Tanzania eligible for this fund? and if yes can you send me the format so that i can work for this at this few remaining time? with regads

  15. save the youths foundation says:

    we train young girls between- 13yrs-18yrs -who get pulled out of school for marriage in cooking skills and tailoring in northern nigeria.
    to enhance them while in marriage. we whole like to apply. please to which address do we mail our concept note?

  16. lineo mokoko says:

    how do we apply? are there application forms or do we just submit a text in any format? and if so where do we submit?

  17. Hello Sir,
    Education in Pakistan is in bad shape and, with the growth of the population these last decades, the problem is getting out of hands.

    Support to independent learning aims at creating self-supported small schools which will carry on their work under their own means.

    We want funds to develop the poor lower caste girls and boys to get education properly.
    We would like to welcome new ideas in education and your support would be highly appreciated.

    Note: There is no Electrical Generator/Air conditions/ Problems in Bathrooms/Desk for Children.

    Note: if you needs more information,s please contact me on my e-mail address.i can send the video and pictures also of Iqra Model School.

    Registered from Government of Pakistan.

    Best Regards,

  18. Vasif Shinwari says:

    Is Pakistan Included among the countries? If yes, then can you please send the format.


    l wish to apply but my country was excluded (Nigeria) why.

  20. Marlon Moore says:

    I would very much like to apply for FON RFA-OAA-13-000020; thus, do NGO’s in Jamaica have to follow the registration process outlined in even if prior submissions were done with your agency? This is very critical considering the deadline is two weeks away and the process can take longer.


  21. stanleymshana says:

    For tanzania you mentioned local and Regional partners of USAID. do you mean you have already established partners, or the applicants are your partners. Respond so that I do not apply if not among them

  22. isaac elakuna says:

    dear sir/madam,
    am writing from Uganda Society for Disabled Children an NGO in Uganda, we have picked interest in applying for this grant under the sector of provision of Capacity Development Services for Local and Regional Partners of USAID
    in this I am inquiring if this grant is basically meant to directly support the organization or to support the project that aims at helping like disabled persons in capacity development
    i thank you
    Isaac Elakuna

  23. isaac elakuna says:

    dear sir/madam,
    am writing from Uganda Society for Disabled Children an NGO in Uganda, we have picked interest in applying for this grant under the sector of provision of Capacity Development Services for Local and Regional Partners of USAID
    in this I am inquiring if this grant is basically meant to directly support the organization or to support the project that aims at helping like disabled persons in capacity development

  24. Bile macruf says:

    Hi i am the chairman of newly formed cbo operating in northern kenya to empower the marginalised pastoral communities to improve the living standards.we need the fund the to capacity build our board members & to acquire vital tools like computers and other necessary office furniture.kindly lets know if we can apply,thanks

  25. Rev. Arinze says:

    HI you should include Nigerian NGOs mostly the one that has implements USAID project before to apply with their DUNS No.

  26. tuligenda isaac says:

    students empowering students is to ensure the right of young people mostly the students to live free from violence and HIV/aids through peer education and community mobilization in the islands of buvuma district in Uganda.we are also registered cbo working on the district level .so we need you support.

  27. Wanaharakati Jaboya Bugogwa says:

    wanaharakati jabaya bugogwa is to ensure the rights of women, young people and children to live free from violence and HIV/AIDS through community mobilization, public awareness and capacity strengthening.

  28. Femi Ajiboye says:

    Why is NIGERIA,not included among the listed participating countries?
    Thanks,and i hope your noble organisation will find a solution to this,this is the time we need your utmost support for our dearest country.

  29. Tonny .B. says:

    I would like to know to which email or where should we send our concept note?

  30. Hamisi Omari says:

    Tanzania Community Development Initiative and Research Organization is a new NGO intended to foster the efforts of alleviating poverty especially in rural Tanzania. Are we eligible for this grant?

  31. Collins Kotewas says:

    Writing from Kenya just to what should be done and how can we get the application forms or the application procedure and where should they be submitted.

  32. Erondu rogers Callistus says:

    Dear sir, i have an NGO that i want to establish in nigeria, the NGO name will be FOUNDATION FOR SKILLS EMPOWERMENT AND SUSTAINABLE YOUTH DEVELOPMENT CENTRE. The organisation vission is to promote the well-being of mankind in the grassroot. I have a great business idea that i can use to empower the youth in our society. I want to empower the youth on how to become employers of labour through skills acquisation. This NGO will create millions of job opportunity if it is well fund and manage. I have a dream and that dream is to establish an NGO that will enable the youth to become useful to the society. In the centre i will tutor many moral way of living and adding value to the society at large. Sir i will need a fund to start up the NGO in the grassroot. I want to establish a mega beauty centre in nigeria were i will train alot of unemployed youth on how to become an employer of labour to the labour market. Also in this centre i will also enlighten the youth on how to shun violence,immoral act that can destroy their future, the implications of having unprotected sex and the importance of abstainning. The centre will work very versatile to achieve the world set objective on development goals. Sir i will be very greatful if this little proposal of mine is given a consideration recommendation. I look foreward to your wormly response. Thanks Erondu Rogers Callistus.

  33. anjum raza mattu says:

    Insan Dost Association(IDA) is working against bonded child labour system especially for the rehabilitation of bonded brick kiln workers since 1986. in Pakistan 4million people including 1.9 children are engaged with brick kiln industries and spending their lives with out basic needs such as basic education, proper food, health and notify wages. although they work hard from day to night with their children and women in extreme weather but they remain bond and poor due to the lake of information about their rights and debt system. IDA can apply for rehabilitation of bonded kiln workers from Pakistan.
    Anjum Raza Mattu

    director IDA Pakistan

  34. tedvan Nabora says:

    Faru arts and sports development organization is helping community in arts and sports with the aim of fighting against poverty, HIV/AIDS and drugs abuse.To be connected with you is our step forward for help the community.We save almost ninety youths in different groups dancers,singers,film artist, football team,computer class and tradition dancing. the organization is growing day after day but the difficult is fund.
    we are from Tanzania how can we apply fund in such activities we do?

  35. Adow Mohamed says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Can a newly formed NGO assisting Marginalized communities in Kenya eligible for this grants, Kindly let me know am very much in need of these grant because the community am providing the assistance needs greater aid and help to be provided for since they are marginalized in all sectors of developments e.g. health, education, agriculture e.t.c.

  36. Abual Hossain says:

    Would you please clarify the local NGOs?

    Are not the NGOs of Bangladesh entitled to apply? If yes, please send us the application format.

  37. why not Gambia says:

    we are dealing with people living with HIV and they are in need of such help

  38. James Batilo Nyamawa says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    I head an organization that takes care of women, children, youths and abandon communities.Rescure Mission For the Maginalized (ReMM) we are really doing our best but no funding. Can NGOS from Sierra Leone apply for this funding?.
    Thanks for your help to us.
    James B. Nyamawa

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