Whitley Fund accepting applications for 2013 funding round

The Whitley Fund for Nature provides £35,000 of project funding every year. It is now open to accepting new applications for the 2013 round of grants.

The Whitley Fund for Nature, a UK-based charity offers grants to outstanding conservationists around the world. It recognizes some of the world’s most dynamic conservation leaders and support projects founded on good science, community involvement and pragmatism.

Whitley Awards recognize the leadership qualities of individuals working with effective teams with strong nature conservation experience. Successful applicants will be supported by a strong team and/or local NGO/organization. Supporting teams must include individuals who are local to the country or region where the project is taking place, and must contain the range of relevant skills and knowledge necessary to ensure successful execution of the proposed activities.

Whitley Awards focus on individuals working in locations where international funds are hardest to raise, most needed, and will make the largest conservation impact. The strategic focus of the Whitley Awards is national conservation leadership in countries that are not defined as a High Income Economy by the World Bank.

All those applying for this grant need to arrange for three referee statements to be submitted in support of your application.

The deadline to submit the proposals is 31 October 2012. For more information, visit this link.


14 Responses to Whitley Fund accepting applications for 2013 funding round



  2. K0EL Sisters’ Association Cameroon
    (KOSACAM) was created in 1990 and was registered in 1997 with Ref. No. 059/G.37/D14/VOL X1/960/0APP.
    KOSA works mostly for the development of the rural woman and children. Decisions
    are taken by women who form the simple majority though it is gender sensitive.
    KOSA’s personnel are in three categories; the permanent, part time and

    KOSA is managed by a board which implements
    the decisions taken during the general assembly with active participation of
    committees and departmental heads.

    Funding comes from sales of products
    like soap, detergents, voluntary contribution from trained groups, contribution
    from board members as well as support funds from some Ministries: Social
    affairs, Basic Education, Secondary Education, Health and Women Empowerment and
    the Family. KOSA has recorded a number of successes in the area of health
    especially dealing with HIV/AIDS and Malaria. Fifteen communities have been
    trained to fight HIV/AIDS following their local realities and put in place the
    Local AIDS Control Committee (LACC) for sustainability. Also a programme for
    identification, counselling and care of people living with HIV/AIDS has been
    instituted. In addition, “Help us enjoy a healthy life everyday” project to
    take care of street children (destitute children) has also been set up. Some orphans and street
    children have been identified and taken care of. Furhermore, the operational institution takes care of children from 3months to 21 years (Day care, Nuursery, primary and college).

  3. Dear Sir / Madam,

    Paidha Orphans and Vulnerable Children Organization (POVCO) is a Charitable organization operating to the newly created Zombo District in a hard to reach District in NW Uganda.

    One of our most essential areas is of support on provision of Income Generating Activities (IGAs) to HIV/AIDS widows and the youths.

    The out come of this projects has led to the preservation of like stock and crops production to enrich / contribute on food security in the area.

    I have been the project coordinator for the organization since 2007 and very recently appointed as A.G Executive Director May / 2012.

    Despite the Zombo location being the area where where international funds are hardest to reach, we have trained the needy with sustainability skills on the little earnings they are receiving and with the limited donor funds we received in 2010.

    POVCO is targeting the youths from the nine sub-counties to benefit from this project. The population of young people between 10 and 24 years constitute about 33.3% of the total population in the project area. Like in many other districts of Uganda a large proportion of young people in the target districts are sexually active and are faced with a number of sexual reproductive healths related problems.

    Available statistics show that 36% of the young women have sexual intercourse by the age of 15 years and the proportion increases to 72% at the age of 18 years, about 36% of women have had sexual intercourse and the percentage increases to 72% by the age 18. Early marriages and early child bearing are very common. About 70% of young women get married by the aged 20-24 while about 60% of them given birth by the age of 20 years.

    We / I shall be grateful if I’m considered among the group of award.

    Patrick Ongom Komakech
    POVCO A.G. Execitive Director

  4. The African gardening Co is located in Dar-es -salaam,Tanzania.Our mission is to restore the green cover of the land lost especially in towns through planting beautiful gardens and trees.we also conduct workshops on how to restore the lost vegetations and its implication on the environment to students and community in general.Thanks,we hope to hear from you soon,
    yours sincere,
    David Elias

  5. Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are a non-profit organization (NDG – Ndanda Development Group) located in Mtwara Region, southern parts of Tanzania, East Africa, which has the aim to help disadvantaged commnunities which are isolated from attaining community development.

    The organization intends to help the following groups;
    1. Women
    2. Children
    3. Disabilities

    So far we have so many people within our societies having poor standard of living. This has caused some of them to fail send their children to school and become street children. Women are more dependants to men, and hence they are not able to fight for their own lives. This is due to the fact that they are not given a room for improving their own lives. Disable people are not considered within our communities as part of the societies.

    I’m taking this opportunity to ask for your assistance in developing our societies.

    Yours sicerely,

    Jordan Nankoko
    Project Coordinator

  6. Thanks for answer me ,the objectives of IEP
    (a)toprovide education to the community enfforts in improving environmental essues (b)To provide national treining particularly Iringaregion cultural entities.(c)Enstablish research treining center for interested persons on naturel resource of water.(d)To provide education to the cultural groups and environmental friends (i)To sensitive theimportance of education and identify the educationally disadvantaged groups in the communty

    victor mponzi

  7. MR/MRS/SIR` treasure iep NGO we provion education of people importance environmental,how planting trees,uncutt treesand unburnland,also we educat path way colleges,schools,communty meetings to presention esu,we opareting Iringa municepal and six distric ,we planting everyschool onehandred,trees also wehave product club of environment,to college spaciol for educating people,is easy way ,please we need support from you,ihope you.

    victor mponzi

    web iringaenvironmentalprotectors iep envaya org

  8. Dear Sir or Madam:

    Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

    We are a non-profit Christian organization which has the aim is to sustained partnership with identified partners by involving in any collaborative works concerning the community development. Our collaborative programs are Medical and Dental Mission in every depressed areas, Feeding program for malnourished children, also we have a flagship program through relief distribution in times of natural calamities. TMKK is currently collaborating project “ give life…give clean water…” we would like to help and change the people by providing clean water to every person in the depressed communities here in the Philippines they need clean water which our poor community cannot afford and causes the major water-bourn illnesses. In general diarrhea, periodic typhoid outbreaks and stomach pains thus are common problems in poor areas likewise to build a project for our jobless community especially widows and jobless person. The particular places in Region 5 like Catanduanes, Albay, Masbate & Sorsogon who are in the greatest need of clean water. According to “WHO” “Water Management is the key factor in the global battle to remove scourge of extreme poverty and to build secure and prosperous life’s of hundreds of people in the world.” Proceed of the project is for fund allocation to finance the identified needs of our community who will immediately benefit from it.

    In this connection we would like to ask in your good office for a Donor / Sponsor for our
    “ Give Clean Water” livelihood project.

    Thank you so much and we hope to receive a positive response at the soonest possible time and indeed hoping for your immediate action to it. God Bless and More power…

    Respectfully yours,

    Ma. Marcela H. Soquena
    Project Secretariat / B.O.T


    Towards a strong partnership with the Local Government Unit / Government Agencies / Private Sector / Peoples Organization and International groups making the beneficiaries / recipients God – fearing, responsible, self-supporting and good citizens of our community.


    • A training for leaders and community in social works and community services leading to empowerment
    • A sustaining efforts for partnership with existing partners by active involvement in any collaborative work to address issues concerning community development;
    • Initiate community project/program/activity that will surely benefit people who are in great of need of services they needed


    • To undertake community development and to identified depressed community (one community per depress area/province/region using projects/programs which were design to improve the quality of life for the less fortunate individual.

    • To conduct Medical and Dental Mission, Feeding Programs, relief distribution in cases of natural calamities in any poor communities in the provinces.

    • To accept Donations, grants, gifts, fund raising opportunities, and other projects from any sources whatsoever, as the Board of Trustees may deem fit to carry out any purposes of the foundation.

  9. Dear sir / Madam,
    i read with a grate pleasure about the Whitley Fund for Nature project funding.
    I’m very interesting in applying for this project basing on what I have contributed in my local community with the charitable project I have managed since 2010 . The project is called Paidha Orphans and Vulnerable Children Organization (POVCO) situated in the remotest part in North Western Uganda in the newly created Zombo District.

    I’m here by seeking and asking you to allow me apply for the 2013 grants funding.

    When given chance (short listed), I shall avail you with all the necessary evidence documents to back up my leadership qualities and working experience .

    Yours faithfully,

    Patrick Ongom Komakech
    POVCO Executive Director.

  10. The Whitley Funds have come at the right time, we as ZACTS Institute do conserve the land and the trees around our community by practicing conservation farming and protect the unnecessary cutting of trees. All we need are funds to sensitize the masses and create village groups that can help to educate the people around them. We will grateful to receive an application.

  11. We are requesting you to assist us with a grant to run our Association of widows, people living with HIV/AIDS and orphans in Uganda.

  12. I am a medical person by profession, however nowadays I am turning to be a democratic leader, since I am observing a very wide gape in leadership. So if possible I need a training in Management and leadership.


    I am writing this letter on behalf of Flory and agricultural trust .This is a registered Charitable organization registered under 1860 act 21 of Malabar society /ca – 83 / 03 , on19th February 2003 ,working of the total uplift of the poor people in the rural areas of Palakkad district .Poverty is the main problem among 75% of the people in the rural area.

    Its aim is to empower people by providing them with basic necessities of life so that they Can live peacefully and earn livelihood.

    This organization is functional ,we design and implement various relief policies for the Well being of less advantaged and people below poverty line . We are keen to meet the basic requirement of poor people and uplift them . Developing the life style of target group with economical upliftment and funding a good social life according to a newly modernized society as well as making them think that all are equal in all spears of life is the prime goal of organization .

    Flory trust with status of non proft and voluntary organization is serving the weaker Section of our society , its dedicated nature with spirit of full commitment and involvement and with keen interest and zeal irrespective of caste,colour,creed,religion or language for the past many years .

    Whereas , it is focusing to foil the needs of people through the fulfillment to such an extent , it is toiling strenuously with deep concenteration for the welfare of people by
    realizing that they have to be promoted in all aspects .Such as,social ,cultural,health,educational and economical and should lead their life with flying colours.

    In the light of mobilizing funds or receiving grants from funding agency ,abroad,it has the legal certificate and F.C.R.A,issued by the secretary of government ,ministry of Home affairs ,govt of India ,new delhi .

    Main target group of the organization :- Neo literates, semi literates ,dalits (sc) & st (adivasis) , women / girls , oppressed and depressed people , physically handicapped people like lame , and scrippled persons , deaf and dumb , blind and mentally retarded ,disadvantaged women, slum dwellers ,child labourers ,old aged people, drug users ,Disaster affected people , depressed children etc have been selected as a main target group for implementation of various kinds of projects according to need.

    We require financial support for the aforementioned activity .We need finance for the following purposes and our activities :-

    a. Women empowerment
    b. Skill development and training
    c. Agriculture nursery
    d. Charity activities
    e. Free educational aids to poor students
    f. Medical aid for poor people
    g. Food for starving people

    Our dream project “ LOVE DALE “(Orphanage)
    For futher details on above mentioned activities ,a to g ,

    Details of legal registration :

    a. Name of the organization : Flory and agricultural trust of kerala,India
    b. Address : Room No .3 ,R.V.clinic road ,palakkad dist
    kerala state , India
    c. Status of the organization : Non gonernmental organization (NGO)
    d.Date of establishment of
    organization : 19 – 02-2003
    e. Date and registration number : 19 – 02 – 2003 , ca , 83/03
    f. Act of the registration : Indian charitable societies act – 1860
    g. Place of registration : District registrar office ( societies) palakkad
    h. Date of existence : 19 – 02 – 2003

    Details of enrollment for foreign contribution certificate ( FCRA ) :

    a. Registration number and date : 052890096 ,25/01/2010
    b. Nature of f.c.r.a : Cultural ,economic ,educational and social
    c. Act of registration : Foreign contribution act (regulation) act of
    1976 (F.C.R.A)
    d. Place of registration : Ministry of home affairs ,govt of India ,new delhi

    Future plans :-

    Micro credit services on macro level in kerala state which has specially three districts namely palakkad ,malapurram and wynad in kerala and in tamilnadu state which has at the outlets two districts namely coimbatore and nilgiris .

    ‘Rehabilitation home for the disadvantaged women and physically handicapped including mentally retarded
    ‘Establishment and run the marketing centre
    ‘Establishment and run the counseling centers
    ‘Seeds production for agriculture and horticulture and for establishment and run the
    Agricultural research center.

    We would be grateful to receive your contribution to fulfill the above needs fully or
    Partially . The estimated cost is BILLION INDIAN RUPEES ?

    MOBILE : 0091 9446414017

    Awaiting response ,

    Yours faithfully ,


    • Dear sir / Madam,
      i read with a grate pleasure about the Whitley Fund for Nature project funding.
      very interesting in applying for this project basing on what I have
      contributed in my local community with the charitable project I have
      managed since 2010 . The project is called Child Labor, Orphans and Vulnerable
      Children Organization (CSWS) situated in the Andra Pradesh part in INDIA in the 7 years ago created Krishna District.

      I’m here by seeking and asking you to allow me apply for the 2013 grants funding.

      When given chance (short listed), I shall avail you with all the
      necessary evidence documents to back up my leadership qualities and
      working experience .

      Yours faithfully,

      Lingampalli. Francis
      Creative social welfare Society Executive DirectorH.NO.47-1-24, Lurdhu Nagar, Gunadala.Vijayawada, Krishna Dt, Andra Pradesh, INDIA.