World Bank Broadband Strategy Toolkit: Module 3, Country Case Studies of Broadband in the Developing World

infoDev and the World Bank’s ICT Sector Unit are advertising a series of assignments aimed at individual consultants to produce content and case studies for the Broadband Strategies Toolkit. Consultants may apply for multiple contracts but should clearly state in which studies they are interested.

The purpose of this consultancy is to carry out a case study on broadband development in one or more out of a series of countries that have been selected as being representative of broadband in the developing world.  In the end, the infoDev-Bank team wishes case studies on all six countries listed in Section 3 to be produced, though it reserves the right to cancel some studies or to commission additional ones. Consultants may apply to carry out one or more than one case study.

The consultant will provide a report (20-30 pages) on broadband development in one of the selected developing countries, highlighted below.[1] The analysis will cover at least the following:

  • Brief overview of the country’s ICT sector including structure and organization (e.g., name of relevant ministry and regulator and key operators and responsibilities services provided). Description of key strategies, policies, and regulations for the sector, with special focus on those that impact broadband.
  • Overview of the status of broadband in the marketplace.
  • Reasons for challenges and country achievement highlighting particular area where it has been successful (e.g., broadband penetration, broadband universal service/access policies, mobile broadband, etc.).
  • Lessons for other countries, particularly those in a similar geographic or socio-economic situation. This should include not only success factors, but also describe where the country has not done as well or where it has reversed or altered policies.

The Consultant is expected to spend at least part of the assignment in the country or to have a close working relationship with relevant stakeholders in order to interview and discuss development with relevant players.

Based on the discussions during the initial conference call and writeshop as well as comments received during the information sharing session, the following countries have been selected for further analysis. They represent different World Bank geographic regions as well as key socio-economic groupings.

  1. Europe and Central Asia / land-locked country (Moldova)
  2. Latin America  (Argentina)
  3. Middle East and North Africa (Morocco)
  4. Sub-Saharan Africa (Kenya)
  5. Asia / Post-conflict countries (Afghanistan)
  6. Caribbean / Small Island Developing States (St. Kitts & Nevis)

The closing date to apply is 29 October 2010. For more information, visit this link.


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