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The World of Children Annual Awards: Humanitarian, Health and Youth Awards

The World of Children Annual Awards Program is a global recognition and funding program that “exclusively focuses on a broad range of children’s issues such as health including hunger and nutrition, education, safety and human rights.” It works to improve the lives of children worldwide by identifying and providing recognition to those extraordinary individuals who work at the ground-level on behalf of children in need.

“The World of Children Awards program was created to recognize and elevate those selfless individuals who make a difference in the lives of children here in the USA and across the globe, regardless of political, religious or geographical boundaries. These courageous leaders recognize that our children are the world’s most important asset. Their stories are heroic.

The World of Children honors these leaders, and grants them funds to support the proven, high-impact programs they have created. These awards assure that more children’s lives will be touched, and changed, forever.”

There are three awards under this Program:

2011 Humanitarian Award – maximum grant of upto $50,000.

  • The Humanitarian Award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to children in the areas of social services, education or humanitarian services.
  • Nominee must have created, managed or otherwise supported a sustainable program which has significantly contributed to children’s opportunities to BE SAFE, TO LEARN, and TO GROW.
  • Nominee must do this work over and above their normal employment, OR work for little or no pay.
  • Nominee must have been doing this for a minimum of 10 years.
  • Nominee must have an existing non-profit organization in good standing, which can receive grant funds if awarded.

2011 Health Award – maximum grant of up to $50,000

  • The Health Award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to children in the fields of health, medicine or the sciences.
  • Nomine must have created, managed or otherwise supported a sustainable program which has significantly contributed to the IMPROVED HEALTH of children.
  • Nominee must do this work over and above their normal employment, OR work for little or no pay.
  • Nominee must have been doing this for a minimum of 10 years.
  • Nominee must have an existing non-profit organization in good standing, which can receive grant funds if awarded.

2011 Youth Award – maximum grant of up to $25,000

  • The Award recognizes youth that are making extraordinary contributions to the lives of other children.
  • Nominee must be under the age of 21 by the nomination submission deadline.
  • Nominee must have an existing non-profit organization in good standing, which can receive grant funds if awarded.
  • Nominee must have been doing this work for a minimum of three years by the nomination submission deadline.

The Award Winners who receive 2011 World of Children Awards will be announced and celebrated in New York City on Thursday, November 3, 2011.

The deadline to submit nominations is 1 April 2011. For more information, visit this link.


  1. George .ovola says:

    thanks am ugandan with the org.AIDAFRICA. for more detailled you can

  2. Evelio Antonio de Sousa says:

    PRADET (Psychosocial Recovery and Devalopment in East Timor). It was constituted as National NGO in 2002 to provide a psychosocial service for people who have experienced trauma, mental illness and other psychosocial problem in Timor Leste.

    Our Vision:
    To alleviate trauma and stress as a detrimental factor in community life of Timor Leste.


    PDAJJ (Peace and Democracy Assistence for Juvenile Justice) Provides psychosocial service for young people who have been convicted of range of serious crimes and who are sent to jail. the objective of PDAJJ is to advocate with other agencies to co facilitate a support service for young prisioners during and after their time in jail. support incluides group activity in the jail, individual and group conselling, support for families to vizit their children in jail and reintegration of young prisoner when they are released.
    Now we looking for funding to support this progran and please support us to achieve the needful one. Thank you

    Evelio Antonio de Sousa
    Deputy Director of National NGO PRADET
    Timor Leste

  3. Din Bodalay Sonar Bangla Foundation (DSF)
    w`b e`‡j †mvbvi evsjv dvD‡Ûkb
    For the poor people
    ————————————————————————————————————————-Date: 26.03.11
    Submitted by: M. M. ZAKIR HUSSAIN
    Executive Director,
    Subject: Application for fund.
    Dear Sir
    Please donate me. To provide primary health support to pregnant & latching mother and newborn babies. To set up drop in center for the hard to reach & street children and rehabilitate them by Taking proper steps on education, health & hygiene, Social awareness, Environment education To ensure rights of disadvantaged/Un-privileged and destitute women & child of the rural & urban slum community. DSF is engaged in activities of Health, Education, and Social welfare and rehabilitation of drug addicted boy and youth, women trapped in prostitution, the at-risk daughter of prostitutes and other girls vulnerable to the sex industry and street children who are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation especially beggar children, Gender, Water, Sanitation, Climate Change, HIV/AIDS Any Other services needed for the poor people. To strengthen civil society partnership with DSF by enhancing participation contribution to policy and stimulating action.
    I would appreciate any assistance that you are able to give to me. Along with this letter, you will find information about this expedition will be very grateful for any assistance that the organization can provide.
    Thank you in advance for your time, consideration, and assistance.
    Thanking you,
    Legal Structure: Din Bodalay Sonar Bangla Foundation was established in 08 April 2009 .Legally Din Bodalay Sonar Bangla Foundation is a “Company limited by guarantee” meaning “Company not profit” and is registered under the Companies (Acts xx1 of 1860) with the registrar of joint Stock Companies and vide registration no. S9136 of 2009.The legal structure of Din Bodalay Sonar Bangla Foundation allows Flexibility, authority and power to take programmers and implement them throughout the country and managing its afar Din Bodalay Sonar Bangla Foundation as an independent organization of Bangladesh. Din Bodalay Sonar Bangla Foundation works with Vulnerable Men, Women and Children for improvement of their socio-economic condition, legal support and live hood all over in Bangladesh.
    ———————————————————————————————————————————————-Mirpur, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh,

  4. luciano kapaipi says:

    aim Luciano kapaipi , a Zambian citizen in central Africa seeking assist from your organization to support the under privileged,disabled s,elders and ovc.
    worked with the catholic diocese of mansa as home based care as zone leader care volunteer and founder member for 7years,stamp p member for 2yaers,chairperson of early childhood education at mansa basic school3years commission member of peace and justice.currently am coordinating a project for disabled s to enable them participate in food security and poverty reeducation through income generation.
    sir madam i have seen the impact in the this areas that we have to help and through help we can make it.

    i will be very grateful if my email find you favorable considerations.

    yours faithfuly

    luciano kapaipi
    box 710306,mansa, luapula
    Zambia .

  5. Elior Daniel says:

    thanks for the work you are doing in helping Gods’ creatures .
    Iam amember of our organisation, Akou Etom Orphanage located in Bukedea District. we help disavdantaged children,youth,women living with HIV cope up with life. it is our prayer that you consider us in your fundings.
    Hope to hear from you
    God bless you
    Daniel Elior.

  6. Ronald Frederick Sabbithi says:

    ours is atrust by name sssk deena jana sevashramam working with the poor and needy.
    we are looking in
    streetchildren education
    women and children health
    social forestry
    social justice
    small help groups
    education to deprived children., awarenessprogrammes..etc
    we don’t know how toapproch for funds,sponsors, donors. please helpus to obtain the needful one.

  7. Ronald Frederick Sabbithi says:

    ours is a trust by name sssk deena jana sevashramam working among poor and needy.
    we are looking in
    street children educaion
    women and child health
    social forestry
    social justice
    small help groups
    schools for deprived children ….ETC

    like to appeal for donations, funds,sponsors to run our prograsmmes.
    thanks in advance

  8. Carolina Gómez says:

    Buenos días, quisiera saber si esta información la puedo encontrar en español.

  9. Teenage Caew Foundation says:

    Teenage Care Foundation has been in the programmes of teenage , Youth enhancement programmes since 2002. have published books in these areas:
    1. The unwanted child 1st & 2nd edition.
    2.The teenage Girl Her Problems and Remedies. 1st & 2nd ed.
    3.Who Rapes the other
    4. Abortion a cold blood murder
    5. Making exploits in the Teen Min.


    Rwitch Orphanage Project is a Community Based Organization that was formed to give relief to orphans and mothers who are suffering. The organization started in early 1993 in Rwimi Town Council/ Rwimi Sub County with the vision of helping the orphans, children living in poor condition and widows with nobody to care for them. Presently the organization covers the whole of Rwimi Town council in Kabarole District on the Environs of Rwenzori Mountains.
    The organization gives relief and is dedicated to alleviate the suffering of orphans and it ensures that they have access to the fundamental needs and rights in life. Rwitch Orphanage Project started to help the great needs of many children left orphaned after their parents died while others were disturbed by intense guerrilla wars like the ADF (Allied Democratic Front) rebels who have been active around Rwenzori Mountains and have massacred hundreds of villagers.
    . The inhabitants of Kabarole district are agricultural farmers who grow food crops and sell only the surplus. Most people are peasant farmers who grow food crops for their own consumption. A lot children need support and care especially those who are suffering. We need a hand from volunteers to support the children and fulfill our mission of improving children lives.
    God bless you for charity work.
    Mr. Okwii Richard,
    Secretary Rwitch Orphanage Project
    P.O.Box 254, Fort Portal, Uganda.

  11. LUBANDA .M.MORRIS says:

    SMILE ON A CHILD’S FACE INITIATIVE AFRICA; is a community based organization based in Rakai district central region of Uganda. Established basing on its vision; and mission:

    The Vision

    ”An Empowered and Self-Reliant Young Generation”

    The Mission:

    “Is to improve and transform the lives of neglected and needy children in remote communities in Uganda and the whole of Africa, focusing on Orphans, Street Children, and children under difficult circumstances.” moving them towards a new vision of putting a smile on a child’s face by providing them with education, shelter, clothes to prepare them for a a brighter future.
    The project plans to rehabilitate and empower the victims (orphans, street children and children under difficult circumstances) both girls and boy between the ages of 10-18 years old respectively
    Smile on a child’s face initiative Africa, is working towards making the children self reliant and good citizens through education and vocational training. It conducts counseling programme for the disturbed children, and a number of 30 children are considered in the first scheme when the funds are available.

    Prior to founding Smile on a child’s face initiative Africa, we undertook a 1 year long pilot study (“Cry For Help”) of the social, economic conditions of young children in difficulties being entirely exploited by many organizations in the name of helping them.

    This 1 year pilot study analysis program gave us a clear- cut picture about the issue of needy young children and the ground realities.

    Objectives of Smile on a Child’s’ face initiative Africa

    • To provide children with education, vocational training for self- sustainability.
    • To construct a multimillion center for the young children between the age of 10-18 years old. This will also have facilities that will shelter these children.
    • To transform disgruntled children into a vocal group fighting against exploitation, and facilitate their empowerment and rehabilitation.
    • To create a mass movement against child neglect and exploitation.

    • To integrate the street children, neglected and the Orphaned children into the mainstream and make them self-reliant through counseling, education and vocational training.
    • To rescue children tortured by their parents/guardian and expose the unholy and inhuman practices.
    • To assist in the prevention of rural-urban migration, which is a major contributor of street children. To eradicate the social taboo and rejection through sensitization of various social and peer groups.
    • To expose human rights violations against children in all sections of society.
    • To provide support to children affected by domestic violence and other social-economic problems.
    • To combat child labor including domestic slavery, which is one of the contributors to sex trafficking and rampant increase on street children.


    Growing up in Africa is a struggle that is beyond imagination.
    you are fortunate to be alive at the age of six.
    many of your age mates have died of preventable diseases such as Malaria, Dysentery, Malnutrition, and the six killer diseases which are immunisable.
    …being killed by preventable acts such as Wars, HIV/AIDS from Mother to child effect ion thus leading to death of their parents, guardian hence making them Orphans, street children (Marginalized Children).
    life is a struggle for the African children compared to their count apart in developed World and this trend is not about to STOP.
    Unless governments, International agencies, Non-Government Organization, civil society, Private Sector, and individuals to unite behind the Objective to improve on the lives of children in Africa therefore putting a smile on a child’s face.

    Let’s all get together and change a little bit the lives of Young and marginalised Children, by Donate, Give or Contribute in any way. Clothes, Reading Materials, Money, to enable us reach hundreds of Children in Uganda.

    Lubnada Morris.
    Executive Director

  12. Halima Shomary Kinabo says:

    Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing to recognize childrens and youth.Iam founder of Economic Empowerment of single parents in Tanzania (EESPT),dealing with single parents means young girls/mothers who have obtained unexpected early childhood pregnancy while at school and out school.Aim and purpose of this NGO is :
    -To reduce streets childrens by carering them and decrease the potential for child abuse by enhancing awareness of the duties single mothers have towards their children.
    -To carry out field project ,seminas,education programs,research and workshops in different areas with the aim of reducing early and unexpected pregnancies in Tanzania societies.
    -To mobilize and encourage young single mothers establish economic project to enhance their economic power.

  13. SM Farid says:

    Thankful for your elaborate informative discussion sent me. Finally we have seen an advertisement of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) yesterday (after 12 days of disaster) in the national daily for collecting donation. Here declared two Account Number – one Sonali Bank, Maghbazar Branch, Dhaka, second Standard Chartered Bank, Dhaka. Standard Chartered is online banking from any city money could be deposited there. But this is a bank for richer, general mass never look at this in our country. Sonali Bank only one branch at Maghbazar, Dhaka that is tougher for even Dhaka city dweller, reach there during office time due to traffic Jam and other constraints.

    Main Spirit of sasrai-Movement appeal new policy for Humanitarian Services was involve mass people in contribution that contribute in two way a. mass people could share their feelings for the victim. b. Environmental/Climate Crisis awareness among all that’s utmost and urgent need for the globe. We do believe each could contribute combat climate crisis/ disaster no matter how small it is. And we should open the avenue.

    We thought to formulate new policy for Humanitarian Services ICRC, IFRC could sit with the global Bank Association Authority that would develop a system in each and every branch of any bank would have a both to receive donation/contribution from anyone, any amount might be 01….05 BDT. This new avenue would offer chance for all (the poorer, small amount payee student) to be worthy donor, feelings/sorrow sharer. Each bank has CSR fund and portion of that could be used to continue the process.

    Yes I do agree amount may not be bigger but that will bring humanitarian feelings and disaster/environmental/climate crisis awareness among all. And right now this is the most vital need for the global community.

    I do hope your kind attention and consideration to raise the issue before the policy maker that would offer – anyone with any amount could be donor.


    SM Farid
    Secretariat Incharge
    a. Nature rebellious/mutinous, regularly irregular and erratic than ever before – disaster may come any time anywhere else – we need to new policy for Humanitarian Services.

    b. If Bangladeshi 60 million poor contribute just price of one cup tea fund would be 300 million BDT that’s important for any affected country. In case of Japan or any rich country this amount may be uncountable but country like Bangladesh this is important.

    c. Let’s learn from the Australia, Newzealand, Brazil, Pakistan, Japan Disaster. Nature rebellious, we must care, nurturing “save a bit, reserve, preserve, conserve resources.”
    sasrai – work locally-serve globally, initiative local-outcome global

  14. ufc betting says:

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  15. Charles Dinda says:

    I’m Charles Dinda former Executive Director of Law and Development Association. I founded this organisation in 1996 and worked for 14 years as executive director. LADA is a human rights organisation which is focusing on four programs:
    1. Legal Education and information dissemination,
    a. Awareness Raising through community workshops
    b. Training of traditional leaders on human rights and good governance
    c. Featuring radio programs
    d. Publication: Translating laws into the local languages

    2. Paralegal Services and Education and
    a. Training of rural women as Paralegals who in turn establish legal desks
    in rural communities and offer free legal advice to women and children
    b. Training of key stakeholders (Police, Teachers, health workers and the
    Judiciary) on human, women and children’s rights

    3. Paralegal Kids Project
    a. Train children in and out of School as Paralegal Kids who later serve as
    peer educators in their respective schools and communities, they also
    provide basic legal advice and referrals to abused children
    b. Established a Child Protection Project involving four organisations
    c. In conjunction with the police, prosecution of child molesters
    d. Child rights awareness workshops for community members
    e. Publication of child friendly booklets on child rights, abuse and other
    f. Economic support for children out of School
    g. Educational support for vulnerable girls who are still in School

    4. Economic Empowerment for women and children
    a. Provision of seed money for income generating activities
    b. Train beneficiaries in project management skills
    c. Facilitation of formation of women’s cooperatives and link them to
    lending institutions

    A part from doing this work, my family in 2003 started a charity gift box where family members were donating clothes, shoes, books and toys which were quarterly distributed to identified vulnerable children especially to orphans and other in the nearby shanty compound who were not assisted by NGOs. However, this charity box changed its initial ideas because of two challenges I experienced. Firstly, in 2005 my young brother’s 5 years old daughter was defiled by a 27 year old man and then in 2006 a father terribly wept in my office after a Subordinate court sentenced 19 years old juvenile to two years attachment to Social Welfare Department for counselling for defiling his 5 year old daughter and nothing was done to her to help her recover form the trauma she went through. It dawn to us that there is no organisation in the region working with victims of sexual violence.

    Therefore, in 2007 our family charity box was transformed into a new and registered NGO called Women and Girls Foundation (ZaWGF) in Zambia which was formed specifically to fill in the gap which was identified. ZaWGF has a board of directors who are drawn from both government ministries and NGOs in the region depending on their roles and areas of expertise. The organisation is focussing on:

    1. Rehabilitating victims of sexual abuse
    a. Training of women as psychosocial counsellors: some of the women trained
    are victims of sexual abuse and are turned into sources of hope for other
    b. Running home based care services for victims of sexual abuse
    c. Awareness raising to communities and children as a way of preventing abuse

    2. Education Support to vulnerable Girls
    a. Provide school fees, and stationary for girls in school
    b. Campaign for young women who dropped out of school because of early
    marriage to go back to school
    c. Work with community schools where most of the vulnerable girls learn from
    to build classroom blocks
    d. Monitor the performance of sponsored girls and provide appropriate

    3. Economic support for vulnerable women
    a. Support households where vulnerable children stay with farming implements
    and start up capital so that they are food secure

    Since 2007 our organisation has been single handily funded by the founding family and we received material support from students from Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Germany who provided clothes, shoes and books for sponsored girls. The letcturers and students could be reached through Ms. Maja Smrkolj at

    On 31 May 2010, I left my former employer to concentrate on ZaWGF and help build the capacity of the organisation by devoting all my time to working with the staff both at the office and in the field. If warded this grant, it would really help us support more girls and households to improve our ever increasing numbers of vulnerable children. At ZaWGF we believe that the past and current vulnerability of children can be re-written through Education Support. A girl educated today will be empowered woman who will ensure her children too go to school and eventually the entire nation, region and globe will have empowered women and children. We already have all the required experience, strategies and commitment, all we need is your financial support. Your grant will go a long way in changing children’s lives in Zambia.

    Charles Dinda
    Executive Director
    Chivuna Road,
    P.O.BOX 660394,

  16. Seikhoneh Khongsai says:

    The major goal is to empower and identify vulnerable children (OVC) youth and women with skills and resources to enable them improve their lives and become productive members of society. Our core programmes include Education, health and socio-economic empowerment. Our most challenge is limited funding to enable us effectively translate our programmes into practical solutions to the problems affecting people in our community. We therefore look out for any potentiality of partners/funders to see the cause to enabling and benefit the said proposal. Looking forward with great hope.

  17. mohammed rahman says:

    dear sir/madam
    my name is mohammed rahman i have made foundation on women and children rights and i have made for women trainning in computer skills english skills cokking trainning etc etc etc and the children for thir studies to have thir good future and specially for women who doesnt get thir rights we will try to get her rights by the grace of god so i am launching new equipent for women need in thir trainning wich they need in thir life

    your most fathfully
    mohammed rahman


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