3. Computer Policy for NGO Office Management

3.1 Purpose

NGO seeks to effectively manage the computer system for guiding the use, maintenance and security of the computer equipment. Employees are responsible for ensuring that the procedures and policies suggested here are followed.

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3.2 Use

Using computer equipment requires particular care because of its fragility and high cost. Access to the equipment should thus be strictly reserved to NGO employees only. Those employees who are unable to handle commonly-used software will be given an orientation by the senior staff on request. At least one NGO employee will be trained in handling minor maintenance of computers and accessories at the office.

3.3 Security

a. In order to safeguard the computers against viruses, the external drives (CDs/DVDs/floppies/pen drives) that are at NGO office are only to be used. In the same way, no external drive from any source other than from sealed packets shall be used in the computers, unless it is first scanned with a latest anti-virus software.
b. In order to safeguard computers from viruses, antivirus software has been installed in the computers. The virus list for this program should be updated on a regular basis. It is the duty of the employee who has been assigned a computer to update the virus list on her / his computer.
c. There should be at least two backups of all important documents. One copy should be on the hard disk of the computer assigned to the concerned employee and a second copy on a CD/DVD kept in the office.
d. The computers of the NGO should normally be used by its employees. Consultants and volunteers should seek prior permission of NGO employee before using his/her computer in the office

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3.4 Saving documents in the Computers

In order to streamline the procedure to save documents in the computers and to make it easier for people to find documents and make back-ups of important documents, each employee should have a c:/my documents directory in his/her computer. This directory should be broken down into sub-directories to facilitate retrieval of important documents. Each employee will include a copy of all their important documents to be backed up on a directory entitled backup.

3.5 Back-ups of Documents

In order to safeguard important documents and other work done by the staff, the back-up directory of the employee shall be backed up on CD/DVD once every week (every Friday) and the CD/DVD stored by the employee.

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