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40 Most Awaited International Funding Opportunities in 2015

In this video we will examine the top 40 most awaited funding opportunities of this year from international donor agencies. These opportunities have been carefully selected based upon the interest of our users. Their popularity, relevance and regularity in issuing timely call for proposals attract thousands of grant-seekers every year to apply for them. It… Continue Reading

Video: Learn Proposal Writing in 15 Minutes

Proposal writing can be the most complicated part of your fundraising. There are so many grant opportunities to apply for, so many deadlines closing in but you hardly know how to write effective proposals. This video gives you a quick introduction to writing a basic proposal and prepares you to answer most of the project… Continue Reading

Free Download: Sample Proposal on Monitoring Parliamentary and Presidential Elections

Below is the main objective section for a successful grant proposal submitted to fundsforNGOs by one of our partners. Use this genuine sample proposal for guidance on writing grant applications, developing budgets and ideas for your own projects. You can download the full 5 page proposal using the download link below the overview. Main objectives: 1 – Monitor,… Continue Reading