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Amoria Bond Charitable Trust

The Amoria Bond Charitable Trust is a registered charity that is funded by contributions by Amoria Bond Ltd and individual employees of the company to promote or assist any charitable activity directed to the care or special education of people who have learning difficulties or are physically disabled or suffer from mental health problems; and […]

Three Oaks Trust

The Three Oaks Trust provide funds for such charitable object or institution that aim to further the well-being of individuals and families who may for whatever reason be in distress. The charity provides support for individuals and families in the UK and overseas. The charity supports projects and other charities that assist people with health, […]

Generations Foundation

The Generations Foundation was established in 2005 to provide a better quality of life for children who need it the most; those who are living with disability, disadvantaged, or struggle with ill health. The foundations supports causes in developing countries for making a difference to children’s lives. Interested applicants should download application from the ‘Contact’ […]

Handicap International

The Handicap International is an independent international solidarity organization established in 1982. The organization works in situations of poverty or exclusion, conflict and natural disasters. The association takes action and speaks out in order to meet their essential needs and improve their living conditions. It is committed to campaigning to ensure their dignity is preserved […]

Christoffel-Blindenmission (CBM) International

The Christoffel-Blindenmission (CBM) founded in 1908 with the mission to support people without sight, regardless of nationality, gender or religion now supports organizations and projects on different disability intervention sectors including hearing, orthopedic work, Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR), Community Mental Health and low vision, amongst other areas. The support includes health, rehabilitation, advocacy and empowerment, education […]