Gulf Foundations

Ann Campana Judge Foundation: Promoting and Funding portable Water

The Ann Campana Judge Foundation exists to promote, undertake, support, and fund philanthropic projects focused on potable water, sanitation, and health in developing countries. Focus Countries The ACJF funds projects only in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua. Only organizations based in the USA can receive funds from the Ann Campana Judge Foundation. Focus Areas […]

Arghyam: Improving accessibility to clean water in India

Arghyam aims to work to improve access to clean water and the provision of sanitation in a sustainable and equitable manner. Arghyam considers requests for grants to assist small, medium and large projects in India that meet its vision of safe, sustainable, water and sanitation for all. Arghyam makes grants to NGOs, civil society organisations, […]

Global Water Foundation: Grants to provide safe drinking water

The Global Water Foundation (GWF) is in the service of humanity. Its main focus is to help make the world a better place, a healthier place, a safer place and ultimately a place of peace and prosperity. Global Water Foundation has the ultimate goal of providing safe, healthy, drinking water and adequate sanitation in areas […]

The Fondation Avenir Finance Grants for Water Conservation Projects

The Fondation Avenir Finance provides funds to support environmental-friendly projects with special support given to those related to water. The foundation works with the mission “Water, a major stake of tomorrow”. Avenir Finance is an independent financial group founded in 1995 and listed on Eurolist. Meaning future in French, Avenir looks towards the future by […]

The Water Foundation: Support to Developing Nations

The Water Foundation supports organizations from developing countries by providing grants for the projects seeking to build sustainable prosperity. The principle focus of the World Development programme is to provide support for the most disadvantaged developing countries in the world. The foundation provides multi-annual grants (usually for up to three years).  A total grant of […]

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