Gulf Foundations

African Water Facility: Grants up to €5,000,000 for water projects

The African Water Facility (AWF) awards grants of between €50,000 and €5,000,000 to water projects that need financial and technical help for implementation, or to meet the strict criteria expected by development partners and the global investment community. AWF focuses its efforts at achieving its major objective of resource mobilization and applying these for activities […]

Arghyam: Improving accessibility to clean water in India

Arghyam aims to work to improve access to clean water and the provision of sanitation in a sustainable and equitable manner. Arghyam considers requests for grants to assist small, medium and large projects in India that meet its vision of safe, sustainable, water and sanitation for all. Arghyam makes grants to NGOs, civil society organisations, […]

A list of 19 International Foundations Supporting Projects on Water, Santiation & Hygiene (WASH)


Access to water and sanitation is a fundamental human right and essential to life, health and dignity but access to clean water is a challenge in the developing world around the globe. Water, Sanitation and Health (WASH) is majorly discussed topic within the international organizations, agencies and foundations. There are many current investments in WASH […]

Howard G. Buffett Foundation working for Food, Water & Conflict Management

The Howard G. Buffett Foundation is a private foundation which gives millions of dollars in grants annually to organizations working on agriculture, water and conflict resolution primarily in Africa and Latin America. Most internationally focused Buffett grantees are non-profits, foreign NGOs, or universities working on development, socio-political, and environmental issues in one of the focused […]

Global Greengrants Fund: Environmental Grants focusing Water

The Global Greengrants Fund channels small grants to groups who are protecting and replenishing water sources, fighting to keep toxins out of rivers and lakes, and fostering a healthy planet with clean, abundant water with a core belief that without protecting water at its source, there wouldn’t be any clean water to pump. Greengrants is […]

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