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SAYEN Handprint Challenge for Colleges in Asia-Pacific

Deadline: 28 August 2014 The South Asia Youth Environment Network (SAYEN) engaging young people in environmental activities has announced Handprint Challenge for colleges in Asia-Pacific. The primary aim of the challenge to promote sustainability in college students across Asia and the Pacific. The major objective of the challenge is to create awareness in the field […]

Social Media for Empowerment Award 2014 for South Asia

Deadline:  25 August 2014 Digital Empowerment Foundation is seeking nominations from all eligible applicants for Social Media for Empowerment Award 2014. The mission of this programme is to foster the momentum of Social Media for social empowerment while in a cross-border learning, experience sharing relationships by creating a regional network of Social Media enthusiasts in […]

Children for Tomorrow

The Children for Tomorrow is a non-profit foundation with the aim of supporting children and families who have become victims of war, persecution and organized violence. The Children for Tomorrow therapists and doctors are specialized in therapeutic treatments to heal the invisible wounds caused by violence, war, abuse, persecution and loss of family. In addition […]

ELMA Group of Foundations

The ELMA Foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of Africa’s children and youth through the support of sustainable efforts to relieve poverty, advance education, and promote health. One of the many foundations under the ELMA group of Foundations, ELMA vaccines & immunization foundation aims to expand vaccine and immunization coverage for children globally. Grant-investments […]

Conrad Hilton Foundation

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation was founded by Conrad N. Hilton in 1944. This foundations funds to nonprofit organizations working to improve the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people throughout the world. The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation supports leading nonprofit organizations, and it partners with foundations, philanthropists, governments, and corporations to solve social problems in […]