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USAID/Tanzania Community HIV Prevention Program for Key and Vulnerable Populations

Deadline: 25 August 2014 The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) mission in Tanzania invites grant applications from US and non-US non-governmental organizations to implement the comprehensive community HIV prevention program for Key and Vulnerable Populations in Tanzania. The primary aim of the program is to contribute to the improved health status for all […]

Submit Letter of Inquiry to Firelight Foundation for Safe Communities, Resilient Children initiative

Deadline: 15 August 2014 Organizations already working on child rights, child protection, or activities that help build children’s emotional health in Tanzania and Zimbabwe are invited to submit Letters of Inquiry for the Safe Communities, Resilient Children initiative of Firelight Foundation. Grant applications can be made for $1000 to $15000. Key Dates 15 August 2014 […]

Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation

Girl children are the targets of the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation. The Foundation helps children to attain adequate reading, writing and counting skills. It trains teachers to cope with large classes and show them how to creatively impart knowledge to learners and motivates the children to be curious participants in the classroom and to assert their […]

ELMA Group of Foundations

The ELMA Foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of Africa’s children and youth through the support of sustainable efforts to relieve poverty, advance education, and promote health. One of the many foundations under the ELMA group of Foundations, ELMA vaccines & immunization foundation aims to expand vaccine and immunization coverage for children globally. Grant-investments […]

Eastern Europe Mission Foundation

Eastern Europe Mission Foundation(Stiftung Osteuropamission) major purpose is to promote Sponsorship Program, care for disabled, children camp and food aid. Areas of Interest: Children Food and Nutrition Agriculture Disability Health Focus countries: Albania,  China,  Czech Republic,  Georgia,  Hungary,  India,  Indonesia,  Israel,  Kosovo,  North Korea,  Poland,  Romania,  Russia,  Serbia,  Slovak Republic,  Switzerland,  Tanzania,  Ukraine,  Viet Nam […]