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Project Ideas to address Violence against Women in Developing Countries

Click here to see a list of innovative projects funded previously under the UN Trust Fund

UN Women’s UN Trust Fund to end Violence against Women provides grants ranging from US $100,000 to US $300,000 to both grassroots NGOs as well as large organizations. It is one of the largest source of funding for NGOs working on promotion of gender equality and addressing gender-based discrimination in different countries around the world.

As organizations prepare to respond to this opportunity and also other calls for proposals on the same issue, we have researched and compiled a set of ideas that can be used for planning and proposing projects in this context. These ideas have been presented in a standard proposal format to aid organizations in developing countries to write funding applications for different donor agencies including the UN Trust Fund.

Disclaimer: Please note that the material provided here is neither complete nor accurate. It does not provide any guarantee of any kind and it has been presented here purely for informational purposes only. We also advise you not to copy this “material” into proposals in “as it is” form (since it is subjected to copyright) but use it as a reference for developing effective project plans.

Below is the list of the project ideas (click on each of them to read more):

  1. Empowering Vulnerable Women through Knowledge and Awareness
  2. Media Sensitization against Violence against Women
  3. Economic Empowerment to reduce Domestic Violence
  4. Addressing Trafficking of Women
  5. Increasing Women’s Participation in Decision-making to reduce Violence against Women
  6. Youths as Agents of Change to address Violence against Women
  7. Sensitizing the Actors who can be involved in Prevention of Violence against Women at the local-level
  8. Working with Men – the White Ribbon Way
  9. Female Feticide as a Form of Violence against Women
  10. Don’t forget to check out SASA – An Activist Kit for Prevention of Violence against Women and HIV

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  1. Selase Amedzi,Project Co-ordinatior says:

    Youth Peace Building International,GHANA; Working for rural women and abandoned children.We are interested to submit a proposal on empowerment of women and their rehabilitation,especially those who have been effected with domestic violence and war zone areas.We want guidelines for prepration of project proposal.

  2. Dear Humanitarian Community
    Community Empowerment Development Association (CEDA) – an NGO Working for community uplift and disaster management in Pakistan since 1965. Since its establishment the organization has remained in the forefront regarding community development, advocacy on social issues,health, education and gender issues. Our mission is to envisage a just society where people’s dignity is ensured, where basic needs are met, where there is equity in the distribution of resources, and where people are free to be the authors of their own development. We help the vulnerable and margenlised groups without any discrimination and we have the systems – based on social accountability.
    CEDA is working hard to initiate and promote gender sensitization in the area, provide women access to markets, giving wider experience of the world outside the home, access to information and possibilities for development of other social and political roles. It also Organize awareness campaigns for Girl’s Education. CEDA is working hard to achievethe following objectives:-
    • To free underprivileged children from the pangs of hunger.
    • To empower them with an access to education.
    • To enable them think clearly and work effectively.
    • alleviate malnutrition problem.
    CEDA is promoting and encouraging the education of underprivileged children because we believe that education can unlock the vicious and self-perpetuating cycle of hunger and poverty. We also provide skill-based training to victims and encourage their participation in peace building activities. If we fail to achieve these objective, our dream to acieve the mellenium development goals (MDGs) will be a wishful thinking.
    To achieve melleniumum Development Goals (MDGs) in Pakistan, CEDA is sharing its proposals with the potential doners for its successful implementation.

  3. Fehmeda Malik says:

    What is necessary in a proposal? How we will make a good proposal? Which kind of proposal is acceptable?

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