How to address the Cause in a Human Rights Project

When NGOs write a project proposal or plan a project, they come up with loads of promises on addressing a problem – but sometimes end up addressing only the effect of a problem not its cause. For example, take a look at the following statement:

“The project will work for the upliftment of the minority community by addressing their lack of access to decent jobs.”

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If the project’s main objective is to uplift the minority community, then it cannot solely do this by addressing the community’s poor employment rate. This is because the unemployment is just one of the several effects of a core problem faced by the minority community. Then what is the core problem or the “cause.” Well depending upon the situation, it could be lack of awareness among minorities, poor organizational skills or the government’s apathy towards them. To reach to the core of the cause, you only need to ask the “Why of Why.”

For example:

Why is unemployment so high amongst minority communities?

Is it because they do not have proper access to education?

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Why is it that they do not have proper access to education?

Maybe because the government’s policy is indiscriminate towards minorities and minorities themselves have poor awareness levels?

Why this so?

Because the lawmakers have poor understanding about understanding of the situation of minorities and the minorities themselves are not so well organized to demand for their rights

Coming to the root of the these problems, it really means that you need to formulate the project that advocates for the rights of minorities with the government and also carry out awareness among them so that they can actively demand their rights.

So while writing the human rights project proposal, make sure that you address the cause of the problem and not the effect of the problem. This will bring lot of clarity in your proposal.

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