Helping Those Who Help Others

Fundraising at Fingertips

Grant Research

Grant Research is a crucial area of our function that helps identify and access valuable opportunities for NGOs and individuals according to their work and location.

Donor Management

fundsforNGOs ensures that institutional donors are regularly tracked, their contact database maintained, and respond to their solicitations promptly.

Organizational Development

We strive to assist NGOs in communications, management skills, reporting, structures, and strategies to fuel their growth and success in raising funds for their causes.


Training and capacity building increases the knowledge and skills of NGOs and development practitioners for effectively implementing their projects for sustainable development.


We provide management support to NGOs in developing and implementing project planning and grant application development strategies.


We promote and market digital products useful for NGO research, management, and development to improve sustainable prospects in the long term.


who are we

fundsforNGOs is a social enterprise offering knowledge and skills to NGOs and development practitioners worldwide to improve their resource mobilization processes and enable a sustainable environment.


What we do

We research, develop and curate content that is useful for the sustainability and growth of NGOs and individuals working in sustainable development and poverty alleviation around the world.



As the world economy continues to foster growth, the idea of philanthropy also expands. But NGOs often fail to take advantage of this situation due to poor access to knowledge and skills, leading to unsustainable practices. fundsforNGOs works to assist NGOs in accessing relevant tools and techniques for achieving growth and success.

Products and Features


Searchable databases of grants, donors, and proposals help NGOs quickly filter necessary information and track opportunities of interest.

Business Intelligence

Timely information offered to our customers for responding to opportunities and beating the market competition in the best manner.


Knowledge sharing and skill-building so that organizations are better prepared to raise funds successfully for all the good work.

Grant Writing

Assisting in planning and writing grant proposals so that NGOs can learn to be better equipped with ideas and put their experiences into practice.


Resources are offered in the form of Ebooks that act as quick and valuable references in finding information about fundraising and NGO management.


Connecting donors with NGOs by offering research-based advice and support for mutually benefiting the stakeholders in the interest of the communities.


Working around the World - Round the Clock!

fundsforNGOs has customers from 180+ countries around the world. We serve both small and large organizations, which include NGOs, individuals, universities and other types of institutions. Our operations team is spread across the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Japan and India.

140 Broadway 46th Floor

New York, NY 10005

United States

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