Call for proposal-Multinational Working Group (GMT) on the theme of “Africa in the Information Society Era”

Deadline- 30 September 2012

The Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) invites Proposals for its new Multinational Working Group (GMT) on the theme of “Africa in the Information Society Era”. The MWG is an important CODESRIA program aimed at promoting multinational and multidisciplinary reflections on issues affecting the African community of social science researchers. Each MWG will be led by two or three coordinators and will include a maximum of fifteen researchers. Two to three senior researchers will be selected as independent assessors and will also be resource persons during meetings of each Group. The average length of a MWG is two years during which all phases of the research process should be completed and final results prepared for publication in the CODESRIA Book Series.

Priority research themes

Research proposals are expected on the following specific issues-

  • Social digital networks: extending or privatizing the public sphere? ;
  • Civil society and Internet governance;
  • Public policies for the Information Society ;
  • Mobile telephony: between promises and mirages;
  • ICT and politics in Africa;
  • E-Government, E-Governance: lessons learned and prospects for the future;
  • Gender issues in the Information Society;
  • African higher education and research in the digital age;
  • Telcos in Africa: quest for new markets;
  • ICT and African regional integration: political integration vs market integration
  • The changing telecommunications sector
  • Access to the Internet vs presence on the Internet
  • African youth in the Information Society era: access, challenges and opportunities
  • Media Online: content, audience and impact
  • Telecommunications regulation: what works?
  • ICT:  reducing poverty or increasing poverty tools ?
  • Hyper-connected urban digital enclaves vs rural digital desert
  • ICT and local development
  • Telecommunications infrastructure issues
  • ICT and the African Diaspora

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