Bhartiya shaikshik sansthan mp is a non-profit,non-political organisation which is registered under the Uttar Pradesh Government Act’s “Act No. 21, 1860″ and the registration no. is “19880″ dated 26th may 1988. Its headquarter is located at “B/M 135 NEHRU NAGAR BHOPAL M.P.The workfield of Bhartiya shaikshik sansthan mp is all MADHYA PRADESH
The specific objectives of the programme for which the Bhartiya shaikshik sansthan mp is established are as hereunder:

i)To improve the occupational skills and technical knowledge of the neo-literates and the trainees and to raise their efficiecy and increase productive ability;

ii)To provide academic and technical resource support to zilla saksharata samities in taking up vocational and skill development programmes for neo-literates in both urban and rural areas;

iii)To serve as nodal continuing education centers and to coordinate,supervisea & moniter 20-25 continuing education cetres/nodal centres;

iv)To organize training and orientation courses for key resource persons, master trainerson disigning,developmnent and implemenntaion of skill development programmes under the scheme of continuing education for neo-literates;

v)To organize equivalency parogrammes through open learning systems.

vi)To widen the range of knowledge and understanding of the social, economic and political systems in order to create a critical awareness about the environment;

vii)To promote national goals such as secularism, national integration,population and development, women’s equality,protection and conservation of environment etc.

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