NGO “Inspectors office”

NGO “Inspectors office” was established in 2009 in Lithuania to satisfy public interests by searching missing people in all over the world and movement against human trafficking. Our aim is to help society in tough situations where people began to feel helpless, vulnerable and can’t fight no longer for themselves and their relatives.
International services are:
Helping the victims of trafficking and human rights abuse;
Constant campaigning with the aim of prevention about women and children trafficking;
Encouraging people and organization to volunteer in anti-trafficking in Lithuania and the rest of the world;
A search for missing, kidnapped (or forcibly taken) children, women;
We also help kidnapped persons, people who are held somewhere against there will or their freedom was taken away forcibly come back to their relatives safely;
Help for a victim to re-integrate socially;
Consultations in kidnapped people release operations and getting back topics;
Advices for relatives when someone is held for a ransom;
Prevention against alcohol, drugs, youth crime;
Narcotic detection test is available (without contact with its potential user).