Sangat Development Society Balochistan

Name of NGO: Sangat Development Society
Address: Main Secretariat Sangat Development Society, College Road Bela, Tehsil Bela, District Lasbella, Balochistan- Pakistan
Registration number: EDO-CD/LS/CBO/08
Date of Establishment: 20th APRIL 2003
Date of registration: 5th November 2003
Registration authority: EDO community development Lasbella
Contact person: Abdul Haque Zoaq Baloch (Programme Manager)
History & Introduction of Sangat Development Society
Concern World Wide (Pakistan Programme) initiated emergency relief work during 2003, after flood hit Lasbella, for the most affected families and particularly for woman and children. Sangat Development Society was instituted as part of this plan to address the effects of flood by involving communities in a development process. Service delivery and semi-development work continued until 2003, when an external evaluation was commissioned, which recommended Sangat Lasbella to translate the experience in to an independent organization, supporting communities in forming village development organizations and build their capacities through disaster risk management training.
Sangat Development Society (Sangat Lasbella) is an autonomous not-for-profit, Non-Governmental, Non-Religious & Non-Political organization working in the rural areas of Lasbella & Awaran Districts of Balochistan. Initially it was funded by the Concern world wide (Pakistan Programme), IDSP & DTCE, PAIMAN in order to attain its envisaged goal of alleviation poverty in the rural areas of Balochistan.
Sangat Lasbella has created by the efforts of a young Group of District Lasbella from Bela City, organization purely and actively working for improving and uplifting the people quality of life by developing a support mechanism that can ensure the provision of social guidance to the communities at the approachable level.
Today the poverty poses most important development challenge in developing countries like in Pakistan and specific province of Balochistan, to address this pressing social, economical & political issue, the participatory development approaches (PAR & PRA) has been selected as effective tools for sustainable and long term development of Poorest and marginalized section of society. Sangat has taken the challenge to playing a proactive role in initiating the supplementing efforts for eradication poverty by increasing livelihood options.
Sangat is unique organization established in Lasbella Balochistan solely for the eradication of poverty. Its innovative technique of social mobilization through PRA or PAR enables the poor to accesses, to control or utilize most efficiently the resources meant for them.
It is represented by the people who are committed to social, political and economical change of the poor and believe that the strengthening and empowerment of the poor is critical to the poverty alleviation, because the powerlessness and poverty are almost synonymous.
The pragmatic reality that the poor lack choice and control over the resources and right to influence their future from the basis of their powerlessness.
Sangat development society has a well-experienced implementation team and has at least 180 volunteers in working areas of district Lasbella & Awaran. It has done a worked in district Awaran on emergency relief response and shelter rehabilitation, it is successfully achieving aims and objectives of organization in collaboration/support of different partners such as concern world wide (Pakistan Programme), JSI, PAIMAN, US Aid , DTCE Pakistan, IDSP Pakistan, Abt Association Inc(US Aid Contractor).

. Sangat Lasbella has been incorporated in 2003 under the Social Welfare Registration Act 1961, and is governed by an executive committee (Board of Organization) consisting of professionals with comprehensive knowledge and understanding about social development. The office of the society is situated at College Road Bela District Lasbella.

A free world where no one feels any threat or fear. Positive and constructive thinking development and prosperity. Greenery is all around and peace every where.


• Sangat’s mission is to facilitate the process of creating an enabling environment for the poor to discover their realities and the support system to be sensitive for poverty eradication.
• To promote cultural activities, local literature, indigenous skills and local knowledge.
• Sangat assist and encourages communities through policy & practice interventions in the field of water & sanitation, Mothers & Newborns Health Care, Emergency Relief with special focus on women and children, community mobilization, community physical infrastructures, rehabilitation, mitigation & Emergencies in order to bring lasting improvements in the quality of life of marginalized communities.

• To have access to basic community physical infrastructure in order to support poor communities through participatory processes
• To focus Mothers & Newborns Health Care
• To assist people to live in hygienic and healthy atmosphere through launching awareness campaigns, training sessions and sanitation -promotion activities
• Capacity Building of Stakeholders
• To conduct Trainings of School Teachers regarding Health & Hygiene practices
• To develop and activate human resources in CPI, Education, I.T and Emergency Relief sectors
• To support communities to bring improvements in sectors: CPI, Education and Emergency Relief
• To advocate for generation of more and more resources to continue with support programs
• To improve organizational capacity and efficiency
• To collaborate with other stakeholders on issues of program development
• To efforts for Conservation of nature & create environment friendly atmosphere at all level


Enlarging To help marginalized people to benefit from the development process through participatory gender balanced approaches in order to achieve sustainable livelihood and to strive to eliminate poverty in arid zones of Balochistan.


Sangat is mandated to bring lasting improvements in the quality of life of marginalized communities specially women & children through increasing access to services for mothers & newborns, safe drinking water and sanitation, Community empowerment, focus interventions in child & Women rights, education opportunities, hygiene education & responding appropriately in time of emergencies.


o Social Mobilization
o Mother & Newborn Health Care
o Livelihood Security
o Responding emergencies
o Rehabilitation & Mitigation
o Safe drinking water & Hygiene promotion Programme
o School Hygiene
o Capacity Building Trainings
o Poverty Reduction
o Social Sector Development
o Disaster Preparedness and Management
o Quality Education


• Strength organization and capacity building of members and communities
• Convincing the actual message to the people
• Awareness raising on basic rights, self reliance for the solution of economic problems
• To develop critical thinking in communities
• To utilize idle resources, local knowledge and skills
• To control surplus leakages
• To understand mode of exploitation
• To promote social & cultural activities
• Strengthen productive relation ships
• Participation of women in political, economical and social development
• To promote traditional agriculture (collective, mixed & co-operative framing
• Respect of environment (culture, language, views, religious and personal )
• Focusing environmentally sensitive development
• People first
• Involvement , participation and contribution of communities in development efforts
• Strong commitment with communities
• Gender sensitization

• Equipped Office at Bela City District Lasbella
• A vehicle to Support the Programme
• Team of Subject specialists ( Programme Coordinators, volunteer LHWs, Volunteer Engineer, Sociologists, accounts staff, Master Trainers)
• Social Mobilization (men, women, ad Children)
• Mothers & Newborn Health Care
• Safe Drinking Water & Hygiene practices
• Relief and Rehabilitation in emergency situations
• Sustainable Livelihood options
• Health, education and women rights
• 04 Almaria
• 07 tables
• 15 chairs
• 01 sofa set
• 02 table ranks
• 01 file rank
• 01 generator
• 03 wall clock
• 03 carpets
• 02 systems of computer
• 01 Printer
• 03 Maps
• 04 sealing fans
• 01 kitchen set
• 02 gas cylinder
• 01 emergency Box
• 01 Tent
• 02 Water coolers

Sangat Development Society’s organizational structure comprises of Volunteers and paid staff. The volunteers consists of members of General Body (include gender balanced representatives of the community) and board members (also include community representatives), whereas paid staff comprises Sangat management, professionals, subject specialists, support staff, and skill labor. Sangat is entirely a non-political, non-partisan, non-religious, not for profit development organization working on humanitarian grounds for improving the quality of life. It has got set principles and values according to the local culture and wisdom of the area. Its management is completely participatory and the level of decision-making is decentralized. Sangat now consists of 02 (2) Regional Offices covering four (2) districts of Balochistan. These Regional Offices are located in Bela City District Lasbella.
The Head Office in Bela City consists of professionals in the fields of emergency relief operations, Mother and newborn health care, safe drinking water, school hygiene, health and education, advocacy and networking, Social mobilization, CPI etc. They visit the field and when required and carry out research, development of packages of advice, and training in their respective fields. In addition, the Head Office also has sections on Monitoring, IT Section, Finance and Administration (F&A). The work of the field is coordinated by Projects Managers.

Sangat defines Programme cycles with a strategic plan covering a period of three years. This initial term plan is defining broad objectives of the phase and the year by the sectors of intervention. Yearly operational plans have been worked out.
The Programme management has institutionalized monthly meetings at the field level; each meeting lasting approximately one day. These meetings serve the review of a previous month, the planning of the subsequent ones, the exchange of experience as well as the co-ordination of activities between the sections of Programme support and Programme operations as well as administration and finance (e.g. allocation of funds /use of vehicles). Monthly technical reports are prepared by the field teams and consolidated into monthly comprehensive Programme reports by the Monitoring of project Coordinators. These also prepare quarterly, half yearly and the annual reports on a routine basis, which summarize the monthly report for the respective period of time.
Detailed analyses related to results/targets/objectives achievements are undertaken. Now system exists to assess effects and impact of activities. Though, such assessments are difficult to be applied with the short term planning and monitoring systems but here in Sangat they do provide monitoring indicators to qualify results and process. The general management of the Sangat is quite decentralized at the field level. For example, Sangat has 06 major components according to its approved Organogram:
1. Emergency Responses and rehabilitation interventions led by an Emergency response & Preparedness Coordinator based at Bela City and support all the projects and field activities.
2. Social Mobilization Component led by a Coordinator Social Mobilization Unit, based at Bela City and support all the projects and field activities.
3. Education Component, all School level and educational led by a Coordinator Education Unit, based at Bela City and support all the projects and field activities.
4. Water Sanitation & Community Hygiene Component led by a Project Coordinator, based at Bela City and support all the projects and field activities.
5. MNCH Programme of Sangat led by a Programme Coordinator based at Bela City and support all the projects and field activities.
6. Finance and Administration (F&A) based at Bela City led by a Finance Manager, deals with all personnel records, administrative concerns and finance of the Sangat;
All above mentioned responsible led persons directly report to the Chief Executive Officer which is also Programme Manager of Sangat. Sangat has described the level of authority limit on the financial and management issues at each tear of the management. The decisions regarding Programme are generally taken through participatory approach and with consensus. Sangat uses computerized finance formats for its accounts, budgets, monitoring sheets, which indicate any variance in the budget and balance sheets. Sangat prepares consolidated monthly account sheets for each activity regularly. It intends to continue this process and share it with the donors regularly. It also intends to reflect its balance sheets in all quarterly reports, which will be shared with donors/partners along with the audited reports.
Sangat maintains bank accounts in the name of the organization for different donors with National Bank of Pakistan Bela branch, which is being operated jointly by the Chief Executive Officer, Manager Finance and Administration, and one of the board members who lives in Bela. Sangat gets its accounts audited every project by an Audit firm by support of partner agencies. Sangat’s Finance section has Manager Finance at Head Office in Bela City.
• Established first fellow ship English medium school in Bela city since2003 and still continue with the enrollment above from 200 kids
• construction of 12 water channels in Lasbella district
• construction of 09 flood protection structures in Lasbella District
• Land Raising for 25 flood affected house holds in Urki Lasbella
• Rehabilitation of 25 tube wells in U/C South Welpat Lasbella
• Installation of 50 Hand Pumps in different project areas of Lasbella
• Provided Shelters in 608 flood affected families in Lasbella
• Provided shelter materials in 41 flood affected families in district Awaran
• Distribution food supplements in 1300 flood affected families in Lasbella
• Distributed 200 tents in flood affected families
• Conducted 05 medical camps in Lasbella for women health
• Conducted 08 cultural Melas on MNH issue
• Conducted 55 interactive theaters for Hygiene promotion
• Established 25 CCBs and 03 CBOs in target areas of Sangat
• Capacity Building trainings on operation & Maintenance of 05 filtration plants of Bela, Uthal & Gadani Tehsils
• TT Vaccination of 750 pregnant women
• 36 TBAs trained by Sangat
• 465 teachers trained for Hygiene promotion in 465 primary schools of Lasbella District
• distributed soaps and provided training in 12500 school kids in Lasbella for hygiene promotion
• 05 district level public forums conducted in Lasbella for democratic education Programme
• Completed rehabilitation (Agricultural Lands Reclamation) of 978 arcs Agricultural lands through 8600 tractor hours in U/C Kathore, union council North and union Council Welpat South Tehsil Bela.
• 75 Molvies trained for hygiene promotion
• 18 Community Health workers hired for MNH issue for 01 year in 2006 in PAIMAN project
• formation 30 village support groups in different villages for supporting MNH issues in Lasbella
• Construction of 09 mini dams in Welpat Gundacha Jageer with the support of Indus Earth (Sub Project of Sangat).
• Vaccination of 2000 live stock with the support of Livestock department Lasbella
• Conducted 05 Sports Tournaments
1. Concern World Wide (Pakistan Programme)

Support Theme: 1. Emergency Relief Response Lasbella Flood 2003
2. Rehabilitation & Mitigation in response of Lasbella Flood 2003
3. Emergency Relief Response Lasbella Flood 2005
4. Rehabilitation Lasbella Flood and agricultural lands reclamation 2005
5. Emergency Relief Response Lasbella Flood 2007
Early Recovery Lasbella Flood 2007-2008
Support Type: Financial and Technical (More than PKR 12 million and technical back up in Disaster Risk Management
Contact Person: Balochistan Programme Manager CWW
E-mail: e-mail: [email protected]
Address: Baluchistan Office: 98-Chaman Housing Scheme Airport Road. Quetta Pakistan

2. IDSP Pakistan

Support Theme:
Democratic Education Programme 2003-2004
Support Type: Technical and financial support in [email protected] 30,000
Contact Person: Rahim Kasi Component In-charge
Nature of Partnership: Yearly basis
Nature of Support:
Technical and Financial
E-mail: e-mail: [email protected]
Address: C-32 Railway Housing Society Joint Road Quetta- Pakistan GPO Box # 85 GPO Quetta

3. Devolution Trust for Community Empowerment (DTCE Pakistan)

Support Theme: IME CSO for monitoring CCB mobilization in 11 union councils of Lasbella District 2004
Contact Person: Masood Aslam Chief Executive officer
Nature of Partnership:
One Year project
Nature of Support: Technical and Financial in PKR @ 52,000
Address: H.NO.18 ST NO.18, SECTOR 1-C2 Islamabad Pakistan


Support Theme: 1. Awareness Raising on Mother and Newborn Health Care 2006-2007
2. TT Vaccination & Social Mobilization on MNH 2007-2008
Contact Person: Dr. Nabeela Ali Chief of Party
Nature of Partnership: Long Term 02 Years Partnership
Nature of Support: Technical and Financial support in PKR @ 4.65 million
Address: JSI Research & training Institute , Inc House 6, Street 5, F-8/3, Islamabad – Pakistan

5.Abt Associate Inc / USAID
(Pakistan Safe Drinking Water & Hygiene Promotion Programme)

Support Theme: 1. Community Hygiene promotion Programme
2. School Hygiene promotion Programme
3. Capacity Building TMA/PHED
From 2007 to 2009
Contact Person: Mohammad Raees Programme & Grants Manager
Nature of Partnership: 18 Months long term Project
Nature of Support: Technical and Financial Support in PKR @ 9.3 Million
Address: House#299, St.19,E-7 Islamabad Pakistan

Self initiatives of Sangat Development Society

Kausar Fellowship School running with self initiative of Sangat Lasbella in Bela City
Live stock : 2000 livestock vaccination with the efforts of Sangat
CCB Formation 25 CCBs and 03 CBO established with technical support of Sangat
• Member of Baluchistan Development Consortium
• Focal Organization for Disaster Risk Management in Lasbella
• Focal Organization for Fresh Water Network in Lasbella
• Partner in “WE CAN’ Campaign
• Member Party of Convention UNCCD
• CWS Pakistan
Civil Society Network Awaran
• Mahigeer Network Lasbella
• CAP Kalat
• Wess Balochistan
• WWF Pakistan
• CIDA International
• Indus earth
• CIET international
• Distt Govt Lasbella
• TVO Karachi
• SCOPE Pakistan
• 25 local CCB’s
• Social Aid
• Green star
• Save the children
• Mahekan welfare society
• PAIMAN consortium
• Ismailani welfare Association Bela
• Pakistan kisan Ithad
• Anjuman-e-Zameendaran Lasbela
• Local Bodies of District Lasbela
• Health Department Lasbella
• Irrigation Department Lasbella
• Education Department Lasbella
• Duroon Social Development Organization Jahoo Awaran
• Beej Baluchistan

The NGO has its office at Bela; Lasbella Implementation team consists of 37 members both male and female .The NGO has so far worked in above from 130 villages of District Lasbella and 04 villages of District Awaran. Total population of 200000 (approximate) has been covered through Sangat development society operations in both districts (Lasbella and Awaran). SDS has a political will and 120 volunteers in target areas of District Lasbella. Services of the NGO are recognized by the community and it enjoys good repute and linkages in whole District.
Chief Executive officer/ Programme Manager 01
Project Coordinators 03
Finance Manager 01
Admin & Finance Assistant 01
Logistic officer 01
IT officer 01
Field Manager 01
Male Social Mobilizers 06
Female Social Mobilizers 06
Principle 01
Female Instructors 10
Supporting Staff ( watch man & Drivers) 05
Total Strength in Sangat Staff 37

• Technical and regular staff consist on 37 members
• 120 volunteers in different villages of district Lasbella
• Sangat is Unique local organization which is working on emergency, rehabilitation, mitigation and livelihood
• Experience of work and partnerships with international Agencies
• Political will in district Lasbela and district Awaran
• Committed, punctual, and hard workers in the team of Sangat
• Flexibility and easy mixing with communities and stack holders
• Documented records
• Expertise in emergency and distribution
• Linkages with national and international donor agencies
• Organizational intervention has in above from 100 villages of district lasbela and 04 villages of Distt Awaran.
• Best relations in target villages with communities and other stakeholders
• Strong Trust of communities
• Transparency in the projects
• Community involvement and participation in the projects
• Gender equity on all level
• Strong sprit of volunteerism
• knowledge about local norms, culture and environment
• Sangat is local initiative of district Lasbella which is working for area development
• Unique local organization which is focusing poverty eradication and focusing specific marginalized class of society
• Conceptual clarity with in organization
• Sangat team aware and can talk in all the local languages of district Lasbella & Awaran.
01 Water and sanitation 08 PIDS, Unicef, Sangat Quetta, Bela
02 Social Audit 03 CIET International Hub, Uthal ,Bela
03 Monitoring and evaluation CCB/Local Bodies 04
DTCE, Sangat
Bela, Uthal, Hub
04 Environment 02 Concern world wide Bela
05 Development Approach 01 Concern world wide Bela
06 DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction) 02 Concern worldwide Islamabad, Quetta
07 DPM 03 SPO, Sangat Hub, Bela
08 HIV Aids 01 Bela
09 Distribution (emergency relief) 04 Concern worldwide Bela , Quetta
10 Bio –sand filtration 02 CAWST CANADA and SCOPE Karachi , Bela
11 Women rights 05 Aurat Foundation Lahore, Karachi, Bela
12 Labor rights 02 PIOLER Hub, Karachi
13 Child rights 01 PIOLER Bela
14 Devolution of Powers
03 Asia Foundation, Sangi Foundation Islamabad , Quetta
15 Food Security 04 Action Aid Pakistan Islamabad, Quetta, Bela
16 CCB’s mobilization 08 SPO, DTCE, Sangat Islamabad , Hub, Bela
17 Focus Group Discussion 02 CIET International Uthal
18 House Hold Survey 02 CIET International, Sangat Lasbella Uthal, Bela
19 Preventive Health 01 CIET International Uthal
20 Proposal Writing 03 JSI, US Aid Islamabad, Quetta, Uthal
21 PCM ( project cycle management)Training 04 DTCE, SPO, SANGAT Hub, Uthal , Bela
22 Water Rights 03 Action Aid , Seher Islamabad, Quetta, Bela
23 DEP (Democratic Education Programme) 01 IDSP Quetta
24 Livelihood Security 02 Concern worldwide Quetta , Islamabad
25 Musaliat-e-Anjuman 01 Seher Bela
26 Logistics 02 Concern worldwide Quetta , Bela
27 Conservation of Nature 01 SSDCN Dam
28 Education reforms 01 Common wealth, Save the children Quetta
29 Public Forums 02 SANGI, Asia Foundation and IDSP Islamabad, Quetta
30 DCC Training 02 Aurat Foundation Karachi, Bela
31 LFA (logical frame work) 02 JSI, US Aid Karachi
32 Chartered account and finances 02 JSI, US Aid , Concern world wide Quetta , Karachi
33 Base Line Survey 02 Concern worldwide, CIET International Uthal , Bela
34 Advocacy 02 Concern worldwide, SPO Hub , Bela
35 Social Mobilization 02 Concern worldwide Bela
36 Social conflict 01 Concern worldwide and Sangat Bela
37 Earthen House Technology 01 Concern worldwide Bela
38 Technical Assessment 04 Irrigation Department Bela Lasbela Bela
39 Mothers & New Born Health Care 12 JSI/ PAIMAN/ US AID Islamabad, Karachi, Multan

Duties and Nature of work in Sangat Development society Lasbella.

 Social mobilization
 Emergency relief response
 Distribution
 Mobilization on mother and neo-born health (PAIMAN)
 TBAs Trainings
 Coordination & Networking
 Advocacy
 Street walks
 Seminars
 Need assessment
 Base line survey
 Education (Fellowship school)
 Mass meetings
 Public forums
 Street walks
 Inter active theater
 Seminars
 Cultural show and local Melas
 Sports tournament
 Community meeting
 Committee formation
 Advocacy
 Reporting
 Coordination and linkages
 Trainings and capacity building of communities
 Technical assessment
 Formation of CCB’s
 Formation of village organizations
 Installation of Hand Pumps
 Care taker trainings for hand pumps
 Construction of embankments (water channels)
 Rehabilitation of shelters
 Rehabilitation of Agricultural lands
 Mitigation


1. Respect for people comes first.
2. Cultural and religious values must be respected.
3. Gender equality is one of the core components of development.
4. Poverty must be targeted.
5. People have the potential to create positive change in their lives.
6. Government and all others stakeholders have a responsibility to work towards poverty elimination.
7. Greater participation and ownership leads to greater commitment.
8. Development is both a right and conversed.
9. Democracy accelerates development.
10. The environment must be respected and conversed.
11. Emergencies required timely and appropriate measures with the coordination and collaboration of relevant partners and other donor agencies.
12. Effective interventions require simple and transparent procedures.
13. Institutional leanings improve future interventions.
14. Experience is the best teacher.
15. Honesty
16. Transparency
17. Punctuality
18. Caring and sharing
19. interdependency
20. taking responsibility
21. Mutual respect

Our work entails values such as respect for people, gender equality, and good governance, which lead toward greater ownership by supporting democracy aligned with rights, bearing in mind the importance of environmentally friendly interventions conducted in a transparent and accountable way.

Conclusion of Sangat Lasbella

Lasbella one of the backward District of Balochistan which is facing a lot of basic issues regarding development, due to natural disaster (flood and drought). And livelihood of the area has been captured in disaster 2003 and 2005 & mostly in 2007.angat has take some efforts with the technical assistance of Concern worldwide (Pakistan Programme) and JSI/ US Aid and with the support of some other Partners, but still existing a lot of community needs in the ground for rehabilitation of Agricultural Lands, Rehabilitation of Water Channels, Drinking Water, Health Facilities like Birthing Stations, and other basic issues which are necessary for up-lifting life of standard of communities.

Sangat Development Society believe on empowering of people, and any efforts of disaster risk reduction will be appreciated and well come development practices in target areas of Sangat development society, and Sangat would be like to opportunities which want focusing livelihood option in target areas of Sangat development society and Sangat also believe on networking, coordination and linkages among the communities, donors, partners, stack holders, local bodies and line department.

For further contact:

Abdul Haque Zoaq Baloch
(Chief Executive Officer)

Address: Sangat Development Society Main Secretariat College Road Bela, Tehsil Bela District Lasbella, Baluchistan Pakistan
Office Tel: 0853204879
Cells: 03332948415-03012021707
E-mail:[email protected]

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