2. NGOs need Resources for…

Before we try to understand what different types of alternative resources are available for NGOs, we need to reflect a bit for what purposes do we need resources at the first place. Actually, we need funding to implement projects that would lead to the development of the communities. Determination of these projects as to what they should address and how they should be implemented mostly depends upon case-to-case. But overall, these projects conceptualized by different stakeholders need to be implemented and these have arisen out of some need felt by the organization, donor and the community. The management of the project also requires funding because there will be some human resources involved to give a direction to the project and these human resources need to be sustained which can be done by paying through the resources raised for the project. To manage these human resources, there is also need for some money so that the administration is institutionalized and professionalism is induced. Growing competition in the civil society also requires tremendous competency in presentation and management, which also consume considerable resources. Moreover, publicity and documentation for organizational advancements also need to be carried out. These areas also have to be adequately funded for its future growth. There are also various contingency needs of the community and it may expect the NGO to fulfill even though if there is no real donor fund available for it. This could also require some corpus of funds so that NGOs can optimize them for various unexpected needs.

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