Three Grantmaking Foundations that Fund Children’s Projects Around the World

This guide provides information on three of the leading donors to children’s projects around the world. If you’re an NGO looking for new funding to support young people in your country, this guide is for you. We’ll discuss some of the some of the biggest donors in the field and how your organisation can apply for support.

The EDF Foundation

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The EDF Foundations supports positive initiatives that have been proposed by NGOs and civil society around the world. The Foundation seeks to address a rapidly changing environment by supporting projects that help society to become more cohesive.  The EDF Foundation is for everyone to find their place in our society.

The Foundation has three main priorities – Social Inclusion, Autonomy and Humanitarian Intervention. Projects for children are eligible under both the Foundation’s Social Inclusion and Humanitarian Intervention programs. Suitable projects include initiatives that provide education, facilitate employability and the empowerment of young people.

The EDF Foundation receives thousands of applications every year. You can find out about whether your project is eligible as well as top tips on how to be successful by downloading the official application guide book using the link below.

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Download the full application guide book

All applications must be submitted online through the EDF Foundation website. Submit your proposal using the link below.

Submit your application

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Child Health Foundation

The Child Health Foundation was established in 1985 as a non-profit, public charity to prevent and treat life-threatening communicable diseases of infants and children in the United States and abroad. The Foundation’s mission is “to save the greatest number of children’s lives at the lowest possible cost.” The Child Health Foundation operate independently, seeking and promoting more effective, easily-delivered and less-expensive methods to prevent illness and death of children, such as oral rehydration therapy to prevent dehydration, immunizations, and breastfeeding.

The organisation’s programs focus on three core areas: Research, Professional Medical Education and Outreach, and Public Education. Recently funded projects supported by the Foundation include a scheme to in Tanzania to make clay pots to protect water from contamination; Improving personal hygiene in the community in India; and establishing rain harvesters at schools in Uganda. If you have a child focused health project that you want to develop then you can contact the Child Health Foundation by clicking here.

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The Global Fund for Children

The Global Fund for Children aims to transform the lives of children on the edges of society—trafficked children, refugees, child laborers—and help them regain their rights and pursue their dreams. Since 1997, the Fund has reached 8 million children worldwide.Global Fund for Children invests in grassroots organizations that enable the most vulnerable children in their communities to thrive. Strategic support helps grantees achieve their vision, become sustainable, and reach even more children in need.

Last year the Global Fund for Children reached 1 million children and aim to reach 10 million by 2015. The Fund’s work has transformed children’s lives around the world with thousands of children going to school instead of to work. Thousands more are protecting themselves from HIV, escaping the bonds of slavery, and getting the childhood they deserve.

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Since 1997, we have invested $25.6 million in more than 500 grassroots organizations in 78 countries worldwide. The Fund aims to maximise donors’ investment in the developing world.

Grantees of the Fund will have the entrepreneurial vision and passion to transform their communities. They also prefer to collaborate with organisations that can be classed as home-grown, established, innovative, nimble and resourceful. The Global Fund for Children accepts grant applications all year round. For more information and to apply click here.


  1. Avatar penjo baba says

    Penjo Entertainment and JBLu Records a US base music label preparing to install our office in Cameroon from January 2014. We are going to bring together the street children who do not more go to school, who’ve lost contacts with their families, we will change their lives through music and cinema to see that they get back on track with a fresh mind and new career. With this plan, we need support for some equipment.

  2. Avatar cchidhindo mukanga says

    we are a new NGO registered in2013 in ZIMBABWE we are looking for donors to help us for our project.

    • Avatar N V Venkatesh murthy says

      dear sir/madam
      i am the managing trustee of cccetrust recently started at mysore india for special chidren with cerebral palsy autism and other disabilities we have at present 6 kids with these type of disabilities and we are in the process of getting some more kids please do help us in of getting funding for us to further expand our scope of serving these kids



  3. Avatar Freidis Rehabilitation & Disable Centre says

    Good Morning Sir / Madam

    I have been at the web side of The Global Fund for Children and I got very much interested in the programs being conducted. That is the reason why I am submitting the letter of interest to be able to apply for a grant. Our organization is very much interested in Child health and it is our priority for children with disability.

    I am the Executive Director of Freidis Rehabilitation & Disable Center in Lira Uganda. Freidis Rehabilitation and Disable Center (FRDC) is a fully registered local Non-Governmental Organization committed to the full rehabilitation, participation, integration and reintegration of CWDs, FAC, women, war victims and other Vulnerable Children of Northern Uganda for equalization of opportunities.

    FRDC is committed to ensure all children with physical disabilities,women, youth and other vulnerable children in Northern Uganda are fully integrated and reintegrated into their communities through comprehensive medical rehabilitation services, psycho-social support services, vocational skills training, education and livelihood support.”

    Please fine the Center’s profile attached and if our project aligns with the Foundations programs, can you notify us so that we can submit for a Grant application.
    We pray and hope to receive your encouraging response to make us be able so submit our application.

    Best regards

    Jogole Christopher
    Execitive Director / Founder Member of FRDC

  4. Avatar Muhundika Hambaya says

    I work for Prison Fellowship Zambia, (PFZ) a Non-governmental Organization that is working in the Zambian prisons.

    I am the Project Co-ordinator for a Project called Family Support.

    The activities include:- a) Paying school fees for the prisoners and ex-prisoners children
    b) Providing food supplements for the families of prisoners and ex-prisoners
    c) Providing blankets and clothes for the children of prisoners and ex-
    We would appreciate if this request will be considered.

    Sincerely yours,

    Hambaya M Muhundika (Mrs)


  5. Avatar Mercy Homes says

    Dear Readers,

    Greetings from the Mercy Homes, India.

    We are running an Orphanage at ELURU-534 005, Andhra Pradesh, South India with a roll of 52 kids. We have 22 applications pending admission. Due to lack of funds, we could not admit them. We also need additional accommodation for Boys. Kindly pray and try to assist us as God provides. We will submit full details of needs on hearing from you.


    Rosy John, Superintendent : Mercy Homes.

  6. Does it possible to seek a mini-grant for implementing school WASH project in Rural and nomadic areas in Tibet?

    Thank you

  7. Avatar Kini Veronica says

    I am the founder of our common initiative group that is made up of grassroots women in Cameroon.We have created a network of grassroots women in 6 region of Cameroon. Our vision is to empower ourselves in other to empower our communities.Children in our communities who HIV/AID have been abandoned by their families and most of the time they are orphans.We believe those children have a right to education,health,nutrition,and why not mix with others.
    If funded we will grate a center.which will have the facilities to make them have their self esteem. It will be a center for all the children without discrimination.
    our good Lord will reward you people for the work you are doing for children

  8. Avatar John Morfaw says

    I am the Executive Director of a Cameroonian NGO called Strategic Development Initiatives. We are committed to policies of alternative development strategies, which are basically people and environment focused. We are currently working with grassroots women to provide them vocational training skills for income generation within the framework of a small livestock production and development centre. We are also developing low external input technologies especially geared towards enhancing soil fertility, ensuring household food security, combating slash and burn, protecting the environment and producing biogas as a measure to actively fight deforestation and climate change. We are basically empowering women to empower themselves and shed the shackles of traditional marginalization and dependency.
    To meaningfully sustain these activities we need at least US$100,000. We would appreciate the collaboration of like minded partners in realizing this amount.

  9. Avatar ACOM SUSSAN says

    I am a concerned mother staying in Soroti town. I have a team of ten other women behind me and we work together for a common goal. We are looking after (catering) for 22 street children aged 5-13 years. Although we are trying all that we can but we are just poor house wives without any direct source of income to help this kids with all the basic needs, especially there are five who are now in primary seven and have done the primary leaving examination, we are sure they will pass to secondary and we are worried we can not afford to pay for their education !!
    Kindly assist to help this very desecrate children.
    May God bless you for all that you are doing.

  10. Avatar BRIDGET KACHERE says

    Thanks very much for making yourself known to us. We are a community Based Organisation in the town of Kadoma in Mashonaland West Province in Zimbabwe. We work with the communities to provide access to education and health to children in Kadoma urban community particularly to orphans and vulnerable children. Most big NGOs are concentrated in big towns like Harare , Bulawayo etc and Kadoma is one of the marginalised small towns but it needs great help. We have a very big vision but our hurdle is funding. So far we are paying fees for 10 primary school children and the funds are from the Director’s pocket but there is still a substantial number of children who need help. In one of the Stakeholders meeting last year we were the second organisation which was helping the needy children with fees which shows the great need in this town. Kadoma is an agricultural and mining town and the newly emerged problem of climate change has also increased the number of the needy children since they rely mainly on the harvest from nearby farms where their fathers work. Most of the mines closed down and the compounds are now dormitory towns providing shelter for those involved in prostitution thereby increasing HIV and Aids cases both in adults and children.

  11. Avatar Rev. Peter Okello says

    I am the secretary of Grace Pentecostal Church Ministries in Uganda. We have many churches in Uganda and Kenya. Our church is involved in Spritual ,physical, and social welfare of Gods people and to that effect we are registred under the NGO board guidelines.
    We do help children aged between 0- 17 years, providing basic needs as is the call by the Almighty God .Board:- Rev. Okello Peter, Rev.Ebucu Moses, Rev.Ediru Robert,Rev. Acou Abiasali , Rev. Amolo John Robert and sister Ikima Rebecca Mrs.
    WE REQUEST AGRANT OF $ 76,923 WHICH IS EQUIVALENT to u.shs. 200,000,000.
    The grant will be spent to cater for education, shelter, food, clothing and medical care of the targeted groups :- Total opharns, street children, and those also badly in need.
    Our Development office is located in our main church 6 km off Soroti town along old Mbale road opposite Soroti core Primary Teachers college.
    Kindly assist us !!
    May the Almighty God bless You for the good innitiative.

  12. Avatar ARIOKOT HELLEN says

    I am a Ugandan in Teso (Soroti District) . We have acommunity Based Organisation that was started way back in July 2011. Its called ASURET COMMUNITY INTERGRATED FARMERS ASSOCIATION (ACIFA). formed by ten farmer groups , total numbers of members 207, while 151 are female and 56 are males.
    We are helping 50 orphans with food in the in the sub county,we intend to assist many.
    This children are between 4 – 16 years of age.The members donate for their fees.
    Kindly support us with a grant .

  13. Avatar ETIBU MOSES MICHAEL says

    I write to thank you so much for the good work you are doing and to introduce to you our organisation .
    We are anon profit making organisation situated in the rural area of Adacar village- Asuret sub county-Soroti District in Uganda.
    The Organisation is called TOGA – UGANDA (In full TOOLS OF GOD ASSOCIATES UGANDA- TOGA-UGANDA). it is not a church but a registered charity organisation or group.
    Our Registraton number is S.5914 / 7201 with the NGO Board Kampala Uganda.
    The major activity we are doing is Vocational Training to the poor youth, i mean just imparting them skills for survival, graduation period of 6 month. We lack training equipments, yet we have bigger numbers of youth in the training center studying in a semi permanent building, while others study under mango trees in the compound. We started in 2007 and we have completed 6 years , but on a low scale due to limited funds from members donations and local /village sympathizers.
    Kindly, help us with training tools especially sewing machines,carpentry tools , brick laying tools and a few spanners.
    On behalf of TOGA Members , Iam the Chairman / Director

  14. I am the Director of Foundation Aid for Children Education. we work with communities to improve the welfare of children in the society. We would be glad to share with you our children focused project ideas. We invest in children and their communities to guarantee children’s future and prosperity. W e work for children in difficult circumstances and those affected by HIV& AIDS.

  15. Avatar Shahbaz M Nar says

    Dear friends,
    I am chairman of Universal Human Rights Organization (R) in Islamabad is none Profit organization and working for poorest children women and men. I am working especially slum areas in Islamabad (Capital of Pakistan) but so many population living these areas, I thing this population around about hundred thousand (100,000) these people live without basic fundamental rights, like clean drinking water, electricity, sui gas, also very poor living condition. they also working as a cleaner (sanitary work).I have some ideas for uplift condition of these people if you will help and provide some funds.

    For more detail and info please visit our URL

    you can contact me for any question and document.

    we shall be grateful for you kindly response .

    Shahbaz M Nar

  16. I am the Director of a none profit organization that is Confident Children out of Conflict is local organization that transforms the lives of disadvantaged children. Confident Children out of Conflict is effective and well-run local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are best placed to respond to the needs of those they serve.
    Founded in 2007 and based in Southern Sudan.
    With life skills through their talents here in South Sudan, we will be grateful if you can give us support to implement the projects we have,

  17. Avatar Mr. Joseph Milun says

    The world recognises Myanmar as a developing country. And I am citizen of it. Withmy family I started “Love in Action Children Home” with more than 20 children above 7yrs old in 2011. But we seem to stop running it due to financial problem. Their future lies on your support. Therefore, we honestly request you to consider for these children. We need monthly 2500$ for their health, education, food and accommodation. Your support will change their future.

    We will be expect your grand.


  18. Avatar Irene Wairimu says

    I work with children in areas of education through building of schools,providing sponsorships and also in the area of health,water and malnutrition. I have a project i implemented of fighting malnutrition in children and adults and with the pilot project i have successfully implemented the impact is tremedious. I have already budgeted to do another big project of the same and it is going to cost me $25,000 and it will impact a poplutation of 88,000 persons within one year. Any one interested to fund this kind of project? Am implementing it in Nairobi,Kenya.

  19. Avatar Ladder Ministries Uganda says

    Dear friends in our Lord Jesus Christ, We appreciate for your great love and wonderful work you are doing to support God’s children around the world.

    Receive our choice and sincere greetings to you through Jesus Christ our precious Lord from Lira City in the northern region of Uganda. Ladder Ministries Uganda registered as a non profit Organization in Uganda (No. 5914/10477)

    We came across your website, is there any way your organization can come in and help to uplift our vision of supporting orphans and vulnerable children, youth, widows, HIV/AIDS, Christians in & out church and the communities at large?

    We shall be grateful for your kindly response.

    May God bless you. Amen


    Rev. Mark Oedo

    Country Coordinator

  20. Avatar Ladder Ministries Uganda says

    Dear friends in our Lord Jesus Christ, We appreciate for your great love and wonderful work you are doing to support God’s children around the world.

    Receive our choice and sincere greetings to you through Jesus Christ our precious Lord from Lira City in the northern region of Uganda. Ladder Ministries Uganda registered as a non profit Organization in Uganda (No. 5914/10477)

    We came across your website, is there any way your organization can come in and help to uplift our vision of supporting orphans and vulnerable children, youth, widows, HIV/AIDS, Christians in & out church and the communities at large?

    We shall be grateful for your kindly response.

    May God bless you. Amen


    Rev. Mark Oedo

    Country Coordinator

  21. Avatar joseph kirindoh says

    I am the Director of a none profit organization that ADVOCATE FOR THE WRITE OF BOY-CHILD with life skills through their talents here in Kenya, we will be grateful if you can give us support to implement the projects we have,

  22. Avatar Hassan Ismail says

    i am a program director with a local NGO with a vision of establishing a self reliant society. It has a passion for serving communities in marginalized areas, with more emphasis put on girl child and women.

    its name is Womankind Kenya and was established on 1989 as a Community Based Organization and registered as NGO on 1995 by a group of women. It has it is head office in Garissa town, the head quarter of Garissa county.

    Since it is establishment, Womankind Kenya has continued to partner with a number of local, international organizations, faith based organization and donors to implement projects in various Core programming areas includes community capacity building, child protection, education, emergency relief, food security, health, HIV/AIDS, microenterprise development, peace building, refugee support, and water and sanitation, Advocacy, Gender based violence and among other interventions.

    Your support will be highly appreciated

  23. Avatar Humanitarian Aid Nursing Developmental Services Africa (HANDSA) says

    HANDSA is a non-governmental organization founded by Liberians, Norwegians and other nationalities living in Norway and Liberia. The aim of this organization is to provide aid to orphans and other abadoned children around Africa with Liberia been the first country to benefit. The visionaries of HANDSA are professionals that have been touched to cleverly seek avenues around the world to making this dream a reality. HANDSA was officially launched on the 2nd of November, 2012 in Oslo, Norway. Other NGOs in Norway were presesent to grace the worthy undertaking. The general public was also invited. The launching program started at 5PM prompt with special invitees from the diplomatic community, The NGO network in Norway (Save the Children, Medicin San Frontiers, Norwegian Refugee Council, Amnesty International, Red Cross, amongst others. A fund raising dance was also held at 10PM to raise more funds for the project. The program venue was around Bislett Stadion in Oslo. Address was Center for African culture (Senter for Afrikansk Kulturformidling) Pilestredet 75C, 0354 Oslo. We are currently registered in Norway and Liberia. We are currently taking in orphans, vulnerable children and young people affected by the 14 years of civil war. May God reachly bless you for more achievements in years to come. David Folay Akoiwala CEO

  24. Avatar Jean Claude Maniragaba says


    I am the Legal Representative of an NGO here in Rwanda based at Nyagatare, I wish to ask if we can do apply for the three grant making foundation fund there in the US,because we are out for the concern of the lives of young people and we have been searching for such an opportunity to acquire grant.


  25. I am the Director of a none profit organization that empower vulnerable children in slums and orphanage homes with life skills through their talents here in Kenya, we will be grateful if you can give us support to impliment the projects we have,

  26. Avatar Meta Francis Justine says

    Environmental Concern South Sudan is an environmental activist group in South which works to improve rural livelihoods through empowerment of the local communities in sustainable agriculture, agro-ecology, agroforestry, poultry farming, beekeeping, mushroom production and aquaculture, ECOSS is seeking for a grant of $80,000 USD for establishment of a sustainable agriculture demonstration and training farm for imparting skills to children with disabilities, war orphans resulting from the 21 years civil strife.

    Your support will be highly appreciated

  27. Avatar Madura trust for community development says

    We the Madura trust for community development a registered charitable NGO, in India engages in the development of poor children of Hiv/Aids infected parents. Presently we run a home for 45 children of Hiv parents. The monthly expenses are us$1200. Any kind hearted people can donate Please contact Miss.Christilda, project director.

  28. Avatar Takunda Children's Trust says

    Takunda Children’s Trust is in Harare Zimbabwe. We run a feeding scheme for less privileged children, and pay school fees for some of them. We are not donor funded, but rely on our own fund raising initiatives which do not yield much. Takunda Children’s Trust is seeking funding for caregivers to start income generating projects so that they become self reliant.

  29. I am the president of the NGO “Foundation For Disabled People” in The Gambia
    We produce local Tricycles and Artificial limbs for rural children with Disabilities so that they are mobile, access schools and learn skills.
    $25,000 will be able to take care of children in 3 regions in the upper part of Gambia

  30. Avatar Mukisa Ronald Joseph says

    I am the director of save AIDs orphans and very poor widows Uganda,at first we where supporting widows in teaching them how to earn a living and after the training we give them a loan to start business.we have now gone ahead to support orphans and street children we need to build homes where we can bring up these children.we are in need of around 230,000 $,i will be grateful on what ever support you give to us.

    • Sounds like wonderful work you do. You can find all of the latest funds available in Uganda here –‎

      Good luck!

  31. Avatar Environmental Comprehensive Action Group-ECAG says

    Environmental Comprehensive Action Group, Zimbabwe, is a group of environmental conservation lobbyist who are aiming to improve the livelihoods of local people especially the rural people at the same time help people live in harmony with the environment.

    Although this may be a new organisation, the success of the organisation is certain because it is anchored on the skills of students from a renowned university in the country who are keen to translate their theory into practice. Moreover, the organisation was formed by Social Ecology students, the organisation just need money to jumpstart its activities. Donors need to put their trust in us and give us a chance to expess what we learnt at college into practice.

  32. Child labourers are common both in uban and rural Areas of country. They do iT to feed themsels and cater for their education. Somw parents (in rural areas). even depends on the pRoceeds of the child’s Labour for feeding. I belong to an organization whose mission is to ensure a better world for children.

  33. Greetings,

    I am a member of an NGO here in Cameroon,i wish to ask if we can do apply for the three grant making foundation fund there in the US,because we are out for the concern of the lives of young people and we have been searching for such an opportunity to acquire grant.


  34. Avatar Watuwa Nathan Mabalah says

    Thanks for your concern towards the well being of our country but one thing is that your agent here in Uganda are not fulfilling your goal. The terms of grant application are so complected for one to go through. It will be better to identify specific organizations and implement the project under your supervision. What I mean is never go through the so called country coordinators and leave all the responsibilities in their hands but you move with them to the particular organizations’ offices and share with the staff about the way forward.

  35. Avatar Nelson Edmond Obella says

    VERDE-Uganda works to improve rural lives by providing access to Education, Healthcare, Food, Clean Water and Sanitation in Uganda.
    A great number of youth in our rural communities drop out of school every year and many others have never seen inside of classroom at all. Many of them at the age of 15 years and above, have no hope to go to school unless guided.
    Our strategy is to construct a rural Technical Training Center and a rural Agricultural Training Center for Tropical Agriculture. We are sure these courses will improve their lives.
    We require at least $123,000. Please help us.