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Top Ten Wealthiest European Foundations

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Following up on our previous coverage of ten of the best charitable foundations based in the US, we present to you our guide to the top ten European Foundations.

The entries are ranked based on the size of the Foundation’s total endowment, or invested donations, that are available for charitable purposes.

1. The Stichting INGKA Foundation is a Dutch Foundation founded in 1982 by Ingvar Kamprad, the Swedish billionaire, who is the founder of IKEA. INGKA is one of the largest charitable foundations in the world and the second-largest nonprofit organization in the world…[more]

2. The Wellcome Trust was established in 1936 as an independent charity funding research to improve human and animal health. It has an endowment of around £14.5 billion. Now in its 77th year, the aim of the Trust is to “achieve extraordinary improvements in health by supporting…[more]

3. The Church Commissioners is a body managing the historic property assets of the Church of England with an endowment reported to be worth at least $8.1 billion. The Commissioners are tasked with managing an investment portfolio to support…[more]

4. The Robert Bosch Stiftung is reported to be the largest German Foundation, managing the philanthropic bequest of company founder Robert Bosch for more than 40 years. The Foundation is divided into four areas to support…[more]

5. The Garfield Weston Foundation was established in 1958 by Willard Garfield Weston, a Canadian businessman who moved to the UK with his family in 1932. Annual donations to the Foundation have grown from…[more]

6. The Knut and Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse is the sixth Foundation and our list with an endowment reported to be worth over $5.3 billion in 2012. The purpose of the Foundation is to promote scientific research, teaching and education beneficial…[more]

7. Realdania is a philantropic association supporting projects in the built environment within three focus areas: Cities, buildings and built heritage.Their mission is to improve quality of life for the common good through the built environment…[more]

8. The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation is a Portuguese private foundation whose statutory aims are in the fields of arts, charity, education, and science. It reported an endowment of over $3.5 billion in 2012…[more]

9. The Sigrid Rausing Trust is a UK grant making foundation, founded in 1995 by Sigrid Rausing to support human rights globally. Since then, the Trust has given away approximately £191.9 million to human rights organisations all over the world…[more]

10. Zennström Philanthropies was founded in 2007 by Niklas and Catherine Zennström. Its mission is to support and engage with organisations that fight for human rights, work to stop climate change and encourage social entrepreneurship…[more]

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