Iftikhar Hussain Jaffari

Gender:: Male

Country/Countries I have worked in:: Pakistan

More Details: Working as a social worker since 1986 in the field of child education, adult education and women education. About .2m beneficiaries facilitated through our campaign. Now our educational project is well reputed in child education field in both gender. Several awards and medals granted from Punjab Government and Punjab Examination Commission (PEC).

Khairpur Development Society (KDS)


Khairpur Development Society (KDS) established in June 1998. After Two years continuously working KDS registered on 30th June, 2000 under the societies Registration Act of 1860.

During two years 1998-2000 KDS team got a lot of experience. KDS team worked in different areas of District Khairpur Mirs & collected fruitful information according to need of that area, through arranging seminars, workshops & trainings. Those all activities were arranged with the support of local community based organizations (CBOs/GROUPS, which were established by the KDS.

That information is depending on situation of those areas.

After identification of needs KDS started to work in those areas for the sustainable development & started formation of GROUPs/CBOs

Sindh Province.

 To provide Research opportunities to community.
 Formation of Groups/CBO’s and implementation of projects.
 To build the capacity of CBO’s/ Groups.
 Poverty Alleviation.
 To struggle for sustainable agriculture and irrigation system.
 To improve health, Education and environmental status.
 To establish micro enterprise projects or small industries.
 Community Mobilization.
 To take efforts for better use of natural resources and betterment of environment.
 Consultation for sustainable development projects.
 Social uplift.
 Human Rights.
 Women in Development (WID).
 Child Labor.

KDS established networking with CBO’s/Groups since 1998. Now there are 15 CBO’s Groups are working with KDS.

Within some time this figure will increase. All Groups/CBO’s are working in different development sectors.

There are books on different topics and subjects, magazines, daily news papers, survey reports, news letters and brochures of different organizations. Available in resource center.

KDS is working in community development sector, so for that our organization ha been worked on those topics which are related with the organizations objectives.

KDS have been arranged many programs for the community mobilizations.
Those programs were arranged with the support of local groups/ CBOs.

KDS has own team who can provide trainings on different topics in development sector.
Those trainings were topics of capacity Building, skills development, Book Keeping, constitution of registration authorities, Rural Marketing, Education, Health, Juvenile Justice, Project Management, Communication skills, Report Writing, Training of Trainers (TOT).
KDS team provided these all trainings to CBOs/Groups.

These samaras & workshops were conducted on different places like schools, villages & public places also.
All those seminars & workshops were in sector of Education, Health,
Economy of Pakistan, Rural Marketing, and KAro Kari Issues

KDS worked so well in local body election 2002. Team of Organization visited in 25 Union Councils of District Khairpur Mirs of Sindh province and provided information about participation in local body election especially assurance of Women’s participation in election.

Particular NO. Beneficiaries
Trainings 159 3219
Workshops 214 4513
Seminars 439 48500
Total 812 56232

KTM Officers colony, Opposite Syed Bachal Shah House, Station road, Khairpur Mirs, Sindh


Universal community development foundation { UCODEF- NGO }
“Working for the Overall Welfare of Poorest and Vulnerable Communities in Kenya”



UCODEF NGO is an NGO based in Migori District, Nyanza Province in Kenya.

The project aims at identifying, registering, supporting and ensuring full-time protection and guaranteeing of the basic human rights for children orphaned and made vulnerable by the HIV/AIDs and Poverty, Widows and the Youth by developing and implementing tailor-made and responsive community based programs aimed at ameliorating their challenges


1.To conduct awareness creation sessions in the local communities regarding the UCODEF-NGO inclusive education and child support programme for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) by promoting inclusive education, rehabilitation, and referrals through community commitment, involvement and participatory action.
2.To promote awareness creation, sensitizing to the communities through various forums in order to call them to intervene.
3.To facilitate tapping of existing resources and services by selecting, regulating and empowering OVCs and community volunteers in relevant knowledge and enthusiasm in community participation in identifying OVCs, provision of rehabilitation services and management of referrals and welfare of the OVC and follow up services.
4.To strengthen the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children organizations working with the community in order to change public attitudes and to demonstrate the role they can play in the development of their communities.

VISION: To create sustainable opportunities for PLHAs, Orphaned and vulnerable Children, youth and widows in order to help them realize their full potentials thus live satisfying lives. To this end, the organization shall be a center of excellence in knowledge production and dissemination; development planning and execution; entrepreneurship development and financing and Rural Participatory Appraisal for Inclusive and Participatory Rural Development (RPA-IPRD) without loosing sight of its mission and HIV/AIDS Impact Mitigation Agenda (HIMA), while promoting capacity building, women sexuality education and rights, community democratic principles and increasing community access to resources and assets necessary for their meaningful empowerment for greater efficacy and independence.

To work with target groups in Migori District and other parts of Nyanza Province, regardless of their
Color, race or creed, by providing the environment necessary for each individual’s social, psychological, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

The Organization seeks to promote overall well-being of the target groups in the Kenya’s poorest communities by partnering in the:
•Protection and enhancement of the Rights of the Children, Widows, PLHAs, Women and Youth,
•Securing the future of the Girl-child by promoting and sustaining their access to quality education and health care services,
•Prevention and eradication of diseases and development of community health through development of community health center, hygiene, reproductive health care, Preventive Health and Education, pediatric services, nutrition and food security among other interventions.

GOAL: To reach 5, 000 OVCs, 2000 widows, 1500 PLHAs in Migori District and that shall have formally been registered with UCODEF as People in Especially Difficult Circumstances.

1.To offer the OVCs unquestionable recognition of their full human rights and place in society.
2.To offer OVCs standards of excellence in all aspects of care and support
3.To offer OVCs and their caregivers the support of a forward looking and responsive organization.
4.To offer OVCs the opportunities to take an effective part at any level of learning within the education cycles.
5.To source and synchronize donor support in order to provide quality healthcare and nutrition support to the OVCs.

Equity Foundation

Equity Foundation is a non-governmental organisation founded in 2002, with the primary objective of empowering women and creating new pathways for overcoming the obstacles to Women / Child development through a synergy of “Knowledge”, “Voice” and “Action”. It was formally registered under Societies Registration Act on 26th March 2003. Equity Foundation (A Forum for women & child) was established by a group of women Activists. All of us had been earlier working either with academic institutions or with different NGOs. We realized that in India only 2% of the NGOs are run by women, most of the women’s development programs are designed and implemented by women. So we felt a need for more women’s organizations and initiated Equity Foundation. We are registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act of Ministry of Home Affairs. We are also registered under 12-A and 80- G with the Income Tax department and exempted income tax. At present we are working in Bihar. The focus area is- Women Panchayat Representatives, Gender Budget, Children, youth, publication, documentation and training. The core areas of its focus are providing technical assistance to innovative programmes and strategies for women’s human rights, political participation and economic security. As a learning and knowledge – based organization, the Foundation integrates its activities in a feedback process of pioneering, learning, information sharing and advocacy and facilitates active dissemination of information regarding women and child issues through seminars and workshops.

EQUITY FOUNDATION from its inception has been carrying out various activities on a diversity of fronts every year.


Logo of Rights jessore.jpg (11 KB)

Rights Jessore, a Bangladeshi human rights organization working for combating of women and children trafficking and illegal migration and ensuring human rights of the grassroots level people since 1992.

Rights Jessore mainly works in southern border districts of Bangladesh. The primary target groups are NGO leaders and workers, teachers, local professional groups like lawyers, journalist and health professionals, law enforcing agencies, local elected bodies, local administration at district, thana and union level, women activists.
The basic aims of the organization are formation of local forums and network against illegal migration and women and child trafficking. Rights Jessore so far established Lawyers forum, Doctors forum, Women forum and Youth forum. Teachers and Cultural activist forum are on the process of formation. They are playing a key role as an additional force in Rights Jessore movement against women and children trafficking and illegal migration and human rights violation.
For creating mass awareness and dissemination of information about human rights violations Rights Jessore regularly is publishing monthly newsletter and other publications like poster, leaflets and stickers. Rights Jessore also regularly keeping records on information about trafficking and illegal migration and preparing statistical report to highlight the issues in the local and national dailies.
As important activities Rights Jessore regularly conducting fact-finding mission on the incidence of human rights violations and trafficking and illegal migration and also sending the report in form of Urgent action to draw attention of the concern authority on the issues.
Rights Jessore organized the Capacity Building Training on Trafficking and Migration with 399 grassroots level organizations in the period of 2003-2005 in Jessore, Satkhira, Narail, Jhenaidah and Magura districts.
Rights Jessore launched a Grassroots Level NGOs Network namely “Manob Pachar Protiroth Network”(i.e, Human Trafficking Prevention Network) on 10 July 2005. The members of the Network are working to combat Trafficking in Women and Children in Jessore, Satkhira, Narail, Jhenaidah and Magura districts. There are 480 members NGOs in the Network. Out them 46 local NGOs are working with us as direct implementing partners of various projects.
To raise the voice of the local peoples and ensure participation’s of the community people against trafficking in person and unsafe migration and human rights violations.
Rights Jessore regularly observes different UN declared days like 10 December( Universal Human Rights Day), 18 December( International Migrants Day), 8 March (Internal Women’s Day), 26 June(Internal Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking) each through organizing rally in the morning, seminar in the after noon along with publication of special supplement at local dailies to commemorate the days.
• Networking with NGOs at national and grassroots level
• Community (such as local elected bodies, journalists, teachers and students, lawyers, doctors, religious leaders, political leaders, members of transport sector as well as vulnerable women and children) sensitization and members of law enforcing agencies training (Police, BDR, Ansar and VDP)
• Advocacy with GO at all levels

Legal Status of the Organization:
• Rights Jessore is registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau
• Registration No. 1303 dated on 26 October 1998 and Social Service Department Registration no. 303 dated on 21 March 1993.
Experience with International Organizations and Donor Agencies:
Rights Jessore has implemented a number of projects with the financial assistance of the International organizations/donor agencies. These are the followings:
1. The Royal Danish Embassy/ DANIDA, Dhaka- going on
2. International Organization for Migration IOM- Going on
3. The British Council, Dhaka- Completed
4. Academy for Educational Development, AED, USAID- Completed
5. The Australian High Commission, Dhaka- Completed
7. GROUPE Developpement (GD), France- On going

Experience with Government of Bangladesh:
• Ministry of Women and Children Affairs
• Ministry of Home Affairs
• Women Affairs Department


The main objective of the Rights Jessore is to reduce human rights violation and maintain a violence free society. To achieve the main objective of the organization, Rights Jessore is dedicated to protection and promotion of human rights.


Rights Jessore has expertised on the following human rights issues:
• Human Rights education at grassroots level
• Training on human rights issue
• Motivation on human rights
• Campaign against women and child trafficking
• Raise awareness among the local peoples on women and children trafficking and irregular movement
• Empowering of the rural women
• Legal awareness for rural women
• Fact- Finding on human rights violation
• Awareness on HIV/AIDS
• Medical treatment for the tortured victims
• Women group formation
• Professional group formation
• Voter Education
• Publication on women and children trafficking
• Networking with the NGOs and CBOs with grassroots, national and international level

The Olive Branch for Children

Since its inception in 2005, The Olive Branch for Children has grown tremendously. We have successfully accomplished the expansion and improvement of the Iwambi Lutheran Orphanage Centre. In addition, the Olive Branch for Children is funding a scholarship program it developed, ensuring that youth with academic ability from the Iwambi Centre, our OVC program and the Zion Home are able to attend higher end secondary institutions and University. In 2008, The Olive Branch for Children, with the support of members of the Vaughan business community spearheaded by Dr. John Leong, established the Iwambi Medical Clinic.

In 2006, The Olive Branch for Children began the Zion Home. The Zion Home provides children with chronic or serious illnesses with a loving and supportive environment, based on a strong focus on nutrition and attentive medical care. The results have been astounding. The crux of the Zion Home is the creation of a “family” to provide the children with an environment that ensures that they flourish and become the leaders of tomorrow. We now support 14 children at our Zion Home.

The Olive Branch for Children is now focused on our new model of community specific programming. In 2006, we were working in only one village and its sub-villages. We are now working in partnership with over 25 villages and are helping to develop and implement with the various communities public health programming that will touch in a positive manner over 60 000 lives. In our participating villages and have seen a significant reduction in intestinal worms and other stomach-related illnesses due to our UNIVERSAL DE-WORMING campaign and our CLEAN WATER campaign. Working with the local and district governments, the Olive Branch for Children helped the village of Mahongo continue the construction of its medical clinic.

The Olive Branch for Children has started providing baseline, community health education on various topics such as the importance of using and maintaining mosquito nets, HIV/AIDS prevention, testing and treatment, the importance of boiling water, washing hands and basic hygiene, health monitoring, digging pit latrines, family planning and encouraging parents to send their children to school. In addition, we are starting a commitment to water, supporting the construction of borehole wells in villages with little to no access to water, as well as improving existing government irrigation and water supply initiatives.

Part of The Olive Branch for Children’s public health programming is early childhood education. Our Kindergarten training workshops have helped The Olive Branch, working together with local governments, establish Montessori-based kindergartens in 25 remote villages. Over twenty-seven teachers received teacher training and Montessori material-making training in 2008, helping fourteen communities open Kindergartens. In July to August of 2009, we hosted another three-week training with Pam Leudke and Jamie Rossiter, Montessori Trainers from Canada, and trained 28 teachers.

The Olive Branch for Children provides 280 People Living with HIV/AIDS, including 50 children, in 10 villages with at home support, necessary at home medical care and opportunistic infections medicines. We provide them with nutritional supplements and monthly group meetings. The participants are divided into groups and provided with milking goats for nutritional purposes and for income-generation. The groups are also provided with trainings in sustainable agriculture and helped to establish home-gardens. This year, in May, we hosted a 3-day sustainable agriculture training in the village of Mahongo for our Orphans and Vulnerable Children program. In November 2009, The Olive Branch for Children hosted a 21-day, Community Home Based Care Providers’ training in partnership with the US Ambassador’s HIV/AIDS Relief Fund and the Mbarali District. 19 villagers were trained as Community Home Based Care Providers.

Temidayo Ogan

Gender:: Female

Country/Countries I have worked in:: Nigeria

More Details: Temidayo Ogan is the Executive Director/Founder of TEMIDAYO OGAN CHILD SAFETY AND SUPPORT (TOCSS) FOUNDATION.
She founded the first registered Non-governmental Organisation, working on Child Passenger Safety(CPS) in Nigeria. She is responsible for:
• The day-to-day running of the organisation.
• Organising annual Child Safety Walks in Lagos State since 2007.
• Carring out free quarterly Child Passenger Safety training for school bus drivers and Health Education teachers.
• Sponsoring of Staff/Pupil Recognition Initiative safety award in private schools around Ikeja Local government area of Lagos State.
• Initiating the crossing guards project around school zones in Lagos State.
• Collaborating with schools and other public organisations to raise awareness especially on child passenger safety.
• Initiating Safety Clubs in Schools in Lagos State.
• Giving educational support and relief to orphanages in Lagos State.

She also worked as a trained journalist in the following organizations:

Century Media Limited, Publishers of New Age Newspaper
2002 – 2003.
Job Title: Lagos State Government House Correspondent:
• Covering daily activities at the government house.
• Principal correspondent, responsible for covering all activities concerning the governor of Lagos State.
• Researching and reporting political stories.
• Attending press conferences and government house briefings.
• Pre-press proof reading of stories.

LAGOS HORIZON (Lagos State Ministry of Information), publisher of Eko Today Newspaper
1999 – 2001
Reporter/Features Writer
• Reporting and writing of Human angle stories.
• Pre-press proof reading.
• Research and reporting of political stories.

Naveed Asif

Hope.jpg (174 KB)

HOPE for Suffering Humanity (HSH) is a voluntary, non-government, non-profit and non-political organization. We are registered under society’s registration Act 1860. We are working to promote human rights. Human rights are the core agenda of Hope. We believe human rights exist to affirm the dignity of every person. All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. We offer education, training, and health facilities to those in need. We provide legal assistance to victims of human rights. We mainly emphasize women’s development. We make people aware of their basic rights and help them to become active member of their community. “If you become aware of something, you can get rid of it very easily. If you are not aware of it, it remains with you”. Our vision is to empower and enable people to end suffering.

Hope is striving to provide opportunities, encouragement, training and motivation to those in the most hopeless and helpless situation. Since its inception, HOPE has served over 1000 individuals in the province of Punjab. We are focusing on community development through quality education, necessary training and better health facilities. We train women and men, equipping them with the skills, methods and knowledge needed to take self-reliant actions to improve their lives and conditions in their communities. We organize people into self-help groups to gain a stronger voice.

HOPE: Where hopelessness is not an option and happiness is a gift received through self-recognition of interests, values, abilities and healthy living. Following are the running projects (at self-support basis) under the platform of HOPE.

*Superior Institute of Computer Education, Mehdi Mohalla, Gojra, District Toba Tek Singh.
*Safia Welfare School System, Chak No:430JB, Adda,Tehsil Gojra, District Toba Tek Singh.
*Hope Sunday School & Career Counseling Center, Christian Colony, Gojra.
*Hope Women’s Development Center, Christian Colony, Toba Tek Singh.
*Hope Women’s Development Center, Bilal Town, Waris Pura, Faisalabad.
*Hope Health Care & Career Counseling Center, Bilal Town, Waris Pura, Faisalabad.
*Hope Health Care Center, Kousar Niazi Colony, North Nazimabad, Karachi.

Mission Statement:
Our mission on earth is to become array of hope for hopeless & helpless people. Try to carry each other’s burden, and in this way we will fulfill the law of Christ! We are only fully alive when we’re helping others.

Currently, we are focusing on three goals. These three goals, “Education for all”, “Health for all”, and “Employment for all” are inseparably linked. These are human rights and must be achieved concurrently. We plan on accomplishing these goals through seminars, workshops, study groups, medical camps and animation with different groups of the society like men, women, youth, and children.


We must understand that God himself has entrusted the children to us, to bring them up as responsible member and future leaders of our community and nation. God has called all of us to play important role to serve the children, youth and senior citizens with such care and love, which will give a new kind of selflessness and dynamic leadership to the society so that the society will truly be a light to the nation.
URL: www.hope-ngo.org

Mahmood Hasan

Gender:: Male

Country/Countries I have worked in:: Bangladesh

More Details: Curriculam Vitae of M A H M O O D H A S A N

Father’s Name : S.A. Halim

Mother’s Name : Mabia Khatun

Address (Off.) : ADORE
37, Shamsur Rahman Road (1stFloor)
Khulna-9100, Bangladesh

Home Address : 117, Islampur Road.
Shantidham lane,

Birth Date : 10 July 1964
Place : Khulna, Bangladesh
Nationality : Bangladeshi
Marital status : Unmarried


Name of Institution Course of
Study Highest level Completed Date
Graduation Majid Memorial City College, Khulna, Bangladesh. 1984-85 Bachelor of Arts 1987
HSC Sunderban Adarsha Mahavidyalaya, Khulna. Bangladesh. 1979-80 Higher Secondary Cert. 1981
SSC St.Josephs High School, Khulna, BD. 1977-78 School Secondary Cert. 1979


01 July 93-till
Title : Executive Director
Institution : ADORE (Alternative Development Organization for Research & Evaluation)
Job responsibilities : Organize and plan over all activities of the Organization in the light of its mission, vision and objectives.
Control administration, finance & program management.
Monitor the progress of projects, program & research activity.
Manage & Motivate project staff and develop strong spirit among the team to prepare annual plan, report and budget.
Conduct internal training and
Maintain liaison with GO, NGO and other forum & network in home & abroad.


Date: 31 August 2007 : Condition of Home based Women Entrepreneurs & Producers of South-West Region of Bangladesh: A Study based report Printed & Published in Bengali version.

Date: 05 June 2000 : “Need Environment Sensitized Generation-21”- A concept on sustainable environmental issue, published in The Daily JONMOBHUMI, from Khulna, Bangladesh.

Date: 05 August 99 : Compilation of Annual Report’(98-99)of ADORE

Date: 05 June & 24 May 99 : “Sustainable Environmental Development: Need more peoples participation”-An observation based write-up published in The daily TATTYA & The daily JONMOBHUMI, Khulna, Bangladesh.

Date: 02 February 99 : “SWAHOR ALIR NOGOR CHINTA” A drama script, based on Civic Rights & Environment.

Date: 23 October 98 : “Indigenous Mundas in the Sunderbans coast: A study based write-up published in The daily TATTYA, Khulna, Bangladesh.

Date: 03 September 98 : Compilation of Annual Report’(96-98)of ADORE.

Date: 16 February 98 : Open Theatre: A publication of 3 drama script, based on anti-drug stories.


Date : 28 May 2008
Title : Workshop on Effective Communication for Successful Fundraising
Organized by : Bangladesh Freedom Foundation (BFF) & The Resource Alliance, UK
Conducted by : Mal Warwick, The Resource Alliance.

Date : 09-10 November 2007
Title : Resource Mobilization
Organized by : Bangladesh Freedom Foundation (BFF)
Conducted by : Mr. Quazi M. Ahmed, CEO, Future Leaders.

Date : 13-15 March 2007
Title : Public Policy Advocacy
Organized by : Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BWCCI)
Conducted by : Mark T. McCord, Chief of Party, CIPE

Date : 07-11 March 2004
Title : Human Rights & Good Governance
Organized by : Manusher Jonno
Conducted by : Empowerment through Law of the common people

Date : 25-29 January2004
Title : Entrepreneurship Development And Business Planning Of Enterprises
Organized by : MDC, Income Project, CARE-Bangladesh
Conducted by : MDC Core group.

Date : 24-28 August 2003
Title : Training of Trainers
Organized by : MDC, Income Project, CARE-Bangladesh
Conducted by : MDC Core group.

Date : 06-27 February 2000
Title : Training on Television Journalism
Organized by : BCDJC, Thomson Foundation UK & FPAB
Conducted by : Mr. Michael Delahaye, Broadcaster (BBC) & media consultant and Mr.Golam Mustafa, senior ex-cameraman, Bangladesh Television.

Date : 16 Nov 1997
Title : Orientation on Use of Advocacy Tools in Social Mobilization
Organized by : Change Makers Forum, Khulna, Bangladesh.
Facilitated by : Katheleen D.Sheekey, from Advocacy Institute, Washington D.C,USA.

Date : 15-25 April’96
Title : Socio-economic Research Methodology
Organised by : Bangladesh Academy of Rural Development
Location : BARD,Kotbari,Comilla,Bangladesh.


Date : February-March 2009

Sub/Title : Scope of Initiating Micro Enterprise Development at Rangunia Upazila under Gender and Development Program, Chittagong Region of Caritas-Bangladesh.
Organized & Supported by : CARITAS-BANGLADESH, Dhaka (Capital of Bangladesh),

Role : As consultant & team leader: management contact, Prepare tools for data collection, Conduct interview & FGD, Data compilation, Report preparation and presentation.

Date : January-February 2009

Sub/Title : Market Feasibility Study & TNA for the program Beneficiaries.
Institute : CDA, Dinajpur (North of Bangladesh), Supported by: Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF)

Role : As consultant & team leader: management contact, Prepare tools for data collection, Conduct interview & FGD, Data compilation, Report preparation and presentation.

Date : January-June 2007

Field/Sub : Study on Condition of Home based Women Entrepreneurs & Producers of South-West Region of Bangladesh.

Institute : ADORE, Supported by: Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF)

Role : As team leader: management contact in Satkhira, Kushtia and Jessore, Prepare tools for data collection, Conduct interview & FGD, Data compilation, Report writing and pre-press work.
Date : March 2002

Field/Sub : Agro based production & small business documentation in video & print media.

Institute : ADORE, Supported by: Bangladesh Freedom Foundation (BFF)

Role : As team leader: theme design, script writing, management contact with home-based entrepreneurs, prepare questionnaire, camera & editing direction.

Date : 01March –30June 2001
Field : GOPP Exercise under the Feasibility Studies for Shrimp Component of the Forth Fisheries Project (FFP)
Institute : Organized by: Bangladesh Center for Advance Studies (BCAS) & Supported by: DFID.
Team leader : Michael A. Roy.
Role : GOPP Exercise Facilitator. Conducted & facilitated field workshops & compiled primary data.

Date : January (14-18) 2000
Field : Survey on EPI coverage in Khulna urban
Institute/Team leader : Data management Aid, Dhaka.
Role : Organized & Coordinated a 15 member survey team for door to door survey.

Date: : November(18-20) 1997
Field : Study on beneficiaries perspective regarding 3rd fisheries project.
Institute/Team leader : Micheal A. Roy, Consultant,WB.Under the program, NGO-World Bank collaboration in Development (Fisheries III)
Role : Associate of a four member study team.

Date : May(23-31) 1997
Field : A feseability study to provide credit support to the Government of Bangladesh for the conservation of the bio-diversity of the Sunderbans Reserved Forest (SRF)
Institute : Supported by: Asian Development Bank, Team Leader:
Team Leader : Abu Naser Khan, PROSHIKA Research Unit.
Role : Supervisor of a 11 member survey team, covered area of work: Shaymnagar of Satkhira & Koyra of Khulna district.


INDIA 2007 Manusher Jonno Foundation Govt. initiative for SME & WBCCI Kolkata, WB
INDIA 2005 Manusher Jonno Foundation Entrepreneurship Dev. Program of Udyogini. Delhi & Rajasthan
CANADA 1994 The Jeanne Sauvé Youth Foundation Second International conference for Young Leaders Montreal & Quebec
INDIA 1994 SELF Exposure visit West Bengal
PHILIPPINE 1993 PETA (Philippine Educational Theatre Association) Theatre management Training Manila & Quezon city
NORWAY 1993 NORGES UNGDOMSLAG Cultural Performance Oslo



ADORE was formed in 1992, as a development organization, to work in the south-west part of Bangladesh, particularly in greater Khulna.
Since 2001, the organization concentrated its focus on home-based women entrepreneurship development and subsequently to ensure women entrepreneurship rights and trade favorable governance.

Legal Status

ADORE is duly registered under NGO Affairs Bureau,vide Reg. no: 1593, dated 7-12-2000.

Poor people in Bangladesh are living in a balance socio-economic condition

ADORE endeavors for becoming proactive partner of people- especially the poor and marginalized community, with reciprocal respect for all- to attain basic development, to live a proper human life in dignity & honor, to make their potentialities effectual and to serve others sincerely.

Geographical Area:
ADORE is situated in Khulna district, a divisional town of Bangladesh. Khulna is located in the south-west part of Bangladesh. The city of Khulna is in the northern part of the district, and is mainly an expansion of trade centers by the rivers Rupsha and Bhairob.

We are committed to achieve our immediate goal- to reduce poverty and ensure sustainable livelihood aiming following objectives:

• To assist the deprived communities identifying the causes of barriers against sustainable livelihood & take steps to eliminate the reasons by their own initiatives.
• To unlock the hidden potentialities of women ensuring participation in development process.
• To protect human rights of deprived and ignored community of the society.
• To sensitize the society creating social obligation for protecting the child rights.
• To campaign and protect nature & natural resources for natural balance.
• To mobilize local resources for sustainable action to reduce poverty.

Program Theme

ADORE has been setup its approach for the promotion of entrepreneurship among the women in the mode of creating opportunities for their home-based initiatives and organizing research and study in the same field.

Our Services :
ADORE provides its services and supports through developing some units on the basis of its available resources i.e. training centre-AROMVI, resource centre-RISC, ADORE research unit-RE-SEARCH, MARKETING CELL & Outlet- PAARH.

Under skill development training the AROMVI center generally provides all sorts of small trade based skill training like;
 Sewing
 Embroidery
 Screen printing
 Fashion designing
 Handicrafts items
 Snacks & confectionery items preparation
 Agro-based food production
 Floriculture and many others
 Design & product diversification
 Natural/organic color preparation

Besidesskill technical training, AROMVI also provides Entrepreneurship & Business management Training i.e:

 Enterprise motivation
 Business planning & management
 Financial planning
 Production planning
 Market feasibility study
 Quality control
 Marketing & sales promotion
Our core trainer group always uses simple & most communicative tools in theoretical training for backward group.


Apart from conducting skill development training AROMVI has established a production unit. A full time designer is working to develop contemporary design on fashion and handicraft product.

The production & marketing unit mutually works for updating market demand, design, color, pricing and quality.

ADORE has established a Resource & Information Service Centre (RISC) to provide business information & counseling support among the stakeholders who are needed & interested.

ADORE has a separate research unit with a core group of practical experienced members which is called RE-SEARCH. The executive director of ADORE leads the team for planning and execution the external & internal survey, study & research work. ADORE has been involved in research & study work since 1997 in different issue of socio-economic development.

Please visit our website for more information: www.adorebd.org