Mamata Pokharel

About Mamata Pokharel

Mamata is a freelance writer, editor, and development communications-expert based in Kathmandu, Nepal. She has experience with communication strategy, messaging, and using online and offline tools to achieve communication goals. She has managed projects producing a wide range of communication material including success stories, photos, TV ads, documentaries, apps, brochures, and research.

How NGOs can use Facebook for ensuring an Effective Presence

Facebook for Your NGO Facebook is an important platform for non government organizations (NGOs), especially those in the developing world. As the developing world comes online, they do so through their mobile devices, and for them, the Internet is Facebook. For NGOs in the developing world, an effective presence on Facebook is becoming vital. It is a way to stay in touch with your supporters, to build a base of people committed to your mission, to spread the message about your organization, … [Read more...]