Dr Saumya Arora

About Dr Saumya Arora

Dr. Saumya Arora is a development professional with cross-disciplinary experience in project management, resource mobilization, donor relationship management, community mobilization and project execution at the field level. She is currently working towards building fundraising and resource mobilization capacity of community-based organizations, apart from developing functional linkages with donors across the world.

How board members can play a role in resource mobilization

Board members are the core drivers of an organization. They set the direction of the organization for years to come. They constitute the board, a collective body that governs the non-profit, guide the organization to work towards its mission and vision. Despite their importance in functioning of the organization, most of the board members do not actively play role in resource mobilization. Though it is not mandated as their ‘role and responsibility’ in the non-profit, the board can definitely … [Read more...]

9 interesting ways to maintain relationships with your donors

Every donor, be it an individual, a donor agency, a foundation, or a CSR (corporate social responsibility) arm, looks for feedback from the non-profit or charity. Feedback in terms of knowing how important they are for you, how appreciated they are, and what it gives them to stay connected. A sense of appreciation, feeling of contributing towards a social cause, and regular and meaningful communication would result in maintenance of lasting relationships with your donors. Here are 10 … [Read more...]

How to write engaging case studies to demonstrate impact

A case study is a very important qualitative method of capturing impact. It is an approach to qualitative research with focus on specific in-depth analysis of a particular case, incident, story, or event. For NGOs, case studies reflect successes of a particular program(s) in terms of changing people’s lives, with ‘voice’ of the people impacted. Well-researched and well-documented case studies win hearts, and may even win donors! So here are a few tips on how to write engaging case studies to … [Read more...]

Fund-raising scenario in India: Lessons for NGOs

Non-profit sector is increasingly feeling a need to have professional fund-raisers in order to maintain the functions smoothly, attain financial stability and sustainability. The problem lies in a lack or shortage of such professional fund-raisers. Earlier, most of the NGOs have been receiving foreign funds. However, with more stringent monitoring, FCRA regulations (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act), western economic downturn and a shift in India’s international standpoint regarding foreign … [Read more...]

Resource mobilization for community-based organizations

Community-based organizations (CBO) or Community organizations (CO) have been an integral part of the development projects and initiatives since decades. They are indeed the ‘face’ of community empowerment, by virtue of the fundamental principles of democratic processes, building on the social capital, and reliance on community participation. Many development projects have CBO formation as a ‘model’ inherent in the project principles, systems and processes. Most commonly, CBOs form, grow and … [Read more...]

Development Blogging: Some tips for NGOs

We cannot deny the importance of internet, social media and blogging for organizations. These are integral parts of online marketing strategies of organizations in today’s digital age. For non-profits too, it is important to develop content for online platforms, and to utilize these media. A blog is a discussion or information portal, and is increasingly becoming the new face of expression, communication and also a form of journalism. Some advantages of blogging by development organizations are: … [Read more...]

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for non-profits

In this digital age, technology has the power of great positive transformation for organizations. Information and Communication technology (ICT) has been booming and non-profits have great opportunity to utilize ICT for internal systems strengthening and external stakeholder involvement and communication. In the context of non-profits, the main areas where ICT can be applied are implementing digital infrastructure of the organization, application or implementation of programs, monitoring and … [Read more...]

Employee engagement strategies in CSR projects

With the Section 135 of Companies Act 2013 in place now, more and more companies are looking for NGOs that are reliable, credible, trustworthy, and transparent and accountable, apart from having the documentation and certifications with them. These companies are not only willing to give funds, but also support in terms of management consulting, technical support, linkages, and the most popular one- volunteer support, which is also called ‘employee engagement’ in CSR projects. It is important … [Read more...]

7 steps for NGOs to build a network

What is a network and what is networking? As a noun, network means ‘a group or system of interconnected people or things’, and as a verb, to network means ‘to interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts’. (Source: online dictionary). Networking is crucial for one’s personal and professional growth in the work sphere. Organizations employ people specifically to expand their network in the ecosystem they work in. For non-profits, networking becomes … [Read more...]

8 very simple yet effective tips for donor retention

NGOs are now focusing on donor acquisition strategies, along with resource mobilization and fundraising strategies. But research tells us that the donor retention rates are poor in most cases, at a mere 25%. This means that out of 4 new donors acquired; only 1 continues to be associated with the cause for the next year. This means that most of the efforts and resources spent for raising resources and acquiring donors go in vain! A high donor retention rate means less resources spent, and more … [Read more...]

How Indian NGOs can mobilize funds through CSR: A guide

Many Indian companies have been contributing to the society through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arms and foundation since their inception, like Tata group, Aditya Birla group, among many others. So, CSR is not an entirely new concept in Indian context. But the Companies Act 2013 has put CSR in the forefront, with a ‘comply or explain’ mandate, for companies that have more than 5 crores INR as net profit for a year. This mandate has thus opened new doors for Indian NGOs, and has … [Read more...]

How Marketing and Communication Strategies can help NGOs achieve Fundraising Success

Marketing Mix for NGOs: Marketing is a very important function in business practices. It entails making the customer aware of the proposition of a product or service, making them buy the product/ service, and ultimately building a brand. In non-profits too, the marketing principles hold good because there is requirement of funds to carry on existing functions and to build capacities for future. So, the donor is our customer here, and the cause or project is a product! Research and evidence … [Read more...]

Organizational Preparedness for Resource Mobilization

As development professionals or fundraisers, we often hear this term ‘resource mobilization’. It is a term for a. collecting resources, and b. mobilizing them or making use of these resources for our cause. An organization may require many resources to function, like financial resource (money), human resource (people), in-kind contributions like equipment, furniture and expertise, apart from many others. It is important for an organization to raise resources on its own, and it might be helpful … [Read more...]

Seven Qualities of a Successful Fundraiser

In this era of globalization and digitization of everything, methods and ways of fundraising are also transforming from conventional to very innovative and creative ones. A successful fundraiser needs to be dynamic, innovative and creative to get into the swing of fundraising. A dynamic and effective fundraiser is an asset for the organization. If you have a fundraiser in your organization, or you are planning to hire one, it will be worthwhile to ensure s/he has the following attributes. If you … [Read more...]