Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Access to Learning Award 2013: $1 million grant for those providing free access to computers and the internet

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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is inviting you to apply for its annual Access to Learning Award 2013, which provides grant of up to $1 million to organizations that are working to connect people to information and opportunities through free access to computers and the internet.

The Award is part of the Gates Foundation’s Global Libraries initiative dedicated to to opening a world of knowledge and opportunity by partnering with public libraries to provide free access to computers and the Internet. Public libraries or similar organizations outside the United States can apply for the Award. Applications particularly from institutions in developing countries providing such services to disadvantaged communities are encouraged.

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Organizations must show how they make technology services available to the public in a community space without charging any membership or access fees and must detail the types of technology training they offer to the public and their staff. Organizations that restrict services or charge fees to access the facilities or use the computers and the Internet are not eligible.

The Foundation will specifically look for ground-breaking Internet connectivity, training, and sustainable models and programs that creatively reach underserved communities.

Applications can be submitted online. The deadline to submit applications is 30 September 2012. For more information, visit this link.

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  1. Avatar Pastor Frederick Kum says

    CMCI is a christian organization in Guinea-Bissau that runs a help program to many poor children and students. We also run a Nursery and primary school in Bissau. The school we are running has no computer lab for the children and we want to build one and equip it so as to intruduce the children to the internet world for globalization. Also the teachers have been asking the administration to help them procure computers which will help them in research to better teach and help their contuning education in the teacher´s training colleges and other higher institutions of learning. Please we want to have a partnership with you in this domain. Waiting for your reply. Guinea-Bissau is one of the poorest countries in the world.

  2. Avatar shahida khanam says

    we an NGO , working as a team in Pakistan city sargodha for poor little deserving children for the last 25 years in a rented building , NGO has not enough funds to build a building for children and any computer lab and internet , although we want to give much facilities to the community but helpless, we want to buy or build school building , computer lab so that we can provide latest information technology to the children. if you help us then much thanks to you.
    from shahida khanam
    President Darul-Tadrees Welfare Society
    165-B satellite town Sargodha Pakistan
    e mail [email protected]

  3. Avatar Azeem Salamat says

    Dears, Brother Bill And Sweet Sis Melinda Gates.


    We more need for them.

    I will pray that this letter will meet you in good health.

    Dear Friend,How are you? I wanna inform to you that it will be held at December 2012.Chak No 235 Faisalabad Pakistan. Student Workshop for Adult Uneducated Boys and Girls i am going to start this project on your behalf i am praying that Jesus will give the power to you for this humble work. please held it in your brave hands and join with us. because you are one for us.We will build a new institute for them there they will get Education and hand practices Skills from their trained teachers like girls Sewing and Beauty paler,stitching and computer literacy and for boys technical training’s and Other hand practice skills too therefore i am going to start this project on your behalf because your favor can save them and provide them Education and skills for raise their employment, i hope in Jesus that i will see good in future from your brave hands for them.because these workshops will bright their lives and give them self employment ways through (Women Development Programs) (young Girls and Boys Development Programs) (Orphan kids Schools System) ( Medical Development Programs) (Environment Development Programs).I am sure God will give the power to you for this humble and royal mission and you will raise Our Hopes in future.because lots of youngs are dying with hunger here in Pakistan without employment skills therefore if you will do something for this projects then easily they can get more skills and earn from other places.we are also doing great for Widows. Brother we need for more and more instruments Sewing machines, Stitching Machines and Computers for them and some instruments for technical Education.your love will great for us.and please please come here and see what we are doing great for them.
    and for parlors,technical Educational training institutes. we are in need for these New institute
    all over estimate 175000$$

    we are providing them

    We want share Our problems of our area, Ibn-e-Merriam Colony, as well as in our centre,” said Sunny Azeem, centre President, “and we are providing our services to both Christians and Muslims equally.”

    The centre provides training courses in sewing, stitching and computer literacy to poor Christians and
    Muslim women of the area. In addition, it offers health and orphan kids and adult education.

    The prelate congratulated (The Society Of The Marginalized) staff for how they set up the centre. “Places like this are a source of harmony because Muslim and Christian women can live and work together in peace,” he told The Society Of The Marginalized.

    “We have been working on this project since November 1, 2011,” Razzaq Gill, The Society of the marginalized executive secretary, told Peoples. “We are officially inaugurating it [the centre] now but it has already been in operation for some time. Poor women come from nearby areas and their number keeps on rising. They come to learn and we try to provide them with dignified living facilities and employment. We have already received some orders from local garment manufacturers and some of the women and girls have already started earning money.”

    According to Mr. Sunny, this is important in a place like Ibn-e-Marriam Colony, a poor slum area in Faisalabad that 450 families, 250 of them Christian, call home. The society of the marginalized purpose is to help disadvantaged groups through training. It focuses on poor, neglected and underdeveloped communities irrespective of race, religion, caste, colour and origin. .please walk with us for rais this royal mission for Our community.Blessings
    please see and need for your good comments
    Address: St# 6 Ibn-e-Marriam Colony Near Waris Pura Road (City) Faisalaaaabad
    (State) Punjab Pakistan

  4. Avatar somasundaram says

    how to applied for grants

  5. Avatar Devendra patil says

    Bhakar is an NGO. we are working for the poor and marginal farmers of Ratnagiri district where the mainly farmers are women and men are migrated in near by citise in the search of job. the women who is a farmer and head of the family. today they are getting only 100 kg rice from the small rice field and it is very difficult to run a family whole year. in this situation we have decided to train them in modern agriculture practices and new things in agriculture. we need support for start information and training center for these women farmers
    Devendra patil

  6. our association is working in this way.
    we wonder is you may helping us with potetial ideas that can help in this project of conecting people, focalising the methodology to be used.

    your faithful

  7. Avatar Ransford Ganyo says

    The above mentioned name: Ransford Ganyo member of <> Organisation affiliated to ECOSOC NGO branch UN system seeks to improve the lives of poor people in low- and middle-income communities and villages by providing, and summarizing evidence on what programmes women and youth will boost their business in communication, Information and Technology, work in the nothern Region Ghana and for how much, the circumstances under which they will work and the mechanisms by which outcomes will be achieved for them.
    Ransford Ganyo
    Regional Director
    International Union of Parents
    and Teachers Association
    P O Box 23 Nakpaduri

  8. Avatar Muriel Nilaweera says

    We are a women’s Organization which is totally run by women for the benefit of women and children but working with men also getting their cooperation . The biggest problem among the marginalized rural women who face with domestic violence is the lack of knowledge, skills or access to communication facilities mainly the social networks . We have been struggling to find some assistance to provide such skills , knowledge and a dropping centre facility for such women all on a free of charge basis but still we were not able find such support. We have already developed the data base of a large number of women who face with domestic violence every day like with whom we have been working at our possible strength mostly giving counseling and providing referral services for legal action . We hope this opportunity going to be provided by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will be a great one for an Organization like ours

  9. Anoah T. Peter commented on Funds for NGOs:

    “More grease to your elbows” Bill & Melinda Foundation Staff. I have being reading your Annual Reports and have gotten interest in your activities, sponsorship and tours by the CEO – Jeff Raikes of your reputable Foundation and hope that your funding programs will be extended to the Upper East of Ghana.

    The grant for those providing free access to computers and the internet, is basically what our organization – Sirigu Ecological Initiative for Sustainable Development (SEISUD)is all about in rural but deprived communities in the district. I hope we can apply to access this fund to bring the world of children and youth to the door steps our the communities we operate and beyond.

  10. Avatar Charles Wesley Meesa says

    Interested to receive funds for our networks at the district level involved in accessing health care, education and livelihoods for the disdavantaged communities in rural India
    Charles Wesley Meesa

  11. Avatar Charles Wesley Meesa says

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Greetings from Hyderabad!
    I am a Social Worker having an experience of over 30years in the field of development. Presently am involved in organizing the small and grass route level groups in to net works at the district level in India. These NET WORKS WILL focus on facilitating access to Health care, Education and Livelihoods. We will be happy if we can raise funds required for the above purposes.
    In Solidarity
    Charles Wesley Meesa

  12. Avatar Haraprasad Gayen says

    Hello Sir/Madam,
    Bill and Melinda gates foundation,
    First, we invite you in our village of Sundarban near by SAJNAKHALI FOREST RANGE that is known by the name of ?ROYAL BENGAL TIGER?. You know Sundarban is the largest delta of the world. It is the summation of 54-isolated areas. We know Education means all-round development of mind & body. Maximum People are still far away from the light of education, and Computer! It is a dream of our life. We are in the jaws of the hopeless fates. Maximum people are living here just bellow the poverty lines. We, A. P. NAGAR AIKYATAN a none profit earning society, having had our registration no. S/1L/69818. We have been working in AILA affected area to provide social work as well as to elevate quality of life of the aria through Education awareness, Games and Sports, etc? we do not demand any money from you, we just request give me some light about Computer education. We want to educate about Computer for our better living. It is needless to mention that after the ravages made by cyclonic storm AILA the entire infrastructure of village in Sundarban region were dismantled. Villages were struggling their level best for more subsistence. Naturally, education, recreation is far away to the people of AILA ravaged aria of Sundarban. We born on that place and see; the maximum people are trying to arrange only PRIMARY NEEDS. However, agriculture system destroyed by ?AILA?. In these circumstances, Education going on earning for living, all are going to forest for fishing, collect honey etc. without fair of Royal Bengal Tiger or crocodile, we know its illegal and dangers for life and destroy the Ecological system that is harmful to all of us. The subject is so long, we want to little try to stop them, from forest side, by some arranging or creating different way of earning for living, and admitted the girls and boys in school for a second time but the process is impossible to us now a days, We requested you please touch your hand in our head for Light of Education. We have a lot of land that, we will give you for build up all around development of Educations, and we do not need any single rupee. We pray our GOD for your better life and better thinking to me. We pray for FREE COMPUTER TRAINING CENTER with Internet / Free Library for all and local Education Development.

    A . P. NAGAR AIKYATAN G/4/5, A.P. NAGAR, CHANDMARI, KOLKATA – 700 150. Registered Under Govt. of West Bengal, Regd. No. S/1L/69818. Mobile No: , e-mail: Village Office: Vill: Rajatjubilee,P.O. Sadhupur, P.S. Gosaba, South 24 Parganas, Pin: 743370. West Bengal, India.
    Thanking you,
    For, A.P. Nagar Aikyatan,
    Haraprasad Gayen (Secretary)

  13. Avatar Anoah T. Peter says

    “More grease to your elbows” Bill & Melinda Foundation Staff. I have being reading your Annual Reports and have gotten interest in your activities, sponsorship and tours by the CEO – Jeff Raikes of your reputable Foundation and hope that your funding programs will be extended to the Upper East of Ghana.

    The grant for those providing free access to computers and the internet, is basically what our organization – Sirigu Ecological Initiative for Sustainable Development (SEISUD)is all about in rural but deprived communities in the district. I hope we can apply to access this fund to bring the world of children and youth to the door steps our the communities we operate and beyond.

    Source Link:

  14. Avatar Ngah Gilbert Wiysolanyuy says

    Sir can individaul with the following project apply for this grant
    Science Foundation is still to start-up Foundation in the Bertoua area in the East Region of Cameroon. It is the mission of Science Foundation to promote science education to the royal child and promote live. Presented to you by I Mr NGAH Gilbert WIYSOLANYUY , biology teacher in Teerenstra Bilingual College Bertoua and a physics teacher in Orien bilingual college Beroua.
    – To promote the interest of children age 5 to 20 to do science
    – To encourage the use of computers for study
    – To fight against the destruction of the ecosystem and climate change
    – To make children to know the functioning of their body system like respiration , reproduction, circulation , digestion and diseases that result due to their disorder .
    – Fight against HIV /AIDS, cholera, and malaria by education of the mass the methods of prevention
    – To provide the availability of all text books for all level and interesting articles and capacity building.

    – The foundation is going to carry on mostly practical on science subjects thought base on the official program to make children see’s the reality of the theory thought in school.
    – There will be the projection of VCDs through projector on the functioning of the body organs and system.
    – There will also going to be repeatatary classes on where thy have difficulties and oon computer training.
    – The foundation will also going to carry small farming activities on :
    best regard

  15. Avatar Henry Julius says

    How I wish to get this funding so that it will be properly be implemented in Sierra Leone West Africa and this will be the first opportunity for our country to let the people of this country make use of this project.

    Henry Julius
    Porgramme Manager

  16. Avatar cleopas mastara says

    You area wonderful couple wishingpeople well. In Malawi people need educations, computers are quite remote for them. Can you assist orphans access basic education? We are providing small bursaries for children to learn how to read and write.

  17. Billions are spent over decades on minor projects of very limited outputs, conferences,workshops, seminars and other unfruitful events. I have repeatedly written to US water partnership, Bill and Milenda Gates Foundation and many other entities about my global project: “Triple Project; Water-Energy-Food” which is aiming to solve the fatal threats of shortages of water, energy and food, without getting a positive response. I need partners for this projects, whose revenues are expected to be trillions of euros and dollars, but Iwill reject donations.
    Can you help in that.
    Kindly respond.
    M. Badr

  18. Avatar wilhelmus murauni says

    Hi Bill and Melinda gates foundation,You seem wonderfully and serious people that wants to see the whole world look the same and a like all together, God bless you people.

    Can people’s health welfare organization guided by our objectives in Health, water and environment apply?

    Best Wishes,

    Wilhelmus Murauni,

    Thank you so much