Call for applications invited for 2013 Conservation Leadership Follow-up Awards

Call for applications are invited for 2013 Follow-up Awards. The Conservation Leadership Programme offers continuation funding to previous CLP Future Conservationist Award Winners in the form of Conservation Follow-up Awards. Applications for Follow-up Awards will only be considered once a full final report, financial report and evaluation form have been submitted for the initial project.

The major objective of the awards is to provide outstanding teams with individuals who want to address a conservation issue or recommendation raised in the initial CLP project. The project should allow team members to go beyond basic surveying, analysis and awareness-raising as well as develop their networking, education, decision-making, policy, communication and conservation leadership skills and experience.

As part of the award, one member from each team is selected to represent their project at an international training course presented by the CLP. The training is aimed at developing innovative project management, education, and facilitation and communication skills. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to share their experience and build a global network.

Important Dates:

Submit the application via the CLP online application site by 9th November 2012

 Please note that logical frameworks must be submitted by 1st October 2012

 Award winners will be announced in April 2013

For further information, visit the link.