Swiss Re’s International ReSource Award: Sustainable Watershed Management

Swiss Re’s International ReSource Award for Sustainable Watershed Management 2013 is now open to accepting applications. The Award acknowledges initiatives which are aimed at to raising public awareness of the ecological, social and economic significance of water sources and watersheds in developing and emerging countries. Prize money of around US$150,000 will be allocated either in single project or distributed across several projects.

Entries should aim to ensure that water will remain a readily available, clean resource in the future. Prize money is awarded strictly for project implementation activities. Recent winning projects have supported communities in such diverse locations as the Solomon Islands, Afghanistan, China and Guatemala.

Criteria of the ReSource Award

The submitted projects will be assessed with regard to the following areas:

  • Impact What is the expected impact of the project in the ecological, economical and social dimension?
  • Innovation Why do you think your project is innovative in a general and local context?
  • Local involvement To what extent are the local community and regional institutions involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the project?
  • Feasibility and governance Please give details about the feasibility of the project’s implementation and the governance structures which will be in place (e.g. action plan with planned activities, targets and milestones, organisational structure and institutional set-up, references and know-how of staff and partners).
  • Financial structure Please give a detailed breakdown of the financial structure of the project, including sponsorship, in-kind contributions, and economic viability.

Deadline: 30 April 2012

For further information, visit the link.


  1. Nansamba Mutaawe Milly says:

    Thank you so much for the good idea of supporting projects on sustainable watershed management. Child Aid Uganda is an NGO operating in the areas that lie within the dry corridor in western Uganda and the community members experience a great challenge with water scarcity the biggest part of the year. As an organization we would love to be supported so as we can construct water catchment areas like underground water tanks in the different sub counties where rain water can be stored in the rainy seasons and used during the long dry spells. This will improve the quality of life of the community members because they will be able to access clean water rather than dirty water in the ponds or no water at all. It will also reduce the risks of using dirty water like diarrhea in the different communities of our area of operation. The community members will be involved in planning, implementation and in the process of ensuring that these water catchment areas are well kept and safeguarded over the years.

  2. Munezero André says:

    We are applying of an appropriate rainwater harvesting technology can make possible the utilization of rainwater as a valuable in our areas (Nyaruguru district) because the local community have this problem so it can be a good opportunity to resolve it and, in many cases, necessary water resource.
    Munezero André

  3. Fr. John Francis Mutebi, PHF says:

    Application for a Piped WATER Project for a rural radius of 7kilometres within Kirumba Sub- Country of Rakai District, Uganda to serve the Youth Vocational Training Institute that cannot run some technical Course without water, the Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools, the Health Centers and the rural households population within marginalized by poverty, ignorance and disease of Malaria and HIV/AIDS due to poor conditions of living. MAYO,a FB Youth-led NGO fulfills its Activities in the area since year October 20, 2000 as CBO No:1426 and later elevated to an NGO with Service No:5914/4497 since 05 December, 2003. In June 2010, MAYO was promoted with a wider coverage to serve 8 Political districts embraced by Masaka Diocesan boundaries.

  4. We have very bad drought but have water sheds around the villages we work. We mobilise the communities to use the water for horticulture so that they can have vegetables throught the year. Competition for that water with the animals is a challenge. Community meeting to discuss the management of the common resource would be appropriate and together to plan for the sustainable use of the water shed

    Funding is being sought to attain this plan from your organisation

    Caroline Eyapu

  5. Sibonile Manzini says:

    We are greatful with this opportunity of Sustainable water management of which we will not practise farming in its seasons only e.g planting of maize but will be able to do it continously when we have preserved our water by buiding boreholes in Mvurwi Farming Community, Zimbabwe.

  6. i am keenly interested and from childhood think about this issue. as journalist can,t help of society. so i hope to be learn about it in this programm. i have to avail it .register my name

  7. orlale joe says:

    Machakos county in Kenya is the most beautiful place when it rains and this is 2 to 3 months at the most in a year. The rest of the tym the communities are subjected to intolerable stresses in an attempt to [provide water “The source of Life”. The whole population has been self mobilized to behave like “one man” when it comes to livelihood issues especially those concerning water.
    This prize money would go along way in providing relief and even permanent solutions from the many ideas available among the people and to which so little attention is paid. Everybody seems to know the solution so that they are not listening to the people, beneficiary on the ground. It would be nice to bring some relief and answers to these worthwhile communities.

  8. FMA-Outreach, Shillong, N.E.INDIA says:

    I live in Meghalaya, N.E.INDIA. Our region has the highest rainfall in the world during summer, but the rain water goes wasted because we do not have means to collect it, so people remain without water for more than six months till the rain comes again. What is necessary and urgent is to give awareness to our people for rain harvesting by constructing underground water tanks and collecting the rain water in low lying areas along the valleys to collect the rain water to be used during the dry season without wasting their energy and strength to go far away to rivers and low lying area to get a bucket of water, and side by side practice agriculture even in winter with the water they have collected. But to do this we require a huge sum of money. The grant from your side will be of great help to our poor rural people. Thank you( Lina Kharjana)


    We are interested in the Swiss Re’s International ReSource Award: Sustainable Watershed Management


    Thanks for the registration. Very soon, I will avail myself of this opportunity.