Development Blogging: Some tips for NGOs

We cannot deny the importance of internet, social media and blogging for organizations. These are integral parts of online marketing strategies of organizations in today’s digital age. For non-profits too, it is important to develop content for online platforms, and to utilize these media. A blog is a discussion or information portal, and is increasingly becoming the new face of expression, communication and also a form of journalism. Some advantages of blogging by development organizations are: … [Read more...]

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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for non-profits

In this digital age, technology has the power of great positive transformation for organizations. Information and Communication technology (ICT) has been booming and non-profits have great opportunity to utilize ICT for internal systems strengthening and external stakeholder involvement and communication. In the context of non-profits, the main areas where ICT can be applied are implementing digital infrastructure of the organization, application or implementation of programs, monitoring and … [Read more...]

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Free PDF: How to frame Goals & Objectives in a Project Proposal

Goals and objectives are an important component of a project proposal. It gives a clear idea about the proposed achievements of a project. However, developing and presenting them can be challenging if you are new writing a proposal. In this PDF, we are offering basic guidelines for NGOs on how to prepare effective goals and objectives in a standard proposal. This PDF is available for free and you can download it. … [Read more...]

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Free Online Course: International Women’s Health and Human Rights

The Stanford University’s free online course on International Women’s Health and Human Rights provides an overview of women's health and human rights, beginning in infancy and childhood, then moving through adolescence, reproductive years and aging. It has a focus on critical issues, namely those that may mean life or death to a woman, depending on whether she can exercise her human rights. These critical issues include: being born female and discrimination; poverty; unequal access to … [Read more...]

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National Endowment for Democracy NED Grants Program

Deadline: 2 October 2015 The National Endowment for Democracy is calling applications for its NED grants program. Each year the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) makes direct grants to hundreds of non-governmental organizations worldwide working to advance democratic goals and strengthen democratic institutions. Grant amounts vary depending on the size and scope of the projects, but the average grant lasts 12 months and is around $50,000. The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is a … [Read more...]

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UN Women Trust Funds: Grants for Global Women’s Empowerment

The fifty-ninth annual session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 59) took place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from 9 to 20 March 2015. Representatives of Member States, UN entities, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from all regions of the world attend the session to discuss global women’s issues. The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), established in June 1946, is the principal global intergovernmental body exclusively dedicated to the … [Read more...]

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Resource guide on Fundraising Resources for Women’s and Girls’ Rights

The 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women will be coming up in the next few weeks. In light of this session, we have prepared a resource guide on Fundraising resources for Women's and Girls' Rights. This resource guide profiles the networks, foundations and organizations providing funding support to organizations around the world that are working on Women's and Girls' Rights issues. Networks & Institutes Women’s Funding Network Women’s Funding Network is more than 150 … [Read more...]

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Resource Guide: International Seed Grant Opportunities for New NGOs and Early Start-Ups

Funding sources for new NGOs and new ideas are rare. Most donor agencies prefer to provide financial support to experienced organizations. But this does not mean that early-stage grant-seekers should feel discouraged. We have gathered a list of those grant-making agencies which offer programs to provide small and large size grants to new ideas, promising efforts, potential scale-ups and even new NGOs. Such type of funding is also known as 'seed grants' but they are available only for the most … [Read more...]

Accountability Lab Seed Grants for NAF and LAF

Nepal's Accountability Lab is inviting applications for the Nepal Accountapreneurship Fund and the Liberia Accountapreneurship Fund. This event supports all the projects on accountability issues in Nepal and Liberia. Proposals are welcome from applicants involved in setting up community to check public funds and using mobile phones to report any accountability issue. Applicants are free to submit their ideas related to the project at any time. Applicants can also send more than one idea. The … [Read more...]

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United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) 2014: Learn How to Apply

The United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) 2013 Call for Project Proposals is now open for NGOs to apply. The Fund provides financial support to projects around the world for strengthening the voice of civil society, promoting human rights and encouraging the participation of all groups in the democratic processes. The main areas of funding are Community Development, Media, Rule of Law and Human Rights, Tools for Democratization, Women and Youth. For NGOs to win funding, it is very important to … [Read more...]