Call for Proposals for Non-Profit Indigenous Organizations Addressing Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests Through Video

Deadline: 30 January 2016 The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is currently inviting indigenous organizations to submit a proposal to develop a video of maximum 10 minutes (preferably an animation video) on the practical use that Indigenous Peoples could make of the VGGT. Objectives The (animation) video should: Highlight the role of the VGGT as a tool for Indigenous Peoples to use in land related matters Turn into a tool that will enable Indigenous Peoples to learn about the … [Read more...]

The Indigenous Women’s Fund Promoting Well-Being of Women Worldwide

Deadline: 9 September 2015 The Indigenous Women's Fund 3rd Call for Proposals is launched by International Indigenous Women's Forum (FIMI) on the occasion of the International Day of World's Indigenous People. The fund is seeking proposals that aim to promote the well-being and “buen vivir" of indigenous peoples, based on the principle of free, prior and informed consent. Funding Information AYNI Fund will provide a co-financing of USD 5,000.00 to support projects led by indigenous women for … [Read more...]

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Celebrating International Day of Indigenous Peoples- A List of 12 Foundations Promoting Indigenous Peoples Rights around the World

August 9, 2015 is the International Day of the World's Indigenous People!! This day is a day to recognize and appreciate all indigenous cultures. The United Nations is also holding a variety of events around the globe! This year's theme puts a spotlight on the issue of indigenous peoples' access to health care services, as improving indigenous peoples’ health remains a critical challenge for indigenous peoples. Certain indigenous people are vulnerable to exploitation, marginalization and … [Read more...]

The Global Greengrants Fund Protecting Indigenous People’s Right

The Global Greengrants Fund is a public charity that seeds environmental action through small grants. The Fund supports change from the ground up by channeling donations to local projects and grassroots campaigns for justice, primarily in the developing world and emerging economies. Global Greengrants Fund is committed to funding projects that are organized, led, and participated in by women. It support indigenous people to protect their lands and ways of life. The Global Greengrants Fund … [Read more...]

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Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples

Seventh Generation Fund is an Indigenous identity-based organization dedicated to the self determination of Native Peoples . Seventh Generation Fund supports projects engaged in community empowerment and organizing endeavors, issue advocacy, cultural revitalization, strengthening Indigenous knowledge and practices, and Native leadership development, in the following program areas. Program Areas Arts & Cultural Expression: Promoting traditional, contemporary, and media art forms that … [Read more...]

UN Voluntary Fund for Indigenous People

The United Nations Voluntary Fund for Indigenous Peoples offers opportunity for indigenous people to participate in the sessions of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Human Rights Council, including its Universal Periodic Review mechanism, and the treaty bodies. Purpose is to ensure that the voices and concerns of indigenous peoples are heard at the UN and contributing to increased international awareness of the rights, status, … [Read more...]

Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) Funds

The Australian Government has introduced the Indigenous Advancement Strategy with the objective of achieving real results in the key priority areas of getting children to school, adults into work, and building safer communities. The new flexible programme structure supports a new way of working with Indigenous people, communities, industries, business and service providers, allowing for joint development of solutions that will work over the long term, including through regional or local … [Read more...]

Forest Peoples Programme Supporting Indigenous Forest Peoples

Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) was founded in 1990 in response to the forest crisis, specifically to support indigenous forest peoples’ struggles to defend their lands and livelihoods. The Foundation works on the following goals- Get the rights and interests of forest peoples recognised in laws, policies and programmes Support forest peoples to build their own capacities to claim and exercise their human rights Counter top-down policies and projects that threaten the rights of forest … [Read more...]

Swift Foundation Grants to US & Global Organisations Working for Indigenous People Issues

Swift Foundation is a Private Foundation Supporting Cultural and Biological Diversity through Environmental Protection & the Local Stewardship of Communities around the world. The Foundation focuses its work on communities outside of the United States where less funding is available. The first-time grants ranges between $15,000 and $35,000. Focus Areas Acknowledge and affirm the interconnected and holistic nature of addressing biological and cultural diversity. Recognize the … [Read more...]

The Christensen Fund: Financial and Logistical Support for Indigenous-led and Community-based Organizations

The Christensen Fund provides financial and logistical support for indigenous-led and community based organizations. The fund focus on the bicultural – the rich but neglected adaptive interweave of people and place, culture and ecology.Its mission is to buttress the efforts of people and institutions who believe in a biodiverse world infused with artistic expression and work to secure ways of life and landscapes that are beautiful, bountiful and resilient. Grant Information Grant size is … [Read more...]