How board members can play a role in resource mobilization

Board members are the core drivers of an organization. They set the direction of the organization for years to come. They constitute the board, a collective body that governs the non-profit, guide the organization to work towards its mission and vision. Despite their importance in functioning of the organization, most of the board members do not actively play role in resource mobilization. Though it is not mandated as their ‘role and responsibility’ in the non-profit, the board can definitely … [Read more...]

9 interesting ways to maintain relationships with your donors

Every donor, be it an individual, a donor agency, a foundation, or a CSR (corporate social responsibility) arm, looks for feedback from the non-profit or charity. Feedback in terms of knowing how important they are for you, how appreciated they are, and what it gives them to stay connected. A sense of appreciation, feeling of contributing towards a social cause, and regular and meaningful communication would result in maintenance of lasting relationships with your donors. Here are 10 … [Read more...]

Using Social Media to Enhance Your NGO Visibility

We have been living in the age of internet for quite some time now. Internet has enabled producers reach out to millions of consumers and vice-versa. It has helped connect writers to millions of its readers. In recent years the world of internet has come up with another new communication and social channel. Social media is a catch-all term for sites that may provide radically different social actions. Over the last few years, social media has emerged as an important medium of communication … [Read more...]

How NGOs can use Facebook for ensuring an Effective Presence

Facebook for Your NGO Facebook is an important platform for non government organizations (NGOs), especially those in the developing world. As the developing world comes online, they do so through their mobile devices, and for them, the Internet is Facebook. For NGOs in the developing world, an effective presence on Facebook is becoming vital. It is a way to stay in touch with your supporters, to build a base of people committed to your mission, to spread the message about your organization, … [Read more...]

How to make your Organization Accountable?

Over the past few decades NGOs have gained significant popularity as the third pillar of development and have played a key role in providing social, economic and environmental services to the marginalized. Growth of NGOs as providers of essential services and key players in policy reforms has been a global phenomenon. NGOs have worked very effectively in areas where both government and private players have failed miserably, this ability of NGOs to work in the most fragile and backward places has … [Read more...]

How to Create a Communications Plan for Your NGO

What Is a Communications Plan? A communications plan is a document that guides the external communications efforts of an organization. It helps an NGO strategically focus its communication and outreach efforts around a certain set of goals – usually the mission and objectives of an organization. A communications plan is necessary to help an NGO effectively promote its work in the public and donors eyes. Communications plans help NGOs accomplish this in a number of ways. First, a plan assists … [Read more...]

7 steps for NGOs to build a network

What is a network and what is networking? As a noun, network means ‘a group or system of interconnected people or things’, and as a verb, to network means ‘to interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts’. (Source: online dictionary). Networking is crucial for one’s personal and professional growth in the work sphere. Organizations employ people specifically to expand their network in the ecosystem they work in. For non-profits, networking becomes … [Read more...]

8 very simple yet effective tips for donor retention

NGOs are now focusing on donor acquisition strategies, along with resource mobilization and fundraising strategies. But research tells us that the donor retention rates are poor in most cases, at a mere 25%. This means that out of 4 new donors acquired; only 1 continues to be associated with the cause for the next year. This means that most of the efforts and resources spent for raising resources and acquiring donors go in vain! A high donor retention rate means less resources spent, and more … [Read more...]

How Marketing and Communication Strategies can help NGOs achieve Fundraising Success

Marketing Mix for NGOs: Marketing is a very important function in business practices. It entails making the customer aware of the proposition of a product or service, making them buy the product/ service, and ultimately building a brand. In non-profits too, the marketing principles hold good because there is requirement of funds to carry on existing functions and to build capacities for future. So, the donor is our customer here, and the cause or project is a product! Research and evidence … [Read more...]

16 Powerful Tips to Boost your Online and Offline Fundraising Efforts

This guide offers you some tips that have worked for some organizations and will surely help you to maximize your funding efforts. Most often fundraising efforts of organizations go futile because of improper planning and lack of effective fundraising strategies. No matter how effectual an organization is in implementing field projects, they generally have to struggle when it comes to raising funds. Fundraising forms the most important activity of any NGO to sustain and continue their … [Read more...]

Organizational Preparedness for Resource Mobilization

As development professionals or fundraisers, we often hear this term ‘resource mobilization’. It is a term for a. collecting resources, and b. mobilizing them or making use of these resources for our cause. An organization may require many resources to function, like financial resource (money), human resource (people), in-kind contributions like equipment, furniture and expertise, apart from many others. It is important for an organization to raise resources on its own, and it might be helpful … [Read more...]

United States–South Pacific Scholarship Program for Bachelors & Masters Study in Agriculture, Environment, Gender, NGO management & More

Deadline: 1 February 2016 The U.S. Congress funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State, is currently inviting applications for its United States–South Pacific (USSP) Scholarship Program that provides opportunities for Master’s and Bachelor’s degree study at the University of Hawai‘i in fields that are directly relevant to the development needs of Pacific island countries. It will also enable the recipients to obtain a broader understanding of the … [Read more...]

SWOT Analysis for NGOs

Only NGOs that perform well are likely to survive and grow in the long term. Organisation’s that fail to manage themselves appropriately, struggle to achieve their mission and find it difficult to create real change are likely to ultimately found themselves cast by the wayside in favor of more efficient ones. Therefore, the ability to be able to strategically evaluate your organisation’s performance is crucial to its long term sustainability. The SWOT analysis is a highly effective tool for … [Read more...]

Mango Guide to Financial Governance for NGOs

NGOs exist for the benefit of their beneficiaries. The NGO’s governing body is entrusted with responsibility for overseeing the organisation on behalf of the beneficiaries. For this reason, governing body members are often called ‘trustees’. They act as stewards, representing and protecting the beneficiaries’ interests. The Board has ultimate legal, moral, and financial responsibility for the organisation. The Governing Body The governing body may have different names, such as board of … [Read more...]

NGO Management: How to assemble a Board of Trustees

Board members play a critical role in the development and success of non-profit organisations. Sometimes referred to as a Board of Trustees, these volunteers act as guardians for your organisation who protect and maintain the core values and purposes of the organisation. As a collective body, the trustees hold the authority and responsibility to ensure the fulfillment of an organisation’s mission. They are ultimately responsible for the fiscal health of the institution. The board of trustees … [Read more...]

NGO Management: Using Consultants in your Organisation

Successful organisations have great staff at their heart. Your staff have the greatest influence on the success or failure of your organisation and the cause you are fighting for. With limited budgets it can be difficult for non-profit organisations to maintain a staff with all of the skills they need to develop their organisation, which is why hiring consultants on a temporary basis can be a great resource. They can create additional capacity in your non-profit that can enable you to do more as … [Read more...]

Create a Brilliant Online Newspaper for your NGO with

Getting information about your cause or organisation to your audience has simultaneously never been easier and harder! As difficult as that is to comprehend, take a moment to consider the online world. We have access to all of the worlds information at our fingertips and tens of thousands of wonderful, life changing organisations keen to tell us about it. But that is also the problem, with so many great community organisations out there it is hard to make your NGO heard amongst the crowd. Most … [Read more...]

How to Motivate Volunteers in your NGO: A Free Guide

Volunteers are the lifeblood of many organisations, indeed almost every non profit got started by either an individual or group of people volunteering their time. Even the biggest development organisations in the world such as the United Nations use volunteers from all around the world to increase their effectiveness. The question remains, how do you get the most of your volunteers and how can you motivate them to go the extra mile for your organisation? free guide will take … [Read more...]

Expert public speaking advice for NGO leaders

Public speaking is something that a lot of us fear, yet it remains crucial to persuading people to believe in our cause. If we can’t speak confidently about why our organisation and related issues matter then why would anyone, be it a donor or volunteer, support us? The best public speakers are able to transform a room of people who know nothing about their work into passionate advocates for life in a matter of minutes. We’ve put together a selection of the best public speaking advice from … [Read more...]

Some Tips on Financial Planning and Budget Management for NGOs

The golden rule for financial planning and budgeting is to approach it as a strategic process. First of all, it is important to understand that the future of your NGO and its capacity to affect the life of your community depends on your abilities to secure funding in order to develop projects. Bear in mind that all the members of the organisation should co-participate in the planning, organising, and monitoring of the financial resources of the NGO and not only those directly in charge, such as … [Read more...]