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Do you want to learn how to demonstrate an urgent need for support in your next funding proposal? This exclusive Sample Proposal from fundsforNGOs Premium will help you to understand what information donors are looking for and how to position your NGO as an accountable and professional force for good. fundsforNGOs Premium is a comprehensive […]

Project Management Experience

The organization works alongside partner organizations in the implementation of projects. We bring substantial experience working in community development and project management. This includes experience of integrating communities in project implementation, participatory approaches, monitoring and evaluation as well as grant administration and management. Among many others we are currently working internationally in South Asia, South […]

Multiplier Effects

The project will have multiplier effects in the following manner: (1) The proposed action will develop technical resources on livelihood sectors, including better production and marketing techniques. These resources can be used by I/NGOs in their livelihood projects. The market information will be extremely useful to farmers in and around the project and can be […]

Project Sustainability

The project has a focus on building the capacities of NGOs and local governmental development institutions. The skills developed during this process will enable them to improve their management skills and resources and to provide effective community-based services over a long period of time. The service-based relationship will continue between these actors and the communities […]

Main Project Activities and Implementing Partners

The main project activities are: (1) Project Set-up, Recruitment and Orientation Training of Project Staff (2) Baseline Research and Documentation (3) Identification of Potential Livelihood Sectors (4) Training of Trainers (5) Community-based Trainings and Exposure Visits (a) on Livelihood Development & Enterprise Management (b) on CBO Formation and Management (c) on ICT Skill Development (6) […]

Target Group: Women and Girls, Youths and Partner NGOs. Women and girls most affected by the conflict are the main target group of the action. The proposed action will directly benefit 9000 women and 5000 girls in the six districts of Nepal. A further, 3,000 youths will be targeted to take advantage of economic skills […]

Relevance of the Concept Proposal

This proposal has been developed to target conflict-affected communities, focusing on women and girls and the poorest of the poor who have suffered livelihood losses and violations of human rights. The end of conflict has encouraged some communities to return to their homeland; however, social reintegration and reinventing livelihoods are serious challenges to be addressed. […]

Promotion of community-based organizations, such as cooperatives, will be the core element of sustainability and community ownership. Cooperatives will be formed by the communities to collectively carry out production, marketing and micro-finance activities on a strong foundation of democratic governance, business-oriented approaches and member-based welfare services. It is expected that cooperatives will have efficient financial […]

Brief Description of the Project

Sample concept note (Nepal) The proposed action aims to reduce the negative impact of conflict on the socio-economic conditions of the conflict-affected communities, especially women in six districts of Nepal. Specifically, it will enhance the skills and resources of client communities to improve their livelihood opportunities, increasing their household incomes at the local level and […]

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