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Applications invited for participation in West African Youth for Sustainable Development Regional Meeting 2011 (WAY-SD)

Applications are invited for The West African Youth for Sustainable Development Regional Meeting 2011 (WAY-SD) aimed at mobilizing the youth representatives from West Africa for a unique but experiential three-centre event in Accra, Kumasi & Tamale-Ghana from 10th -16th August 2011

The meeting is organized by Young People We Care together with Peace Child International – the lead partner for the Road to Rio +20 youth mobilization plus several other partners from different regions of the world. The role of West African youth in efforts towards sustainable development and the post 2015 development agenda will be key on our agenda for this meeting The Meeting is co-funded by the European Commission under its Youth in Action programme to: – Promote youth participation, democratic citizenship and the development of youth organizations; – Increase the role of youth in environment and sustainable development issues.

Objectives of the youth Meeting

The key objective is to West African Youth Meeting is to promote dialogue and understand among youth on what is meant by the Green Economy – its advantages over the Brown economy etc. We seek to empower West African youth to claim OWNERSHIP of their place in the preparatory process of the Rio + 20.

To create an all inclusive and practical meeting through a 3-centre location meeting that will include town hall consultations and visits to rural locations to listen to the voices of rural folks and also visit youth model project for sustainable development.

A further key objective is to encourage young people to prepare Personal ACTION Plans (PAPs) for sustainable development and the Green Economy – and complete them when they get home. In this way, African Youth will come to Rio+20 saying to governments: “Look what we did! Help us do more!” – rather than just waving a piece of paper with demands.

To create a youth statement that is representative of the needs of youth in the region for the Rio + 20 preparatory process.

To achieve cooperation beyond borders of the West African network and make an impact on young people around the world through our International Partners.

To get governments and others in authority to “See Youth as a resource, not a problem….”


All participants should:

The deadline for submitting the application is June 19, 2011. For further information and details, please visit the link.

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