Call for Proposals: 2012 CIVICUS World Assembly

Call for Proposals are invited by the Civicus World Assembly. The CIVICUS Programming Committee is a global gathering for civil society, donors, governments and businesses. The main aim of this committee is to find common solutions to the challenges facing humanity.

The 2012 CIVICUS World Assembly discussions and debates will emphasize on “Defining a new social contract – Making the future together”. These will build on the diverse knowledge, skills and experience of individuals, organizations and networks that span sectors, geographies and thematic areas.

The CIVICUS Programming Committee invites activity proposals until 9 March 2012. All CIVICUS members, partners and friends are particularly invited to participate in this call.

Activity proposal needs to fall under one of the 3 programmatic tracks of the 2012 World Assembly, which are as follows:

The Programming Committee will select 39 activity sessions (13 per programme track) for the World Assembly and 9 sessions for the Youth Assembly.

Selection criteria:

  • Bringing diversity of voices in your panel (women, youth, indigenous communities, language, regional and/or sectoral diversity)
  • Convening a minimum of 3 different organizations in your activity panel
  • Quality topic triggering innovative reflection, presenting innovative ideas, sharing best practices, or consulting and brainstorming with participants
  • Allowing for participation and discussion across participants
  • For Youth Assembly activity proposals please bear in mind the specific objectives of the Youth Assembly.

All sessions will be facilitated by experienced moderators offered by the World Assembly team. These moderators in partnership with activity organizers will ensure that all sessions promote exchanges in collaborative discussions respecting the World Assembly’s core objective to allow for real participation and engagement across sectors and themes.

For further information, visit the link.

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  1. Ganesh Budh says:

    we will be the part of world.

  2. John Mkono says:

    thanks for giving me a chance to learn more nad share challenges,impacts and otcomes grobally. Here in Tanzania there is alot of Challenges that hinder Development

  3. I will be pleased if there is any resose

  4. Jonathan says:

    This sounds good as it will bring together people from different corners of the world. This is also an opportunity to share and learn skills from others.

  5. Grace Nari says:

    The 2012 CIVICUS World Assembly can be a place for people all over the world to express the different ypes of challenges one faces and also learn to adapt to challenges by learning from others.I wam from a developing country and would love to atend.

  6. Grace Nari says:

    Thank you so much for allowing me on this site and learn some things I woudnt have had a chance to know.Opporuniies as such gives us he energy to be part of the world and its people.