Call for Papers Gender and Climate Change in Africa 2012 Symposium

Deadline to submit :17 September, 2012 

Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa,CODESRIA  announces the 2012 edition of its Gender Symposium which will be held from 26th  November 2012 to  28th November, 2012 in Cairo, Egypt.

The Gender Symposium’s this year’s edition theme  is “Gender and Climate Change in Africa”. Gender symposium is an annual forum devoted to intellectual discussions on gender issues in Africa .Climate change has become an issue of great concern in recent times, both locally and globally, and addressing it requires a collective response to addressing a number of issues that can be summarized under the following sub-themes:

  • Climate Change, Social Inequality and Gender ;
  • Interventions by Women and for Women on Climate Change;
  • Gender, Strategies for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation;
  • Climate Change, Health and Gender;
  • Gender, Agriculture and Climate Change;
  • Gender, Climate Change and Water Use;
  •  Impacts of Climate Change on Wage Labour and Non-wage Labour;
  • Women in the Face of Disasters Caused by Climate Change;
  • Gender and Conflicts over Natural Resources;
  • Gender, Climate Change and the Role of African Regional Organizations;
  • Gender, Climate Change and the Role of the State.

These issues, among others, will be the focus of the discussions that will be held during the 2012 CODESRIA Annual Gender Symposium to be held in Cairo (Egypt) from 26 to 28 November, 2012.

This symposium will be an opportunity for African researchers to present their research efforts on this theme and interact with their peers in order to build together an African perspective on gender and climate change. Scholars and researchers interested in presenting papers at the symposium are invited to send an abstract (2-3 pages) of their intended contribution no later than 17 September, 2012. If the abstract is accepted for presentation, the full-length paper must be received by CODESRIA not later than 22 October, 2012 for evaluation before the confirmation of final selection.

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