International Conference on Economics and Administration (ICEA 2012) to be held at Romania

The 2012 International Conference on Economics and Administration (ICEA 2012) will be organized at Faculty of Business and Administration Bucharest, Romania from 8-9 June 2012. The event will be hosted by the Faculty of Business and Administration. Call for Papers are also invited by researchers, scientists, scholars and students in all areas of Economics and Administration.

This conference aims at bringing together scientists, researchers, scholars and students in different areas of Economics and Administration. Moreover, this conference also aims to offer an international forum for the dissemination of original research results, innovative ideas and practical development experiences which concentrate on both theory and practices.

Eminent speakers will include:

•Fabio Musso, University Urbino, Italy

•Stephane Callens, University Artois, France

Conference Themes

Major Topics of interest will include:

  • Global economic development strategy
  • Issues on the current crisis. Challenges and threats.
  • Models of good governance. Impact on regional/national welfare
  • Models of economic policies and their impact on regional/national economic growth
  • SME and national economy
  • Knowledge management
  • Innovation and education
  • Integrating technology and innovation into teaching
  • European economic studies
  • Methodological debates in economics
  • History of economics
  • Public economics studies
  • The impact of the new resources on administrative sector
  • Innovative management in public sector
  • Cultural, social and political issues in e-government
  • Digital inclusion in the policy making and democratic governance process
  • The role of different economic theories in shaping public policy development and implementation
  • Efficiency of performance indicators in public context
  • The impact of institutions and public research
  • Leadership and management in public and private sector
  • Drivers, barriers and challenges of e-Democracy
  • Cross-disciplinary areas of the above related topics.
  • Administrative Descentralisation and Local Governance
  • Structure Funds and Regional Development
  • Comparative Public Policies
  • Economics of Public Administration
  • Project Management
  • Environmental Management Issues

 Deadline of Paper Submission: 1 May 2012

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    Dear Sir,
    I really want to attend this conference to become one of the pillars who will show the way to the young generations that are coming by improving my skill in the administration field. My strong desire to save the world from economic problem and to impart good administration to the tomorrow leaders.
    I’m looking forward to receiving a positive answer as soon as possible from you.