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Vital Voices seeks nominations from African women leaders for “Connecting Women Mediators and Peacemakers in Africa” Programme

Vital Voices Global Partnership seeks nominations for women leaders and activists in conflict engagement and economic progress from Africa to participate in the “Connecting Women Mediators and Peacemakers in Africa” program to be held in Cape Town South Africa, from October 6-7, 2011.

All the expenses towards travel and accommodation of the participants will be borne by the Vital Voices Global Partnership during the course of the program.  Initially African women leaders and activists are sought for this first phase of the program, with the intent to incorporate men into the network in subsequent phases.  To meet the specific goals of this first phase, women who have a conversational level of either English or French are targeted.

Self-nominations and also nominations of more than one person will also be considered.

Nominees will be contacted by Vital Voices and will be asked to fill out an application form that includes some basic information about themselves, their experiences and suitability to attend the programme.  On the basis of this information, a panel of staffers from Vital Voices, the African Centre for Dispute Settlement, and Partners for Democratic Change will draw up a short list and successful participants will be notified by 30 June 2011.

About Connecting Women Mediators and Peacemakers in Africa Program

Connecting Women Mediators and Peacemakers in Africa is a pilot program that Vital Voices is launching with Partners for Democratic Change, a US-based organization with expertise in conflict management and constructive social change, the African Centre for Dispute Settlement, a South African organization focused on promoting mediation as an alternative form of dispute resolution.  The program aims to train and support African women leaders who are actively cultivating conditions that mitigate conflict, promote good governance, spur economic development and advance human progress. By examining the dearth of women’s participation in conflict resolution and collaborative policy-making, the program will address the scourge of increased conflict and government instability in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In October 2011, the organizers will bring together 10 women experts and conflict management practitioners from across the continent to discuss and research the roles women can, and sometimes do play—behind the scenes—in African peace initiatives. The program has two phases: the first focuses on bringing together a select group of experts and women leaders to research, analyze, and document conflict resolution methodologies in Africa, particularly the intersection between good governance and institutional sustainability; the second builds on this research by generating five case studies, including at least two focused on issues related to good governance and transparency, and merging them into a compendium for publication in several languages. Through dissemination of the compendium, we expect sustained engagement with the group and the opportunity to track the women’s progress as effective conflict resolvers and empowered leaders at national and local levels.

The last date for submitting the nominations is May 30, 2011

For further details and information about this program, please visit the link.

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