The Coca-Cola Foundation

Objectives: The Coca-Cola Foundation is Coca-Cola’s philanthropic arm. It was founded in 1984 as an American Charitable Organisation. Its main goal is to support the implementation of projects that improve health in communities. The Foundation invests mainly in community projects and has 4 priority areas: water, fitness, recycling, and education. Additional funding is available for organisations working on HIV/AIDS prevention and sexual education projects in Africa and Latin America.

Areas of Funding: In general, the Foundation supports initiatives tailored to communities’ needs and that support a vibrant and sustainable social and economic environment.

The Foundation has 4 main priority areas:

1)      Water Stewardship. Projects developed in this area must implement activities to increase the access to clean water and sanitation, to provide watershed protection, to utilize water for production, to educate people and to raise awareness on how to maximise water resources and how to make a sustainable use of water.

2)      Healthy and Active Lifestyle. Projects developed in this area must implement activities to increase the number of people engaging with physical activities and exercise. Projects could be educational, they could teach about the benefits of a healthy diet and active lifestyle, they could also motivate people to correct their habits and encourage behavioural/lifestyle changes.

3)      Community recycling. Projects developed in this area must implement activities to increase communities’ recycling awareness or they could promote research and experimentations in the field of recycling.

4)      Education. Projects developed in this area must propose strategies to prevent school dropout, they could also facilitate the access to schooling facilities, encourage young people to study, or promote other educational initiatives.

Geographic Focus: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Pacific.

Programs or Prizes: The Coca-Cola Foundation awards 2 types of grant:

1) International Grant is given to develop community projects addressing at least one of the priority areas of the Foundation. This Grant is given to charities working in one of the geographic areas where the Foundation is active. Application could be found here.

2) International Sponsorship Application is open to current high school seniors attending school in the USA. The Grant is given to outstanding individuals on the basis of their academic merits. For more information visit this link.

How to Apply Information: Grants are awarded throughout the year without specific deadlines. To be considered for one of the grants, it is necessary to submit your ideas through the online application system. The applicant needs to be a registered charity organisation to access the funding. There is no maximum amount for budget application (in US Dollars). Applications are processed within 60 days. Selected candidates will be asked to produce further documents or to expand on the submitted ideas to draft a complete project proposal and compete for one of the awards. Applicants will be asked to create a profile for their organisation before uploading their final applications.

It is also worth considering that the Foundation has 19 regional branches, which help promoting the goals of the Foundation as a whole and offer further support to local communities. A complete list with all the regional branches could be fund here.

It is important to contact your local branch to ask for support in applying for one of the grants offered and also to understand whether Coca-Cola is implementing other projects in your area that you can join or support.


  1. Rural- Tribal Community Health Project: Access to Tele-Medicine for Below Poverty Line school children
    Good Morning.

    I ,sree, from INDIA , am a Operations Head for ‘Lalitha Foundation’ which is a charitable trust for tribal and rural people in Andhra Pradesh, India.

    Our Mission:  The mission of the ‘Lalitha Foundation’ is to access to Tele-Medicine technology for people with lack of health services in rural and tribal areas.

    Priority areas addressed: Consultations with Expert Doctors through Tele- conference from various Hospitals, Training for Primary Health Care

    Geographic area served: Presently, Andhrapradesh state-wide rural and Tribal areas, India.

    Population served: Below poverty line people who are lack of quality medical services.

    We currently are operating 3 clinics in remote tribal areas treating more than 500 patients per month. Our clinics also include small laboratory for clinical tests and dispensary for medicines.

    With the limited funding we could pool, we are providing such service. We want to improve our service delivery in quality and quantity.
    1. Quality by increasing the infrastructure and equipment.
    2. Quantity by increasing the clinics to the farther and unreached areas.
    In this regard we are searching for funding sources who share the same moto of providing medical care in the grass root level for the people. Any information (about funding, approaching, funders) you share will be grateful to us.

    Thanking you,

  2. Do Khan Tuang says:

    Dear Coca-cala Foundation,

    I am greeting from Myanmar. Helping Hands Org is non-profit, Local NGO in Myanmar.
    To develope the rural area by educate the youth to got job opportunity in Myanmar. and other sector: Wash, Agri, and Trianing on Human Right, Civic Education

  3. GABULA BADRU says:

    I really appreciate the excellent work you’re doing for us we at Health link initiative Uganda (HLIU) our broad objective is health promotion and we believe coca-cola founding can help us achieve this aim.

    Gabula Badr
    project manager

  4. Doors of Hope Organization. says:

    Doors of Hope Foundation is a non profit making local humanitarian organisation, dedicated to promote community health and integrated development nationwide. It was established in 1999 and registered with government in 2005 with registration number TR/NC 2202 under the Trustees incorporation act (CAP 5:03) and a member of CONGOMA since 2007. Its headquarters is in Mzuzu, the Northern part of Malawi. Doors is working in the following thematic areas namely; Youth and Women Empowerment, Education, Human Rights and Democracy and Health and HIV/AIDS.

    Vision Statement
    A society free from injustices where citizen can live a life of dignity by realizing their socio economic and political rights.

    Mission Statement
    Working with marginalized communities to bring hope, dignity and quality of life, breaking the silence on issues affecting them by challenging the injustices and inequalities through facilitation and coordination of programmes of prevention, care and support and mitigation using rights based approaches, Evidence based approach and Strength based approach, and in gender sensitive way.

    We are looking for Funds to implement programmes relating to the above areas of our interest. We have been implementing our projects since 2004

    Rodwell Kanyimbo
    Programme Manager

  5. James Bill Ochamgiu says:

    Am a founder of AFORDA a not for profit organization working on three thematic areas of health education and livelihoods in Africa. How do i get funds from the foundations to implement these progammes? In the next five years i would have wished to spend 1 trillion in local urban housing in some African cities with high population growths, the half a trillion in agriculture prduction and food processing, then another a half in micro financing.
    The three areas are very productive can realize high returns to sustain my programme even beyond.
    James Bill Ochamgiu

  6. Yvonne Anarfi says:

    Dear Colleagues,

    Thank you for this opportunity, and hope this email finds you well.

    Children Safeguarding Affairs Foundation (C-SAF) is an NGO set up and registered in September 2012 with Accra Registrar Generals Department (Ghana). For the NGO to be officially and legally recognised in Ghana and internationally, we proceeded to register at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly and Department of Social Welfare in March 2013.

    We have a team of dedicated, passionate, skilled, competent and qualified staff willing to improve the lives of children, first and foremost, families and children’s workforce. The beneficiaries of our projects are mostly children and young people and they are our paramount priority.

    Our aim, vision and objectives are around the prevention of child abuse and torture. With financial support:

    Setting up children and youth forums to empower and encourage the youth to champion safeguarding and educating them to know what child abuse is and what to do should they be abused. We aim to develop these youths and children in order for them to start to intiate change in their own homes, and these projects will aim to impact and affect their own parenting as they grow up. In the long term, they will change society.

    We plan to set up training programmes for agencies working with children across the country, starting with the capital.

    Devising a template for a standardised referral form for agencies to use, to establish common language between agencies and professionals.
    We are also working with educational institutions to embed child protection training in their curriculum.

    Until now C-SAF has been self funded by the CEO, and are now looking for assistance to help minimise and hopefully prevent the level of child abuse in Ghana.
    In April 2013, Unicef announced that Ghana’s child abuse is getting worse and not improving. We are asking your support in helping C-SAF safeguard Ghana’s children and eradicate the cultural mindset of the society.

    Thank you for this opportunity, and I will welcome an invitation for a further discussion on this issue and NGO in Ghana. Any information required will be readily available on request.
    Looking forward to hearing form you soon.

    Kind Regards
    Yvonne Anarfi (MA in Child Protection, PGDip, PG Cert in Child Law, BSC)
    CEO of C-SAF

  7. Kusiluka, Ayoub M. says:

    We are SCDS; an NGO based in Kigamboni, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, working toward reducing gender-based violence and addressing challenges facing women-headed households in Dar es Salaam city and its peripheries. specifically, we promoting education for girls, discouraging child marriage and promoting women-headed home entrepreneurship. Despite deliberate efforts we are making financing these endeavors is number-one challenges. We do hope that Coca cola Foundation can pave a way to financial breakthrough that we may save these target groups effectually.

    Kusiluka, Ayoub M.

  8. Lipyaha Haule says:

    Thank you for this opportunity.
    We are HOUSE OF HOPE. We are non government organization,registered to do work on AIDS/HIV in Tanzania. We are situated at Mbeya City a district called Mbozi at the border of Tanzania and Zambia famously known as Tunduma.
    We have been working on HIV/AIDS issues since we got registered June,2011. In reality we are working under very hard and vulnerable environment. We have been trying to get some assistance but in vain until when we heard from you.
    We are hard workers and keen to meet our main objective that is fighting HIV/AIDS to zero percent. That is our aim. Also to make sure those who are infected are well treated plus reducing and ultimately have a HIV free generation plus proper use of condoms.
    We are working on this part of the country for now as it is the more serious affected zone as it is in the border of Tanzania and Zambia. But we still have intentions to roll over whole Tanzania.
    Here we are seeking for the financial support to accomplish our goals. We fully understand that Coca Cola will give us a hand and lift us up.

    Lipyana Haule
    Project Manager
    House of Hope(NGO)

  9. Margaret Onah says:

    I work for Safehaven Development Initiative, an NGO based in two cities in Nigeria which gives support services to vulnerable women, girls(female sex workers, teenage mothers and widows) and communities on issues of Sexual & Reproductive, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Human rights, Gender violence, Campaign against Female Genital Mutilation/Circumcision(FGM/C). MDGs advocacy creation amongst Nigeria graduates and environmental education through participatory approaches for sustainable development.
    We need funding to enhance our community participation for sustainable development and we look up to your organization to help build our capacity to serve the community best. thanks so very much for your corporate responsibilities to several communities. We want to partner with you for greater impact.

  10. Bashaboo Friends Association (BFA) says:

    Greetings from Bashaboo Friends Association (BFA) .We are a registered charity organization work for the underprivileged children towards providing their basic education .We are promoting a schooling program in our locality .But lack of regular funding we can not assure the children to sustain this program. So if you could kindly favor this underprivileged children for sustainability of this schooling program that would be really highly appreciated.

    M.Mozammel Haqu
    Executive Director

  11. Sarthak Foundation says:

    Thank you for this information 🙂 We are an NGO in a small city in India (Asia) and work towards providing quality education to the under privileged children of our society. Getting grants is a big challenge for us and that is why we are operating through informal teaching. We have currently 70 children with us and it is a mix of all age groups. We just hope that someone connects with us and brings a bigger smile to the faces of our children!!!

  12. Pooja dwivedi says:

    Dear Coca cola foundation
    I work as a social worker in Himalayas in India, I started a rural school and found the intense need of girl education in the village. I feel Coca-cola foundation can help me to fulfill my dreams in true sense of term.