Ten Corporate Donors for NGOs

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‘Corporate Giving,’ ‘Corporate Citizenship’ and ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR) are popular concepts which have become integral to the businesses of several large and small companies around the world. These concepts intend to provide donations, long-term financial grants, non-financial support and even mutually beneficial partnerships to address social problems around the world. In such a context, NGOs have a strong potential look upon them as a one of the important sources of funding.

Not all major corporations have social responsibility programs and not all of them provide funding for NGOs to address various issues and problems of our society. The few corporations which have grant programs are too cautious to openly come out with strong commitments for rendering any kind of funding support. Such corporations do declare that they have community welfare programs but they do not seem to exist beyond their websites and publicity brochures.

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This means that there are really fewer corporate groups that have clear policies on issuing grants to nonprofits.  Such companies have dedicated budgets, separate CSR departments and regular call for proposals to offer funding to NGOs. Their policies are also very clear in supporting issues and NGOs around the world or in specific countries. Here we have selected ten corporate donor agencies which have full support programs for addressing social problems. But before going through each of them, it is important to know why corporate donors are interested in CSR.

CSR has become a popular concept only in the recent times and more and more companies are fast adopting it as a policy even in developing countries. This is happening mostly because of the increased pressure observed on the environment because of the uncontrolled profit-driven actions of the corporate agencies. How much of this policy is really implemented in the field is yet to be examined. Another reason for CSR is apparently tax benefits these corporate get when they invest their money in social welfare projects. One last reason could be that the corporations really feel for the society and believe in giving away a portion of the profit they make – but this kind of genuine philanthropy is found in very companies.

Below is a list of corporations and their international grant support programs:

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Cisco’s Cash Grants, Social Investments and Support for Nonprofits: It has Social Investment program that is implemented in partnerships with NGOs to encourage socioeconomic gains in communities around the world…[more]

IBM’s Grants and Initiatives, Smarter Cities Challenge: The IBM grant program is where the company provides direct grants to NGOs and communities worldwide…[more]

Intel Foundation’s International Grants: Intel’s International Grants offer support in education, environment and community. The community site grants support additional programs that improve the quality of life of communities…[more]

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Microsoft Grants, Donations and Training to NGOs: The Microsoft Grants for Nonprofits includes support such as software donations, training and monetary grants and these are available both for small and large NGOs around the world…[more]

Nestlé’s Creating Shared Value to address Social and Environmental Issues: Nestlé Healthy Kids Global Programme that works in partnership with NGOs is to raise nutrition, health and wellness awareness of school-age children around the world…[more]

Nike, Inc.’s Foundation focuses on improving the lives of Adolescent Girls: The Nike Foundation was set up in 2004 by Nike, Inc. with a special focus on improving the lives of adolescent girls…[more]

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Swiss Re’s Corporate Responsibility and ReSource Award: Swiss Re’s International ReSource Award for Sustainable Watershed Management is one of the best examples to demonstrate its corporate responsibility and also its dedication towards meeting out the challenges of climate change…[more]

Starbucks Coffee Company’s Starbucks Foundation: The Starbucks Foundation has a focus on youths. It works to support the next generation of change makers. It has set the community goals of engaging 50,000 young people…[more]

Toyota Motor Corporation’s Grants: Toyota’s most prominent grantmaking is through the Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program which is announced annually…[more]

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ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action Grants: ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action for Children Fund aims to provide support and deliver prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) services, which empower mothers and children across the globe…[more]


  1. Avatar Yiga Robert says

    Uganda Public Rescue Foundation is a non Government organization registered as
    a company limited by guarantee under the companies’ laws of Uganda and
    under NGO’s registration statute 1989.

    board of trustees works above a multidisciplinary management and staff team who
    implemented board policies. During year 2008 UPRF had a total number of 4
    fulltime staff and volunteers spread across its 7 at secretariat. Consultants
    and research assistants were hired on contact basis to supplement
    studies/research conducted by UPRF during the period under review

    Human rights and public interest
    litigation: this covers test cases
    and other cases of general public importance.

    Achievements and highlights of the year

    year 2009 was significant year of UPRF operations. During this year the
    foundation experiences so many achievements.

    of the justice system face physical, communication, technical and financial
    barriers in the quest to access justice and human rights; the Uganda Public rescue Foundation (UPRF) is the
    perfect solution for hands on assistance for the citizen base.

    is a non-profit Human Right organization that offers Legal aid to indigent
    persons. Putting particular emphasis on those charged with criminal offences or
    those facing serious Human Rights challenges in the nation justice system. It
    was conceived in year 2008 in the context of justice law and order sector
    (JLOS) reforms as one of the new models for improved administration of justice
    in Uganda.
    The foundation envisions a society in which disadvantaged people have improved
    access to justice in fulfillments of constitutional requirements. It has the
    mission of establishing national mechanisms for public defense of poor people
    and human rights promotion

    UPRF is now in its serious years of operation foundation and regards legal aid
    services to poor people as a factor in promoting the right to liberty and fair
    hearing, alleviating poverty and ensuring professional, cost effective,
    complete and quality legal aid services as core values and fight for Human

  2. Avatar Odrich M.Hanamwiinga says

    thanks for the inforemation of NGOs given to as keep it up God Bless you.
    Oodrich M.Hanamwiinga zambia.

  3. Avatar tuligenda isaac says

    we are a cbo in Uganda Burma district operating in wangle sub county but we are looking for more support to run our projects.our aims are to help the needy and we also improve on the education system of the district by providing schools with some materials.+256778858888

  4. Avatar MA. MARCELA H. SOQUEÑA says

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    We are a non-profit, non-stock organization and a community based organization which has the aim only is to help the needy ones in terms of community services. We have already a collaborative work like Free Feeding Program for every malnourished children, Free MEDICAL AND DENTAL Mission in depressed area, educational assistance and also we have a flagship program like Relief distribution in times of natural Calamities. and we are looking for a Donor to Support our Programs. We hope a heartfelt great concern regarding this matter and indeed hoping for immediate action to it. Thanks and God Bless.

  5. Avatar Revocatus Nginila says

    Dear sir/Madam
    We are NGO in Tanzania based in Mwanza city, namely Bring Hope to Children (BHC), we are looking for funds to carry on our programs about The Most Vulnerable Children Education Programs. BHC will be very grteful if our request isconsidered.
    We are looking forward to hearing from you
    For more information yu can visit our
    Thanks in advance. Revocatus Nginila

  6. Avatar Mrs Rikta rani Phd says

    Kindly ple include mt Organization.

  7. Avatar Mrs Rikta rani Phd says

    Dear, Kindly please help me a small grand Ngo Fund.

  8. Avatar yiga Robert says

    Dear sir,Am yiga Robert Executive Director +256-752527405
    UGANDA PUBLIC RESCUE FOUNDATION Emal;[email protected]
    we are looking for funder/Donors

    The Uganda Public Rescue Foundation (UPRF) is non-government organization that was conceived on the idea of Promoting human rights and providing legal aid to the poor i.e Disabled, women, men, elders and children in Uganda. Since 2006 when the foundation was conceived, UPRF has been for its association with the work of promoting Universal Respect for human rights, offer legal Aid services in Higher Courts and the Chief Magistrate’s Courts. UPRF works alongside the Judiciary, the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP), police and prisons in the dispensation of criminal justice and right for human right for the less privileged (the poor) to bridge the gap of civil society on the demand side of justice delivery.

    The Purpose of UPRF is centered on the immediate goals of promoting human rights, sensitize people on HIV/AIDS and offering professional and standardized criminal defence services to disadvantaged people charged with offences that carry a sentence of 10 years imprisonment or more. Over the year and fight for human rights, UPRF has made some significance achievements such as the significant increase in the number of cases handled in comparison to the total registered.

    UPRF has been supported by the WACODA since October 2006. The support given has been short term and was understood by both parties to be a bridging fund by stakeholders to facilitate UPRF efforts in conforming to the criteria of accessing the WACODA for the future funding. It’s in light of this background that stakeholders consultancy to evaluate UPRF’s performance towards the agreed undertakings. The evaluation of the organization was completed in September 2008 and recommend, among others that UPRF goes through a comprehensive organizational systems and structural audit to lay a good foundation for the integration of recommendations made in this study. Following the recommendations arising from this evaluation, UPRF submitted a two year strategic plan that required longer term support would be given to UPRF for six months basing on activities in the two Years

    Strategic Plan. The focus was to monitor performance of set benchmarks under the agreement which included the following;

    a) A criminal defence model developed, costed and ready for implementation by 1 November 2009

    b) Programme manager recruited by 1 October 2009.

    c) Accounting officer skills tested and action plan made by 1 November 2009

    The organization was also tasked to carry out the activities agreed to in its contract with WACODA as outlined below:-

    a. Legal representation and advice for a minimum of 540 new cases (target);
    b. Baseline desk survey of criminal cases;
    c. Development of Internal handling systems;
    d. Design M&E strategy;
    e. Advocacy; and
    f. Networking and collaboration.

    1.2 Scope of Work
    Following the evaluation of the organization that was completed in September 2006 and the recommendations from that, the organization identified the recruitment of a programme manager as one of the ways to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of its activities. However, before this recruitment could be undertaken, a need to realign all jobs in the organization to ensure that they are effectively contributing to the UPRF strategic objectives was identified. It was also believed that CPA’s intervention as agreed by Board members, will position the organization to implement the previously agreed benchmarks.

    The Uganda Public Rescue Foundation this sought services of CPA to carry out a review of its financial management systems particularly in areas of accountability and reporting to help identify gaps in the internal control procedures and processes, and make recommendations on how to improve financial management at UPRF. The assignment was intended to realign the financial and human resources of UPRF to enhance its effectiveness and efficiency in meeting UPRF strategic goals. Under the human resources we were to specifically review the job descriptions of all the staff, the organization structure and participate in the recruitment of the programme manager. Specifically the assignment has involved the following activities:

    o Review the current organizational structure of UPRF and make recommendation in view of accommodating the proposed position of the programme manager.

    o Assess the capacity of the staff in the finance function in addition to development of appropriate job descriptions for the officers.

    o Review the job descriptions for other staff in the organization, including but not limited to the executive director, programme manager and lawyers and design new job descriptions in line with the new strategic direction.

    o Identify gaps with respect to number, qualifications and requisite skills of the finance staff and accordingly make recommendations that will address such gaps (if any)

    o Review the efficiency and accuracy of the existing financial management policies and procedures for completeness and relevance to the current and future needs of the UPRF and make recommendations.

    o Comment on the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of the existing financial management system at UPRF.

    o Discuss with the management of UPRF on the current shortcoming of the financial management system and make recommendations to improve the system.

    o Design and implement a capacity –building and training plan in collaboration with WACODA and UPRF.

    o Participate in the recruitment of the programme manager.

  9. Avatar PRINCE S. K. OSTEEN says

    Hello, I am very grateful for your much information on the net.It will be helpful for development and sustainability of CBOs and NGOs in terms of technical and financial resources. Our NGO is is a Non-Governmental, Non-Partisan and Non-Profit making organization that provides voluntary services, supporting and promoting development in the Sphere of Education, Orphanages and Career Development in Urban Communities most especially in the deprived areas. We also serve as a portal and a platform to link, motivate, inspire, counsel, directing and assisting the weak and the less privileged.
    With this passion and purpose to break the myth around success and change or make life of others better, we designed series of educative programs both for the adults and for the youths/ children with packages, which are all aimed at supporting or helping them bury their pasts to brighten their future.
    We would be most grateful if we could get some support from your outfit to enable us embark on more of this humanitarian services to help save and put little smile on faces of others (the needy).
    We pray and look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Many thanks in advance.

  10. Avatar Olayideshonubi says

    Thank you very much for giving us all information on funds/grants.We are hoping that one day our organization will get some grant so that more needy /underprivileged /street children in Nigeria can be helped in areas of their education,health and welfare

  11. Avatar Alemu Abota says

    Thank you for your giving a great opportunities in providing grant for NGOs.
    Here we are running an organization called adult and lifelong learning, it is non formal education and training for those who are disadvantaged academically for community development. Because, in our country, Ethiopia, the majorities are illiterates.

  12. Avatar preeti Masihi says

    Thank you very much for great Exertion and such information. it will be helpful for development and sustainability of CBOs and NGOs in terms of technical and financial resources. our NGO SSF. is running the school for poor and needy children in rural and Privilege area of Orangi Town India. Any NGOs and Donnar Agencies want to help in reconstruction in building

  13. Avatar amah patrick says

    dear Sir, we are registed under the government in the gambia and practising on charity, so we looking for funds in other to carry on our activities .we will be very greatful if our request is granted. we look forward to hear from you sir. for more information you can see our website . thanks Amah patrick

  14. Avatar Muhammad Rafi says

    Thank you very much for great Exertion and such information. it will be helpful for development and sustainability of CBOs and NGOs in terms of technical and financial resources. our NGO SSF. is running the school for poor and needy children in rural and Privilege area of Orangi Town karachi Pakistan. Any NGOs and Donnar Agencies want to help in reconstruction in building

  15. Avatar Development Partners Uganda (DEPU) says

    We appreciate the great information you are providing.It is interesting and guiding.Your information is a vital source for our gradual capacity building.We are a Developent oriented NGO focusing on improving livelihoods of people in rural communities with great emphasis on increased family savings,sanitation & Hygiene, care and support for vulnerable children. Can these corporate donors help us in those areas? HEZ from Western Region,Uganda, East – Africa.

  16. Avatar Voice of Hope Children Village says

    Appreciation to you for the great effort you have put toward the development and sustainability of CBOs and NGOs in terms of providing updated information on the sources of technical and financial resources. Although we have not being funded before the information that we get from you is very important for Voice of Hope Children Village in Lira,Northern Uganda,

  17. Avatar UNANDI BANDA says

    Thank you very much for the information.It is encouraging to see the coorporate citizens playing their role in contributing to the good work the NGOs are doing. We are a human rights NGO focussing on good governance and elections monitoring. Can these coorporate citizens give a hand in such an area of our specialisation? I am writing from Malawi in the SADC region of Africa.

  18. Avatar Paulin Kalubi Kabasela says

    FOCIDI local NGO in Estern DRC is grateful and wants partnering with the ten corporate organization as well for us to cover lake of means lak of funding in the large Estern DRC Five Districts under permanent unsecurity and genrating dayly thousands of IDPS.
    Thank you for providing us with simplification tools for Quik Actions.

    Paulin Kalubi Kabasela/ Focidi’s Codinator + 243

  19. Avatar Evans Mulenga says

    Thank you for the great effort you have put toward the development and sustainability of CBOs and NGOs in terms of providing updated information on the sources of technical and financial resources. Although we have not being funded before the information that we get from you is very valuable for our organisation here in Kabwe, Zambia +260 0966 171783


  20. Avatar Zeleka Tena says

    AKCCCD local NGO in Ethiopia is grateful and wants partnering with the ten corporate organization and to be development partners and thank you for your information.

  21. Avatar Zeleka Tena says

    The Arat Kilo child Care & Community Development a local NGO is grateful for your information and there are similar NGOs networked here in Ethiopia hopping to partnering with corporate NGOs

  22. Avatar Nathan Watuwa says

    Thank you very much for this alert for it has helped our Organization in Kiryandongo district, Mid-Western Uganda, called NUCRO to lobby for a grant. In fact it is the most simplified grant application I have ever come across.
    Thanks a lot and Be blessed

  23. Avatar Okajje Jude says

    Thanks for providing me with such information (addresses) it has helped others to access development partners from me since i volunteer with one of the district civil society networks here in Kumi- Uganda. +256 755 874 888