Active Citizen Summit 2.0 – Pathways to Youth Employment

Deadline-  12 July 2013

Department of State Office of Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs (NEA/PPD) is seeking proposals for Active Citizen Summit 2.0 (ACS 2.0) for which the theme is Pathways to Youth Employment. The objective of this program is to focus on leadership, youth unemployment, and political/economic empowerment topics.


  • Expand capacity of young leaders to participate effectively in civil and political organizations
  • Provide insights into U.S. strategies to combat youth unemployment
  • Encourage participants to explore intervention strategies that could alleviate youth unemployment in their home countries
  • Analyze organizations (political structures; educational institutions; private sector; international organizations) that could support/partner with youth leaders and assist in implementing recommendations
  • Strengthen and expand relationships among participants; between participants and U.S. counterparts; between participants and U.S. Embassy officials

Eligibility & Criteria-

Eligibility for applicants is limited to nonprofit organizations subject to the provisions described in Internal Revenue Code section 26 USC 501 (c)(3) tax code.

For more information, visit and search by funding opportunity number.NEAPPD-NEAPPD-13-007