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Applications invited from US youth to be a part of SustainUS Agents of Change delegation at the Rio +20 Earth Summit

The SustainUS Agents of Change program is now accepting applications from young people in the US (either US citizens or studying in the US for the last six months) aged 18 to 26 years to join the SustainUS youth delegation to the Rio +20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development Earth Summit to be held in Rio de Janeiro during May 28th-June 6th, 2012.

The SustainUS Agents of Change delegation will include youth from various organizations and backgrounds, which will have the unique opportunity to represent US youth at the 2012 Rio+20 Earth Summit.

Selected delegates will work together in the months leading up to the Summit to educate themselves and their communities on key policy issues. Delegates will also engage in the official policy process and create SustainUS policy priorities to push for within the negotiations; they will then be expected to use the SustainUS policy priorities collaborate with other stakeholders and to actively lobby government delegates. Delegates will also plan and participate in a number of educational and campaign type initiatives in the months leading up to Rio to help engage the broader youth population in the process. As youth representatives at the Rio+20 UNCSD Earth Summit, delegates will work side-by-side with youth from around the world and other stakeholder organizations, as well as government delegates to ensure a just and sustainable outcome.

Agents of Change Program Expectations

Delegates will be participating in educational outreach, conducting policy research and writing, collaborating with international youth, and helping coordinate SustainUS events and campaigns leading up to Rio. Delegates are expected engage in educational outreach, policy research and writing, coordinating with international youth in advance, and helping build SustainUS events or campaigns leading up to Rio. Delegates will also participate in the official preparatory meetings leading up to the Rio negotiations.


Delegates will be required to stay in regular email contact and engage in research and weekly or bi-monthly calls as needed. Delegates will also work in sub-groups on various educational and grassroots projects, as well as policy related sub-groups to create positions and provide input into the process.

Selection Criteria

SustainUS is looking for a skilled, diverse, and passionate delegation. Applicants are required to be between ages 18 and 26 as of June 2012 and to either (a) be a US citizen or (b) have been studying or working in the US for 6 months. Applicants who can attend the entire conference will also be given preference. Additional selection criteria are as follows:

–            Commitment to sustainable development advocacy: Applicants must demonstrate a serious commitment to the aims and values of sustainable development as understood in the SustainUS policy platform, and should demonstrate experience in advocating or organizing around the Green Economy movement and/or international environmental governance.

–            Diversity: Preference will be given to those who can contribute something unique to the Earth Summit youth delegation. If you have a unique background or experience, please note it in your application.

–            Leadership Experience: Experience in leadership roles will be considered in the process as well as one’s ability to be team player. Please describe your leadership and/or team experience in your application.

Last date for submission of application is August 19, 2011

For more information and details, you can visit this link.

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