Campaign for Disability Employment “What can YOU do? Video Contest Call for Applications 2012/2013

Deadline– March 30, 2012.

Countries/Region- U.S

The Campaign for Disability Employment was founded in 2008. CDE is a combined result of various disability and business organizations. CDE’s mission is to promote positive employment outcomes for people with disabilities. They do this by encouraging people to recognize the value and talent they bring to the workplace.

The Campaign for Disability Employment’s (CDE) what can YOU do?”

WCYD is a positive outreach initiative. Its main aim is to increase the employment rate of people with disabilities by challenging common misperceptions. WCYD works by sending messages to different organizations that people with disabilities wants to work and they need help financially and organizationally. All big and small organizations are welcome to contribute for this initiative.

Disability employments have always carried a conventional image and this is stereotype has always become a barrier to opportunities for qualified people with disabilities. WCYD video contest is an opportunity for filmmakers of all ages to convey positive messages about the value people with disabilities add to the workforce and to help viewers re-think their negative assumptions about people with disabilities in the workforce

The CDE is looking for creative, fun, compelling videos of all genres that reflect the diversity of skills that people with disabilities offer, challenge misconceptions about disability and employment, and/or highlight employers’ inclusive employment programs and practices. The CDE will recognize winners in up to three specific categories (General Public, Youth and Employer), and the public will be encourag ed to select a People’s Choice winner.


Videos should be one to three minutes in length and reflect one or more of the campaign’s key themes, which are outlined on the contest website. Individual and group entries are encouraged. Applicants must be a U.S Citizen to enter.

Winners will receive a chance to participate in the CDE’s public outreach activities, and several selected videos may be showcased on the campaign’s website and at future CDE events. Other prizes may be awarded

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  1. Ryan DeBrotherton says:

    I work with a blind Chef-Handyman who will be the subject of a video. We are looking to network with others to share information of all kinds. Please send more complete information on the ” What Can You Do” contest. The organization we are building is called “Sightly Challenged”, and showing how to work with disabilities is what we do.

    Thank You.

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