Sabbatical Grants for Researchers


The Louisville Institute offers this grant program in support of scholarly research by academics and pastors that can enrich the life of the churches in North America. The Sabbatical Grants for Researchers program supports year-long sabbatical research projects that can contribute to our enhanced understanding of significant issues concerning Christian faith and life, pastoral leadership, and/or religious institutions.

The Louisville Institute seeks to identify and support ecclesially-engaged academics and intellectually-astute pastoral and religious leaders whose scholarly research work can contribute to the vitality of Christianity in North America.

A gap has separated church and academy, preventing both pastors and academics from learning from each other. This gap renders the insights from religious scholarship largely unknown to church leaders and the wisdom of church leaders unavailable to shape the sensibilities and research agenda of academics, making all the more important the mission of the Louisville Institute to bring pastors and academics together.


Louisville Institute grant programs are open to both academic and pastoral leaders. Applicants must have earned the terminal degree in their chosen vocation (e.g. M.Div., Ph.D., Th.D.). For pastors, this is typically the Master of Divinity degree; for academics it is usually the Ph.D. or Th.D. All applicants must demonstrate a capacity to complete the proposed project in a timely fashion. Applicants may not submit applications to more than one Louisville Institute grant program within the same grant year (June 1-May 31).

Proposed projects may employ a variety of methodological perspectives, including, but not limited to, historical, systematic and practical theology, the social sciences, history, ethics, or biblical studies. They may also be interdisciplinary in nature. But all applicants should make clear how their project will contribute to the life of the churches in North America.

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